How to make a piggy bank from a bottle with your own hands
How to make a piggy bank from a bottle with your own hands

It's easy to find a new use for an empty plastic bottle. You can make many interesting crafts out of it, for example, a piggy bank.

The result is a cute and useful product. This does not require special skills and abilities. It is enough to follow the step-by-step instructions: how to make a piggy bank from a bottle.

What you need for crafts

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare all materials:

  • Empty plastic bottle, preferably 1, 5 or 2 liters.
  • Scissors or utility knife.
  • Glue.
  • Paints.
  • Scotch.
  • Additional plastic bottle caps - 4 pieces.
  • Colored paper.

Some materials can be replaced by others. For example, instead of regular paints, you can use spray paint, etc.

How to make a piggy bank out of a bottle with your own hands

Bottles may vary in volume and slightly different in shape, but the way to create crafts remains the same:

  • It is necessary to cut the bottle into three parts. The middle one is no longer needed. And the two extreme ones must be carefully docked together with adhesive tape. Thisthe blank will serve as the body for the pig - piggy bank.
  • Caps from plastic bottles will become legs and give stability to the product. They need to be fixed at the bottom with glue or double-sided tape.
  • creating a piggy bank
  • In the upper part, using a clerical knife, you need to cut a hole in the form of a rectangle. It should be such that it can be easily thrown into the accumulation.
  • Now the resulting blank must be completely painted over in pink or any other color and left to dry completely.
  • When the paint is dry, you can start decorating. From colored paper, you need to cut out the ears for the pig and fix them on the head. You can also make eyes and small black circles for the piglet out of paper.

The craft is ready. If desired, you can additionally decorate it with sparkles or other decor.

piggy bank

Tips for making a beautiful piggy bank

A few tips on how to make a piggy bank out of a bottle quickly and easily:

  • Before cutting the bottle, it is advisable to make marks with a marker so that the lines are smooth and neat.
  • For coloring, it is convenient to use spray paint, which will speed up the process.
  • Legs and patch can be made in a different color (for example, white or black). To do this, they must be painted separately, and then attached to the already painted base.
  • The middle part of the bottle that is cut out can be made thinner. Then the body of the pig will turn out to be oblong. If acut the middle wider, the piggy bank will be more rounded.

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