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Wood carving with a drill: a master class
Wood carving with a drill: a master class

Woodcarving is a very ancient and venerable art, passed down from generation to generation. The assortment of tools of a master carver can reach several hundred types of various knives, chisels, chisels, chisels, etc. But the use of a hand-held power tool allows not only to replace most of all this with one, but also to increase the speed of material processing.

Such a miracle device these days is a wood carving drill. It is also called a mini drill or hand engraver. Thanks to her, learning such a complex matter is much easier. But even here there are many subtleties and nuances. One of them is the difficulty of choosing the instrument itself.

Choosing an engraver

When buying the first drill, you should follow the rule of the golden mean. That is, there is no need to chase the price and buy a deliberately problematic tool. Yes, and buying the most expensive one will not bring much contribution to the skill, and the money will be spent pretty much. In order to make the right choice, you must follow the following criteria:

  • For the first tool, the price of the kit will be about 3-6 thousand rubles.
  • The power of the tool is usually from 35 to 300 watts. In this case, it is advisable to take an engraverpower of at least 100 W.
  • Tool speed - from 3500 to 35000 rpm. The electric motor must be able to adjust them to process different types of wood.

Thus, not the most expensive hobby is woodcarving with a drill. In Moscow, as in any other city, you can easily buy the right tool or order it from China.

Wood carving drill

If you are not ready to lay out about 5 thousand for a new engraver, then you can make it yourself. But in this case, you still have to buy nozzles and a flexible shaft. On the other hand, a boo woodcarving drill may suit you. But at the same time, you need to pay attention to her condition, check that nothing is hanging out, and try to process the material with her.

Additional accessories

Different items are required to make the mini drill easier to work with. Some of them are usually included in the kit. These include a flexible shaft with a handle and a limiter nozzle. A flexible shaft with a handle is needed to facilitate work when processing small parts. It is connected to the engraver itself, and the work is no longer done by the device itself, which weighs about one kilogram, but by a handle connected through a shaft. It is simpler and more comfortable, and its weight is only 200-300 grams.

wood carving drill

Nozzle-limiter is used to level the deaf background. This is the part of the material being removed, which has one level. The nozzle is put on the engraver itself, then the desired depth is setmilling. This position is fixed with a bolt and you can start working.

Some accessories may not be included, you will have to buy them yourself or do it yourself. Such a device, for example, is a tripod. With it, the engraver is suspended, and the work is done with a handle with nozzles through a flexible shaft. This is necessary, because if the engraver is simply placed on the table, then it will move along it due to vibrations, thereby interfering with work, or simply fall, which can lead to its breakage.

Some models are equipped with a foot pedal, but their use is not always convenient, especially when there are several devices.

Cutters and nozzles

Grinding and carving with a drill on wood is carried out using special cutters, circles, rollers, etc. Cutters can have a different shape, grain size and purpose. Coarse-grained for rough processing of large surfaces, and fine-grained - for detailed study of the relief.

For drilling holes of various diameters, drills are used, and for grinding - rollers and circles with sandpaper. Most of the necessary attachments are included with the tool. They are suitable for working with both wood and metal. But still, for full-fledged work on wood, specific cutters are required. For example, to create semicircular recesses, special cutters are used - the so-called "hedgehogs".

Wood carving with a drill in Moscow

Precautions and workspace arrangements

Before using the instrument for the first time, you mustcarefully study the instructions. In order for wood carving to be comfortable, it is necessary to equip the workplace. First of all, you should make an extract. You can use a regular vacuum cleaner for this. Extraction is necessary as fine wood dust enters the lungs and can lead to he alth problems.

If extraction equipment is not possible, it is possible to protect the respiratory tract with a medical mask or gauze bandage, but this is not very convenient, especially when working for a long time. Also, do not forget about eye protection. It is better to use construction or carpentry goggles.

Where to start?

Lessons in woodcarving with a drill should start with simple things. To do this, take an unnecessary piece of board or bar. With a simple pencil, write any word on the wood. No need to make it too thin and small. You need to learn how to use the tool.

Choose from a selection of cutters with a round head and fine grit. Pressing on the tool during operation should not be too strong, otherwise chips, severe irregularities, and burrs may result. With smooth movements of the hand, woodcarving is carried out with a drill. The photo clearly shows the process of milling a simple lettering.

Wood carving

After that, you can experiment with different cutters, making different depths of the selected pattern or pattern.

Wood carving lessons with a drill

Creating a relief

When working with a more complex pattern that hasmany levels and relief elements, it is necessary, first of all, to choose the right material. For this, breeds are suitable, the wood of which does not have pronounced coarse fibers. These, for example, include beech, alder, linden, birch, aspen. But oak, pine, larch have coarse fibers, and their processing can be fraught with some difficulties.

After the sketch of the future product is ready, it must be transferred to the tree. The sketch can be redrawn manually or use tracing paper. Next, wood carving with a drill is carried out in several stages:

  • Firstly, with the help of thin cutters, the boundaries of the pattern are set.
  • Secondly, if there is a dull background, then it is removed with the help of a limiter nozzle.
  • Thirdly, the selection of a large amount of wood with a large depth of relief is carried out with coarse-grained nozzles.
  • Fourthly, first larger elements are cut through, then smaller ones and detailing of large ones is done.
  • Fifthly, after the wood carving with a drill is finished, it is necessary to remove traces of milling cutters and minor defects with fine-grained sandpaper, and bring everything to smoothness by zeroing.
Wood carving with a drill photo

drawing conclusions

You won't get everything right the first time, so be patient, wood and tools. Practice by creating some small souvenirs or crafts along the way. In the process of mastering the craft, an understanding will come of what needs to be done, how to do it correctly, and what other devices are needed for this.

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