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How to knit sledkov on 2 knitting needles: the choice of yarn, knitting description, recommendations and tips
How to knit sledkov on 2 knitting needles: the choice of yarn, knitting description, recommendations and tips

It is desirable that the legs are warm in the cold season. Long socks are not suitable for low shoes: short, but comfortable and warm heels will come in handy, which will not add volume, and the shoes will fasten without problems. Such footsies-socks are also suitable as house slippers. How to knit footprints on 2 knitting needles, if a beginner craftswoman has mastered the front and back loops?

Choosing yarn

Half-woolen is best: it is pleasant to the skin and will not wear out quickly. If the craftswoman is going to use the heels as shoes for the house, she should give preference to durable and as natural yarn as possible, for example, 80 percent wool and 20 percent acrylic. Such threads are quite wear-resistant, which ensures a long life of the product. Just don't buy prickly yarn, because it can "bite" even if you have cotton socks on the legs.

Threads and knitting needles

If the threads are selected in order to wear them with boots or shoes, half-woolen yarn (50% and 50% or 70 to 30%) will be enough. You can also choose the one in which cotton threads are added - so the legs will breathe all day. To correctly determine the required number of loops and knitting density, you should, as usual, knit an approximate sample, and then focus on it during work.

How to determine the right number of stitches?

Before you figure out how to knit footprints on 2 knitting needles, you need to knit a small square, 10x10 in size, with the yarn from which the craftswoman will subsequently make footprints. And the drawing must be chosen the one that will then be on the heel. After the test sample is knitted, pull it a little (yarn stretch coefficient), measure how many loops are in one centimeter.

Knitted footprints

Now you need to multiply the resulting number by the circumference of the leg (measure at the base of the ankle, in the place where the footprints will begin). So many loops and you will need to recruit for work. Important information! To determine the right number of knitting needles, you need to compare the knitting needles themselves and the thickness of the yarn. If a tighter knit is needed, use tools that are slightly thinner than the yarn.

Getting Started

To understand how to knit footprints on 2 knitting needles, such a hint is given for beginner needlewomen. To work, you need 50-80 grams of yarn, a pair of classic knitting needles or circular knitting needles, which are not very longfishing line, and a sewing needle (large eye).

At the very beginning of work, you need to dial 56 loops. This number will correspond to a product in sizes from 38 to 41, if you choose thin yarn and knit tightly. When casting on loops, you should take a thread with a larger margin - about 50 centimeters: this piece will come in handy when sewing together the details of the footprint. If the edge is processed in a classical way, then the edge loop, that is, the first in a row, should always be transferred to the working knitting needle. She doesn't knit. But the latter must be knitted on the wrong side.

First 24 rows

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • First row. It is necessary to knit an elastic band: in turn, two facial and two purl. It is quite elastic and will stretch well when put on.
  • Second and third rows knit the same elastic band.
  • Fourth row. Knit according to the pattern (which needlewoman chooses) 26 stitches and yarn over, then purl two, yarn over and knit to the end of the row.
  • Fifth row. 26 facial loops. In those places where the yarn was made, knit with a front loop; where they knitted two front ones - knit two wrong ones. Then again to the end of the row with facial - 27 pieces. The main pattern is garter stitch.
knitting tools

To understand how to knit footprints on 2 knitting needles, you need to carefully understand the presented step-by-step instructions. And the craftswomen should not have any difficulties. In even rows, during knitting, it is necessary to make crochets, and in odd (that is, purl) rows, they will be knitted purl.So you should knit 24 rows (for the sizes that were indicated above). It will turn out that twelve loops will be added from the center on each side during work.


Row twenty-five. Now it is not necessary to do additions, but to knit a rounded heel. In the described version, this should be done in this way:

  • You should carefully round the resulting part.
  • Remove the hem and knit the next two loops together. Then a row of facial loops.
  • Decrease to do exclusively in the front rows, and purl to knit according to the pattern with a garter stitch.
  • To make the heel round harmoniously and smoothly, you need to knit six rows.
Footprints on the legs

But in the seventh, a sharper ending is acceptable, because of which the product fits perfectly on the leg, and looks quite harmonious outwardly:

  • Knit the first three stitches (counting the hem stitch), return the resulting stitch to the left needle and close the remaining stitches in the usual classic way, knitting them in two.
  • Knit the last three loops by analogy with the first ones together (also taking into account the edge).

Putting it together

So, how to knit footprints on 2 knitting needles has already become clear. But there is one more thing left: to connect all the details. Now a needle with a large eye and a thread that was left at the beginning of work will come in handy. Fold the footer from the center. Due to the fact that the number of loops and rows is the same, everything should turn out as symmetrically as possible. It is necessary to sew along the upper pigtail, needlepass under it, bending around through the top.

Important information! This seam is flat, so there will be no discomfort while wearing the product. Although it runs through the center of the sole. Visually, the footprint will remain neat, because the seam is almost invisible.

When the craftswoman reaches the end of knitting, you need to hide the tail of the thread inward using a hook. It is better that the threads are placed in the lateral parts of the heel. So additional seals when walking will not interfere. After such a detailed description, the question of how to knit a simple trace with 2 knitting needles will no longer arise. You just need to follow each step and the result of the work will be visible very quickly.

When the seam in the heel begins to round, it is necessary to stretch it a little and straighten it, make it “butt”, and not “on top of each other”. Only then can you flash it. In the same way, knit the second heel. Experienced knitters advise knitting paired items at the same time. So when subtracting and adding, no mistakes will be made. On the contrary - finished products will be absolutely symmetrical.

Seamless for kids

You can knit footprints on 2 knitting needles without a seam for children according to the following description. To do this, it will be necessary to prepare 50 grams of yarn (the thread is folded twice), knitting needles and hook No. 3. Twenty-eight loops are dialed. It is necessary to knit nineteen rows with front stitch.

In the center, from eight loops, make a heel. On the sides of this part, eleven loops should be dialed. Raise nine rows, and then make seven air loops in the last row. Now these air loopsshould be connected to the opposite side. Raise the loops using the front surface.

Funny knitted footprints

If the craftswoman is experienced enough, it will not be difficult for her to make some kind of pattern. When the foot is knitted to the little finger, you can begin to decrease. At the beginning of the row, knit two loops together. When only two loops remain, stretch the yarn and pull it off. The edges of the product can be neatly crocheted around. This is how you can knit traces on 2 knitting needles for a child. He will be not only warm, but also comfortable.

And finally…

When the product is completely ready, it must be rinsed in cool water, adding a little fabric softener. Thus, natural fibers will become soft, and a pleasant aroma will also appear. The footprints are dried naturally. You can slightly steam it so that the loops take the desired shape, and the pattern becomes neat and clear. Everything is ready!

Neat knitting

In such wonderful footprints, you can walk for a long time even in severe frost, without fear of overcooling. They are also suitable as gifts for friends. When a novice craftswoman has figured out how to knit footprints on 2 knitting needles, and she has mastered the easiest way to work, you can choose more complex patterns and patterns.

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