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How to make a thread tassel: step by step instructions, application
How to make a thread tassel: step by step instructions, application

Thread tassels are a beautiful decoration that is used in various types of decoration. These are knitted hats and scarves, trim or ropes for curtains, piping for blankets or bedspreads. Tassels decorate the locks of bags and wallets, make earrings and beads. The material for manufacturing is also different. These are thin sewing threads, and thick woolen threads for knitting, leather strips and thin twisted ropes. In this article, we will look at how to make a thread tassel.

Material for making

In order to make this decoration, you need to have:

  • a spool or skein of thread from which the tassel will be wound;
  • winding template (made of thick cardboard or you can use a plastic card);
how to make a thread tassel
  • scissors;
  • cotton threads of the same color for tyingbeam;
  • awl;
  • needle;
  • a pot of boiling water or an electric kettle.

Step by step instructions

Step 1. You need to take a template, cutting it along the length a little more than necessary for the brush. It should be very dense, not bent, especially if do-it-yourself thread tassels are not made in a single copy. For them to be the same, the template must not be deformed.

Step 2. Next comes the threading process. Here you need to take into account the thickness and splendor of the future product. If you need a thin and flat brush, for example, on a bag, then you need to wind several layers of threads. The more magnificent the brush, the more layers are wound on the template. Moreover, you need to pull them tight so that the rings do not hang down, but wrap tightly around the cardboard.

Step 3. The most crucial step is the linking of the layers. When the desired thickness is reached, the edge is trimmed with scissors. Either the same thread is taken separately, or a dense cotton thread matched in color (for strength and greater reliability) and for a start a knot is tightened, pulling together all layers (anywhere, even in the middle of the cardboard).

Step 4. Then all layers are removed from the template. The diagram shows how to make a brush out of thread using a needle. For sewing, the main thread is taken, from which the decoration was made. It turns out a dense head through which the ends pass.

thread tassels

Step 5. The formed brush still looks very untidy, all the threads are crumpled and round. The next step is to alignthem. This can be done in several ways. You can use an iron, a hair straightener. This article describes the steam alignment method.

Step 6. To do this, boil a pot or kettle to create steam. The brush is put on an awl or a long knitting needle (so as not to burn yourself with hot air) and hold it over the pan for 5 minutes.

The finishing touch

Now you know how to make a thread tassel. But it is also important and difficult to trim the edges evenly so that all the threads are the same length. There is one method that makes this process much easier and more efficient.

handmade thread tassels

After aligning the threads, you need to take a thick sheet of paper and roll a brush into it. It remains only to cut the threads along with the paper with sharp scissors.

It turned out to be an even beautiful tassel, which remains only to be sewn to the finished product.

The use of such decorations

In our time, decorative elements such as tassels are widely used in various products. Fashion designers have long been decorating the interiors of rooms with curtains with the addition of such elements along the bottom or sides of the curtains. Beautiful ropes with huge bright satin threads adorn the curtain holders.

Often tassels are used by craftswomen when knitting things: hats, berets, shawls, blankets, sweaters, etc.

tassel earrings

The latest fashion trends are the production of earrings and other jewelry from tassels, made from bright thin ropes or leather. PerfectlyYou can do this work yourself at home. To do this, you need to buy shiny thin twisted threads.

Before you make a brush out of thread for earrings, you need to make two identical elements and put them on metal rings that are fixed on the purchased ear hooks. They can be bought at any store that sells this kind of goods. Having learned how to make such gizmos, you can make a number of jewelry for any color of the dress. You can make combined multi-colored brushes by adding threads from different skeins.

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