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Dolce Gabbana style headband: how to make a stylish accessory with your own hands
Dolce Gabbana style headband: how to make a stylish accessory with your own hands

Fashion is changing fast, but women always want to stay in trend. In recent seasons, headbands have become a real hit. Black or colored, wide or narrow, with various decorations - there are a huge number of options. You don't have to buy this stylish accessory, you can make it yourself.

Dolce Gabbana headband - luxury and style in one look

In 2012, Dolce Gabbana headbands became especially popular. At that time, many celebrities wore precious jewelry to various ceremonies and social parties.

Headband in the style of Dolce Gabbana

This accessory is able to emphasize tenderness and femininity, with its help the image will be completed. The headband in the Dolce Gabbana style is made of pastel-colored materials, it is decorated with sequins, large beads or shiny stones. These accessories match perfectly.with feminine dresses and classic hairstyles. Hair can be loosened or beautifully styled.

How to wear a Dolce Gabbana headband?

Girls wear them not only under the dress. Headbands will look great under dress pants and airy shirts. Accessories are harmoniously combined with short or long dresses and shoes with high or low heels. It is best to choose clothes that will also have lace or beads.

The headband-crown in the style of "Dolce Gabbana" looks like a luxurious diadem. However, it can be worn in everyday life, experimenting and trying on the most daring looks. For everyday wear, you can pick up a headband with a small amount of stones and beads. For special occasions, it is best to choose a more luxurious option.

how to make a dolce gabbana headband

Do-it-yourself Dolce Gabbana headband: necessary materials and tools

Such an accessory is very expensive, not everyone can buy the same one. There are also inexpensive options on sale that are similar in appearance, but cheaper materials and non-precious stones are used for their manufacture. Every girl can make a headband in the Dolce Gabbana style with her own hands, you just need to make a little effort and purchase the necessary materials:

  • first of all, you should choose the right jewelry - multi-colored stones, rhinestones, beads, pearls, metal or ceramic flowers, etc.;
  • bezel black, white or gold(the most successful option would be a suede accessory);
  • if the bezel is plastic, then additionally it is necessary to prepare a padding polyester and velvet fabric;
  • glue (glue gun), threads with a needle, which are needed for attaching decorative elements;
  • toothpicks and stick.
  • headband crown in the style of Dolce Gabbana

Cooking instructions

The first step is to prepare the base for the rim. It’s good if the store has a ready-made bezel trimmed with velvet. If not, then the plastic or metal base is sheathed with velvet fabric and stuffed with padding polyester.

Next, you need to prepare decorative flowers of various shapes and sizes, white pearls and rhinestones. It is necessary not to make a mistake with the size and quantity, so that there are enough details to decorate the entire rim. For more convenient work with glue, you need to use a stick and a toothpick, with their help it is much more convenient to apply glue to small parts.

When everything is ready, you can start laying out the pattern on the hoop. Details can be placed randomly, however a Dolce & Gabbana style headband will look neater if there is some symmetry to be seen. Flowers and stones should alternate with each other. At the edges it is necessary to fasten smaller parts. The ends of the product are left without decor (5 cm from the beginning must be left free).

Do-it-yourself Dolce Gabbana headband

Thus, every girl has the opportunity to create a wide variety of headbands. Can be dispensed withwithout flowers, using only beads of the same color range of different sizes. They can also be glued with super glue, or sewn to a base trimmed with velvet or satin. Stones and beads are placed randomly, but symmetry should also be traced here.

The headband in the style of "Dolce Gabbana" due to the manner of its execution and the decorative elements used, resembles a product in a luxurious baroque style. Even if large beautiful beads are used in the manufacture, the accessory can be worn not only under a chic evening dress. It is perfect for everyday life. Of course, in an evening look, the headband will look like an exquisite tiara, but it can be a great addition to jeans - you get a stylish and unusual combination. In your arsenal, you can have several different jewelry that will suit any style of clothing, because you already know how to make a Dolce Gabbana-style headband. You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive accessories.

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