How to make a DIY Chipollino costume
How to make a DIY Chipollino costume

Sometimes adults face a problem: a child needs to make a Chipollino costume! Doing it yourself is extremely easy. Only first you should carefully consider the picture of this fairy-tale character.

handmade cipollino costume

Clothes for Cipollino

In principle, this fairy-tale character differs from an ordinary boy only in his head, resembling an onion with green leaves on top. The cartoon artist “dressed up” the hero in long trousers with shoulder straps and an ordinary shirt. This means that we should not think too much about the choice of clothes for a child who will portray the hero of the fairy tale Gianni Rodari. Cipollino's costume can consist of the boy's everyday clothes, except that you need to sew bright patches on the trousers - the fairy-tale hero lived in a very poor family.

Cipollino costume

Onion Boy Hat

So how to make a Cipollino costume? The main attribute of the dress is the original cap imitating an onion head with sprouted greens. There are four ways to make it.

  1. You can crochet a hat from thick threads - a headdress that will resemble a Budyonovka or a helmet withsharp top. The hat will need to be made from yellow or orange yarn, then switch to bright green and knit a few “feathers”. It is recommended to insert wire or strips of thick cardboard inside them.
  2. how to make a cipollino costume
  3. If you are running out of time, then you can make a Chipollino costume with your own hands using a regular yellow or orange hat. It is enough just to fasten a green paper "sultan" with the help of threads on the top of the head. You can also sew "onion greens" from fabric or crochet.
  4. Cipollino's costume looks very nice, made with his own hands, if the hat is sewn from yellow and green fabric. The pattern of the lower part of the hat, which is made of yellow fabric, resembles a bottle with a neck in shape. Such details are required from 4 to 8 pieces - it all depends on the desire of the master and the amount of material. The width of the detail at the bottom is determined by a simple calculation and depends on the size of the volume of the boy's head and the estimated number of flaps to be sewn subsequently. Green long leaves are also sewn to the upper sharp end of the cap, into which cardboard templates are inserted.
  5. You can glue a hat out of colored paper or make it out of white paper, which you can then paint accordingly. You can make such a Chipollino costume with your own hands at almost no cost. It is necessary to cut out details for such a headdress in the same way as for a sewn from material - according to the same patterns. But protruding triangles should be provided along the gluing seams. They are coated with glue.and strengthen on the wrong side of the product.

Cipollino costume mask

You can do without a hat, using a mask. It is best to make a mask from papier-mâché. To do this, from s alt dough or plasticine, you need to fashion a model of the future product on the table. Pieces of newspaper are glued onto the template in a mess, and the first layer is not covered with glue, but simply moistened with water. This is done so that after drying the mask can be easily removed from the template. In the dried product, carefully cut out holes for the eyes, nostrils for breathing, a hole for the mouth. From the sides of the mask at eye level, you need to sew or glue the strings.

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