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Do-it-yourself backpack for a doll: glue, sew, knit
Do-it-yourself backpack for a doll: glue, sew, knit

Most of the girls love to play with dolls. And each strives to provide her pet with everything necessary. And sometimes not only. However, in this regard, the girl or her mother has a lot of questions. For example, how to make a backpack for a doll with your own hands? After all, the purchased item does not always meet the requirements. In addition, every girl wants her doll to be the most beautiful, unique.

Therefore, we offer the reader a simple and understandable guide that will help you make an interesting backpack in a few minutes.

Elementary model

matchbox backpack

It's good when mom is a creative person who has an almost limitless imagination and knows how to sew, knit and cross-stitch. And if she can barely hold a needle or knitting needle in her hands?

In this case, we suggest making a do-it-yourself backpack for a doll from a matchbox. For this you need:

  • stationery glue;
  • scissors;
  • color paper;
  • satin ribbon;
  • various sequins, beads, stickers and other decorative elements;
  • matchbox.

When everything you need is at hand, you can get creative:

  1. Take out the inner box.
  2. Wrap the base with colored paper.
  3. Cut out the flap.
  4. Glue the webbing straps.
  5. Decorate as you wish.

Simple fabric version

doll accessories

If mom knows how to sew - well, she can make a backpack for a doll out of fabric with her own hands. You can use any patch for this. The main thing is to consider the size of your pet. And choose a dense material - drape, jeans and the like. You will also need:

  • scissors;
  • simple pencil;
  • needle and thread in the color of the fabric or contrast;
  • landscape sheet for stencils - if necessary.

Ready? Then you can get started! The principle of operation is quite simple:

  • Draw a wide strip on paper or immediately on fabric.
  • Cut.
  • Transfer to a flap or sew the ends right away.
  • Put the design on the fabric, form an oval and mark 4 points as shown in the photo below.
backpack for doll step by step
  • Connect by drawing an oval.
  • Now sew the bottom to the base.
  • Add flap, straps and button closure.

Knitted backpack for dolls

You can do it yourselfcreate many variations of the studied product. However, if you know how to crochet, you can make another original model. For this you need:

  • knitting threads;
  • hook;
  • needle and thread.

The idea is brought to life as follows:

  • Knit a chain of 4 loops.
  • Close into a ring by connecting the first and last.
  • Next move in a circle. At the same time, in each row, knit 3 from 1 loop 2 times, strictly on the same line, through an equal number of loops. As shown in the photo below.
how to knit a backpack for a doll
  • Having connected the bottom of the desired size, lift the walls. To do this, simply knit in a circle without increments.
  • Cut the thread and tie another oval piece - the valve. Sew to base.
  • Finish the straps and clasp.

We hope that now you will be able to complete the doll's wardrobe with an interesting accessory. Or maybe not just one! However, I would like to give one last piece of advice: at the preparation stage, measure the size of your daughter's pet and your abilities. For example, for small dolls "LOL" do-it-yourself backpacks will also have to be made miniature. And this may not be possible for beginner needlewomen.

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