Romantic and feminine dress with a sun skirt
Romantic and feminine dress with a sun skirt

Modern dresses have completely different styles. Long, narrow, short, flared, straight - the choice is quite wide, and it can sometimes be very difficult to stop at any one model.

The arrival of spring and the onset of the summer season for any fashionista is an occasion to replenish your wardrobe with at least a couple of new original dresses. A dress with a sun skirt is especially popular with the fair sex. This model is very feminine, so it almost never goes out of style.

A dress with a sun skirt first appeared in the Middle Ages, since that time only the length of the hem has changed. For example, in the 60s of the XX century, the length of such models even reached the floor, and in the 70s the length of the mentioned skirts and dresses was reduced to the knee line, and later they became even shorter.

sun skirt dress

In the modern world of fashion, this style is again experiencing the peak of popularity. Of course, because such a model is quite easy to sew and is perfect for almost all types of figures. How to make a sun skirt patternlearn in almost any sewing tutorial for beginners. With the help of such a wardrobe item, you can hide full hips, balance broad shoulders, and emphasize the waistline. A long dress, a sun skirt made of dense opaque fabric will hide uneven legs, and owners of long legs can use short versions of such models. Thin hips can be visually expanded with a yoke dress.

how to make a sun skirt pattern

Sewing the model in question is quite simple, and the outfit looks very impressive. In recent seasons, dress models with a double sun skirt and special puffy petticoats are becoming more and more popular. This version of the outfit is suitable for special occasions.

A dress with a sun skirt has many distinctive features: a puffy hem, with two or no seams; very feminine and at the same time laconic silhouette; length varies from ultra short to maximum.

Mostly for the manufacture of the mentioned models use thin silk, satin or cotton fabrics (plain or printed). Checkered outfits, small polka dots or stripes have a special effect. Models in such a playful design are perfect for theme parties or summer walks. The sheer chiffon pleated skirt is also a hit.

There are also denser fabrics - wool, velveteen, velvet and even leather; a dress with a skirt made of similar materials is perfect for the cool season.

Top up youra wardrobe in this style is only half the battle. It is necessary to disassemble all the details that can create that very unique elegant image. This is the best way to wear a dress with a sun skirt: high-heeled shoes, a plain (contrasting!) belt of different widths, a bolero and a short jacket, short gloves, elegant jewelry. The mentioned accessories will complete the look and give it a special charm.

dress skirt sun

Dresses with a sun skirt are distinguished by a variety of styles, and therefore they are universal: office work, club parties, special occasions and Sunday walks - a girl can safely put on the mentioned outfit for any of these events. For a business style, a monophonic model is perfect, the top of which has a shirt type, and you can choose any sleeve - long or short.

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