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Knitting a dress with knitting needles: the choice of yarn, models, performance features
Knitting a dress with knitting needles: the choice of yarn, models, performance features

It's no secret that all women, regardless of age and physique, want to look attractive. The outfit must be comfortable and original. In addition, the wardrobe should be fashionable, stylish and emphasize all the advantages of the fair sex.

Dress is the basis of any woman's wardrobe. This is her second skin, which perfectly hides nudity, emphasizes dignity and hides all figure flaws. Dress is a way of self-expression. But often in stores it is quite difficult to choose a comfortable and beautiful dress. And the prices for modern models bite. But many needlewomen know a way out of this situation - the dress can be knitted.

knitting dresses for women

Knitting a dress with knitting needles will create a unique product. You won't find a dress like this anywhere else. In addition, needlewomen know that by choosing the right yarn, you can knit many patterns designed for each season.

Yarn Selection

The main thing in knitting dressesknitting needles - the choice of yarn. It is necessary to pay attention not only to its thickness, but also to the composition. Agree, in a dress made of 100% merino in the summer heat it will be quite hot. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the cut of the future model.

  • Pay attention to the season. For a warm winter dress, it is better to choose yarn with a high content of wool. Merino is perfect. It is better to knit an autumn or spring dress from a mixture of wool or cotton. It all depends on what period this outfit is for. Of course, for summer options it is better to choose linen, cotton.
  • You should also read reviews about yarn. Pay attention to the tendency of products from the selected yarn to the formation of pellets. After all, it will be a shame when, after the first wash, unpleasant lumps appear on your favorite outfit.
knitting dresses
  • If you want to knit a fitted dress, pay attention to the fact that the yarn is elastic. Otherwise, you will have to additionally knit an elastic band into the product, which will give the product elasticity.
  • Would you like to knit a warm dress to the floor? Be sure to choose airy yarn. After all, the product will stretch under its own weight. As a result, instead of a beautiful silhouette, you will get an unattractive, shapelessly hanging product.
  • When choosing a thread, pay attention to its "prickliness". Remember, no matter how beautiful the yarn looks, your body will be in contact with it. And if the thread pricks, then microcracks and irritations are guaranteed to you. It is worth remembering that each person has his own skin sensitivity. Somea product made of mohair is pleasant to the body, and even this type of premium yarn pricks others.

Preparatory work

All needlewomen know that before work it is necessary to decide on the future model. After choosing yarn and tools: knitting needles, needles, hooks and markers. Once everything is prepared, you need to knit a swatch with your chosen yarn. It should contain a pattern that will be on the dress. It must be measured, washed and dried. After the measurements are repeated and compared with the previous ones. So you can find out if the thread is stretching or “sit down”. So you can definitely knit a dress for women in the right size.

The sample will help you correctly calculate the required number of loops that you need to dial on the knitting needles. Consider a few models that can be worn at any time of the year.

Sweater dress

Knitting a dress with knitting needles is a fairly easy process. Almost every needlewoman can handle this model. But many believe that novice girls need to first practice on small items. Once you have successfully completed a few projects, you can start knitting a dress with knitting needles. The most fashionable option for everyday wear is a sweater dress. It can be either with a stand-up collar or with a round neckline and a deep neckline. The length of the product also depends on your wishes: mini or below the knee.

knitting dresses with a description

Sweater dress can be knitted in different ways. For needlewomen who have mastered the knitting of raglan lines,you can safely start knitting such a dress. You can start the product both from above and from below. You can knit such a dress separately, in parts: back, front, sleeves. After assembly, loops are collected and the neck is tied.

As for the pattern, it all depends on your wishes and skills. The fabric can be knitted as a regular front or back stitch, and can include braids, plaits and arans. But remember that such dresses should be free. In no case should such a product fit your figure.

Knitting a baby dress with knitting needles will give not only a lot of positive emotions to you, but also to your baby. In addition, in winter, it will protect the child from the cold.

Tunic dress

This is perfect if you want to create something unique for summer. Knitting a dress with knitting needles of such a model should be made from natural yarn, such as cotton, silk or linen. Would you like to knit a tunic for a cooler season? Choose a yarn that contains wool.

Such models should be light in the shoulders, devoid of volume. But the waistline can be done in different ways. The product, like the previous version, can be of different lengths. For young girls, a mini is suitable, which will allow you to show off your slender legs.

Patterns for knitting dresses for women of this model may be different. Tight knitting will allow you to wear such outfits with leather jackets or high boots. You can also wear this outfit as a sweater, under pants or jeans. Many girls love openwork patterns. These tunics are perfect for the beach season.Believe me, in a light tunic of bright color you will look irresistible. Today, the Family Look style is very popular. It represents the unity of the whole family. Therefore, many mothers-needlewomen plan to knit a children's dress with knitting needles of the same model as their own.

Sheath dress

A characteristic feature of this model is a tight-fitting silhouette. It is quite easy to knit. But the dress should be flawless, in principle, like the figure of its future mistress.

knitting for summer dress

As for patterns. Different types of elastic bands look more impressive; braids or arans are often present in the front in the center. Such a dress can also be made with a raglan top. Models with a V-neck or with a high stand look attractive.

Maxi Dresses

Many needlewomen are afraid to start knitting dresses with knitting needles. With a description, many models seem simple. But, believe me, you will succeed! A real winter dress on the floor saves many women in the winter cold. At the same time, the woman retains her gentle image. Maxi dresses don't have to be fitted. Such models are often popular with overweight women.

But models made with openwork inserts, a batwing sleeve and a circular yoke are ideal for a special occasion. Pay attention to the bottom of the dress. The slit will perfectly emphasize slender legs.

Brief description of the operation sequence

Calculate the required number of loops, based on the data from the knitted andwashed sample. We knit a dress in parts. First we knit the back. We collect the required number of loops and knit 5-10 cm with an elastic band. Then we move on to the main pattern. Often the back is knitted with the front or wrong side. We knit the length of the dress to the armhole. Here we reduce the loops on the armhole and neck. We knit the required length of the product to the shoulder sections.

In the same sequence we knit in front of the product. Remember, if you include braids or plaits, they must be properly positioned. The neckline on the front of the dress should be deeper.

knitting dresses for women

Sleeves often also begin to knit with an elastic band. After the fabric is knitted with the selected pattern, evenly adding loops. Having reached the level of the armhole, it is necessary to make reductions on both sides, which correspond to those on the back and front of the product. Gradually, all loops are reduced, closed.

The last step is to assemble the product. It is necessary to sew all the details together with a hook or needle. First, the shoulder seams are made, the sleeves are sewn on, and then the side seams.

Now on the neck they pick up loops from the previously cut loops, knit the neck.


There is a dress in every woman's wardrobe. And no wonder, because this outfit emphasizes the tenderness of the fair sex. Each needlewoman can create a real, unique masterpiece. Knit several dresses that can be worn in any season. You will always be the center of attention, and for a woman it means a lot.

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