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Jenga board game: game rules
Jenga board game: game rules

The rules of the game "Jenga" are so simple that they can be explained to any person in a minute. The set includes wooden bars with a rectangular cross section, each of which slightly differs from the other in size. All of them are made of natural hypoallergenic materials, therefore they are safe for children and people prone to allergic reactions. Before starting the game, you need to assemble a tower from these parts, laying them out perpendicular to each other in three pieces. The task of the players is to take one block at a time from any floor of the tower and move it up.

Features of the game and the reason for its popularity

The rules of the game "Jenga" seem very simple, but this process of rearranging the details is very exciting. Due to the rough surface, each wooden part fits snugly enough to its neighbors, so it can be difficult to remove it. But due to the difference in size, some of the bars are taken outlighter than neighboring ones. You can only find out if the selected bar is mobile enough by trying to push it out. The most important thing is to prevent the structure from collapsing during the player's action.

jenga game rules

Jenga is one of many balance games. But it is one of the most popular due to the simplest rules and versatility. You can safely take it with you to nature or to gatherings with friends, without worrying that the parts will break or be lost. There are many competitions in the game "Jenga". Players practice a lot to reach heights in pulling bars from the lower floors. Some people use special clicks to do this, knocking out the bottom bars so quickly that the tower remains practically stationary.

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Additional rules of the Jenga board game

There is an additional rule in the game: after selecting a part and touching it, the player has no right to change his mind. It doesn’t matter if the piece of wood “sits” tightly, it needs to be removed. But if the tower collapses during this time, the player will be declared defeated. The rules of the Jenga board game are sometimes changed by the players themselves. For example, the bars can be numbered, painted in different colors and come up with some kind of prize for the fact that the player draws a bar of a certain color.

jenga game rules with numbers and dice

Varieties of balance board games

On sale you can find similar balance games: Leaning Tower, Tower and"Baklushi" are almost identical in appearance to "Jenga". "Villa Paletti", "Bausak", "Pack donkey", "Crash" are created on the same principle, but differ in the shape and number of bars. The parts that make up the tower can be with a square section, which facilitates the drawing process. But due to the appearance, the number of bars in each version is very different. Within the Jenga line of games itself, there are many varieties. One of the most popular is Jenga Boom. The composition is all the same wooden blocks, but additionally the set has a special stand with a timer, which greatly speeds up the process and makes the players nervous, distracting them with loud ticking. The rules of Jenga Boom aren't much more complicated: if the player doesn't make their move before the "bomb" goes off, the base vibrates and destroys the tower. The one on whose turn this happened is considered the loser.

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There is a variation of the Jenga game with plastic parts in the shape of Tetris figures. Playing such a “tower” is much more difficult, since the configuration of parts is not visible inside it, and by pulling the stick, you can draw out, for example, a zigzag figure and bring down the building. The rules of the game "Jenga" with numbers and dice are a little more complicated than in the standard version: players need to roll four dice and get a part from the tower with a number that is the sum of all the dots that fell on their faces. In this version, all faces will be numbered.

How useful the game is for adults and children

The rules of the game "Jenga" with dice can bechange at your discretion. Although the process of building a tower and destroying it seems simple, it is very captivating for players of all ages, allowing adults and children to compete on equal terms. In addition, the process of extracting parts from the structure develops fine motor skills, attentiveness and accuracy, and the Jenga Boom version will become an excellent stress resistance simulator and teach quick reactions in a critical situation when “time is running out”. Perhaps, it will become even more interesting for young players to play with wooden blocks if you combine the rules of the game "Jenga" with numbers and dice and the presence of a timer. Or apply different colors to the parts by taking an additional die with multi-colored faces, which will further complicate the game.

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