2 pennies (1990). Description and cost
2 pennies (1990). Description and cost

Imagine a coin that was minted over 2000 years ago. This Greek silver coin is called a dracha. Perhaps you saw it at an auction and were offered to buy it for a decent price. Would you agree?

Even if you are not a numismatist, you would still think about this acquisition. And all because it is a very rare and valuable coin that went out of circulation at the end of the 1st century AD. Modern coins that have ceased to be used have a certain value. In this article we will talk about one of them - 2 kopecks from 1990.

It should be noted right away that the value of many coins varies for several reasons:

  • circulation;
  • state;
  • various marriages (flaws).

For example, if you have a coin in excellent condition, without any cracks, and with a total mintage of several units, then its value will be prohibitive.


On one of the sides (obverse) of this coin (2 kopecks of 1990) there is the symbolism of the Soviet Union: in the centercoat of arms of the country, under it - the abbreviation of the USSR. Coat of arms includes image:

  1. Planets in the rays of the rising sun, on which the meridians and parallels are clearly visible.
  2. A hammer and sickle located in the center of the globe.
  3. A small five-pointed star above the planet.
  4. Framing the composition with ears of wheat intertwined with a ribbon.
2 kopecks 1990 price

Interestingly, there are 15 turns on the ribbon that binds the wheat. Why exactly 15? This is a symbol: at the time when this coin was minted, the Soviet Union included 15 republics, so these coils are not placed randomly.


The reverse of the coin has always remained unchanged. Large numeral “2” denoting the denomination, the inscription “penny” and the year of issue “1990”.

2 kopecks 1990 price

But there are a few differences that can only be found on the reverse. As you know, 2 kopecks of 1990 were minted at different mints: Moscow and Leningrad. Therefore, if you look at the Leningrad copy, you will notice that the face value of the coin - the number “2” - is a little thinner than that of the Moscow one.

Unfortunately, the price of 2 kopecks in 1990 does not change. Such differences do not affect its value in any way. But let's find out what exactly can affect the price.

2 pennies 1990: price

This coin does not have any expensive varieties that can sell it for more. All copies cost the same at any auction, but only if they are in good condition. Therefore, for thisa coin, as a rule, is offered from 5 to 10 rubles. But there is one feature: if it is in the UNC state, then its cost may increase to 110 rubles or more. Therefore, if you have such a coin, and it looks great, then you should immediately find a good buyer.

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