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How to win at backgammon, or the secrets of a successful game
How to win at backgammon, or the secrets of a successful game

Backgammon is becoming an increasingly popular game, which millions of people are fond of, regardless of their social or material status and position. Many are interested in the question: are there methods and ways of playing the game that guarantee a 100% win? In the proposed article we will try to answer it.

About the origin of backgammon

Backgammon is an ancient game

This game is one of the oldest in the world, originating in the east. It is known that a semblance of this fun was found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. According to many historians, an interesting and entertaining entertainment - backgammon - is older than chess. Their modern varieties have a fundamental similarity with their distant ancestors. The board is divided into four equal and identical parts, symbolizing the four seasons.

Twelve cells for chips on one side - this is the twelve months of the year. There are 24 cells for chips in total - according to the number of hours in a day. The arrangement of points on the dice has a strict order, their sum on opposite sides is equal to7:1-6; 2-5; 3-4. There are 15 chips of one color, the same number of another, dice - 2 pcs.

In this age of the latest information technology, when you can play backgammon with a person located almost anywhere in the world with a mouse click, however, nothing can replace live communication with your opponent on a wooden board.

Game types

There are two types of backgammon - short and long. In Russia, long ones are widely used, it is about them that the article will be discussed. The game of short has many nuances and differences, determined primarily by geographical and national characteristics.

Secrets of victory

Lady Fortune

Is there a guaranteed win in this game? Are there secrets on how to win at backgammon? The winner is the player who managed to bring all the chips into his "house" and the first to remove them from the board.

The first move is very important: as gaming practice shows, the one who has the right to it is in a better position than his opponent: his chances of winning will be at least 60% to 40% of the opponent. The right to the first move is played out by throwing a die - whoever has more points is the first to start the game. Moreover, the drawing of the first move is done either before the start of each game, or the winner of the previous game starts. It depends on the pre-agreed conditions established in a particular company. It is most interesting and reckless to play with three or four people - “to fly out”.

Let's continue to share the secrets of how to win at backgammon. Taskeach of the participants - as quickly as possible to capture the cells of the enemy with their chips and at the same time close the cells on their field (where the string of your chips is still located). It is most rational to do this as follows: we remove a smaller number of points from the “head”, with a large number of points we attack the opponent’s field. But you should keep in mind that your cells "five" or "six" are preferably occupied by your chips.

It is desirable to bring figures into your "house" from several positions, this will expand the possibilities of entering your chips to the final destination. And do not rush to expose the "head", i.e., the place of the initial accumulation of chips, because these cells are of great strategic importance.

Often a situation arises when two or three or more of your chips are left almost completely isolated from the main part. In this case, you need to place them at a far distance from your chip closest to them, that is, at a distance of a five- or six-point throw. This will be another hint on how to win at backgammon.

Types of winning in long backgammon

how to win long backgammon

There are three types of winnings in this kind of fun:

  • regular: a few moves ahead of the opponent in throwing his chips;
  • "mars": the opponent was able to bring his pieces only from the side of the board where they were originally located, to the neighboring half, but could not bring them into his "house";
  • "coke": some of your opponent's chips remained locked on the first half of the board.

Separateplayers distinguish another type of victory - "home mars", when the opponent brought all the chips into his "house", but did not manage to throw any away (this is the most offensive loss).

Here lies another little trick on how to win at backgammon, and not just win, but qualitatively - on Mars. In a situation where the opponent’s pieces are gathered in the very extreme corner and he can only take them out of there when the “six” falls out, you should load the “five” more so as not to open free cells ahead of time to advance the opponent's chips.

This is especially important, given that backgammon is gambling and many people compete in it for money. Suppose that each of the players puts ten rubles on the line. If the victory is ordinary, the winner will get this amount (10 rubles), and if it is "mars", then the loser must lay out twenty rubles already, and if "coke", then thirty.

Backgammon - a game of chance or skill?

Backgammon - luck or exact calculation?

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to win in long backgammon, you can speculate on the topic: are there ways or methods in fun that guarantee one hundred percent victory? What is more in backgammon - luck and luck or skill and logic? This is exactly what makes this game interesting, exciting, exciting and unpredictable at the same time. Here, often a clearly losing or clearly winning situation due to random dice rolls can change dramatically: 50% for success and the same for loss.

There is no 100% victory in this fun, just as there is noway to always win at backgammon. That is why firms that specialize in betting on the outcome of football matches or sweepstakes at the races, where a clear favorite can lose to a notorious outsider, flourish successfully. Blind adherence to dogmas and established laws is not one hundred percent success and victory. Only constant analysis and control of the emerging and constantly changing situation can lead you to the desired result in backgammon.

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