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How to make a deer with your own hands: interesting ideas and master classes
How to make a deer with your own hands: interesting ideas and master classes

Reindeer is one of the symbols of the winter holidays. The image of this animal can be seen on Christmas cards and in New Year's interior compositions. How to make a deer with your own hands? The best ideas for Christmas crafts to create a festive mood especially for you - in our article.

Easy crafts for kids

How to make a deer

All kids love to make crafts. So why not show the kid how to make a deer with his own hands on the eve of the New Year holidays? Interesting gizmos can be made by drawing an assistant to Santa Claus in a creative technique. Ask the kid to leave prints of his own palms, previously smeared with brown paint, on a background sheet of paper. Let the prints of the pens be arranged in such a way that the lower parts of the palms are as close to each other as possible. Agree, it turned out very similar to deer antlers. It remains only to finish the muzzle and body of the animal as desired.

The finished drawing can be hung on the wall to create a festive mood or used as a greeting card. ATA similar technique can be used to make an appliqué by cutting out circled palms from brown paper.

Another interesting idea for children's creativity is a deer from a toilet paper roll. Take a cardboard cylinder (if necessary, you can make it yourself) for the torso. From cardboard, colored paper or fabric, cut out details for the muzzle, ears and horns. Paint the body-sleeve brown and wait for it to dry. If desired, the cardboard cylinder can be pasted over with colored paper or cloth. Glue all the elements of the muzzle, horns and ears to the workpiece. Your craft is ready. Now you know how to make a deer from a toilet paper roll.

Flat figures and deer silhouettes

How to make a deer with your own hands

Another simple idea for creating Christmas crafts and decorating the interior is flat appliqués and drawings. How to make a New Year's deer in these techniques? Everything is quite simple - draw a sketch of a future craft or print a suitable drawing (you can use the template from our article). Flat figures of deer can be cut out of paper or cardboard and used for interior decor, creating postcards and holiday panels.

An interesting idea is to make a stencil by cutting out an image of the desired size from a sheet of paper. Attach the stencil to the surface to be painted. Paint over the silhouette with paint and carefully remove the paper template. Appliqués and deer designs can be decorated to your liking.

3D wire deer

How to make a wire deer

An excellent solution for decorating the house and the street - voluminous figures. The cost of such decor is quite high. How to make a deer yourself? Stock up on enough wire that is easy to process. Remember, you need a material that can hold its shape. Model the frame of the future deer from wire. The figure must be stable and have a clear outline.

The next stage of work is quite interesting - it is necessary to give volume to the sculpture. Use foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or plasticine for this. If you chose a soft filler, fix each piece of it on the frame with thread or masking tape. Plasticine is enough just to stick around the wire. If desired, the deer can be made voluminous using papier-mâché mass (shredded paper with PVA glue diluted with water). After covering the frame with a material that creates volume, you can begin to design the figure.

How to make a wire deer really New Year's? Everything is quite simple: paint the sculpture with paints, add glitter, make eyes and a nose and do not forget to glue a bright ribbon or other decoration on the neck.

Deer made from bottle caps

Cute miniature deer figurines can be made from wine bottle corks. To complete this craft, in addition to the main material, you will need toothpicks or matches and thin branched tree branches for horns. Take one bottle cap and stick four toothpicks/matches into it to represent legs. The workpiece must stand confidently on supports on a flat surface. Cut the second corkin half and with another match attach to the body. Make horns from thin small twigs or wire. Attach them to the animal's head. Your craft is ready, if you wish, you can paint it, wrap it with thread or decorate it using some other technique.

How to make a deer with your own hands: experiment with materials and textures

How to make deer antlers

In anticipation of the New Year holidays, you can make not one deer, but several. Of course, in different techniques. Invite your child to mold a fairy-tale character from plasticine or s alt dough. In summer and autumn, many children collect natural materials. If you have stocks of cones and acorns, you can try to make a deer out of them. Best of all, natural material is combined with plasticine and other masses for modeling. Choose a bump for the animal's body and a nut for the head. Legs, neck and horns can be molded from plasticine.

Deer Antlers: Interesting Making Ideas

How to make a Christmas deer

Horns are one of the brightest details of the appearance of a reindeer. How to make this item for crafts yourself? The easiest way is to cut the horns of a suitable shape and size from cardboard. If you need a more voluminous and realistic option, bend the necessary elements from the wire.

Some craftsmen make deer antlers from wood. At home, without being a master carpenter, it is easiest to use branches or roots that are suitable in shape. How to make deer antlers more interesting and festive? Wrap them in tinsel, sprinkleglitter or artificial snow.

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