How to make slime at home?
How to make slime at home?

The slime toy appeared on the Russian market in the late nineties. Its prototype was the funny ghost of the same name from the movie "Ghostbusters". Children immediately liked this strange-looking substance. They enjoyed twisting and crumpling the toy, throwing it and sticking it to different surfaces.

Let this cheerful character live in your home too. It will make your kids happy. Moreover, psychologists say with confidence: manipulations with such objects remarkably relieve stress and contribute to the development of speech centers in a child.

how to make slime

Of course, you can buy a toy in the store, but there are several recipes that explain how to make a slime at home. And it's not even about saving money. First, you will know what exactly your slime is made of. Secondly, this is an interesting way to spend leisure time with a child, to teach him something new. You can create a whole collection of slimes: green, red, blue and orange. You can add sparkles, beads, snowflakes and stars to it.

If you have several children (you are a teacher, or you have thrown nephews), then teach them how to make a slime correctly - and a couple of hoursFree time is provided to you. You can hold a competition: whose toy will be the most original, who will throw it further, whose slime will slide down the wall faster. The process of making this item for fun is quite simple. You only need to buy some ingredients in advance.

So let's make slime at home

making slime at home

For the first recipe, we need: 100 g of PVA glue, preferably fresh, one and a half glasses of water, borax (sold in a pharmacy), dye, dishes (2 cups, spoon, glass, preferably disposable). To add color to the toy, you can take diluted gouache, egg paints and the like.

In one cup, dissolve a tablespoon of borax in a glass of water. In the other, mix one-fourth cup of glue with the same amount of water. Dye is added to it. While stirring the mixture of glue and water, add the contents of the first cup to it. That's all, the process of creating a slime is completed. You only need to rinse it under running water.

how to make slime

How to make slime from starch

This is a very easy way. It is necessary to mix thoroughly half a glass of warm, but not hot, water and the same amount of starch. The more you add it, the harder your slime will be. Don't forget to add dyes. Unfortunately, a slime made in this way will not jump.

How to make a slime so it can bounce off the floor

You will need dry polyvinyl alcohol powder. You can buy it in specialized stores of chemical reagents ororder over the internet. Dilute the extracted powder with water as written in the instructions, and cook, stirring, for about 40 minutes. It is better not to take expensive and new dishes for this. Next, add a solution of borax to the pan (for 1 part of borax, 3 parts of an alcohol solution) and a dye. That's all - the toy is ready.

It's not enough to know how to make a slime, you need to be able to store it properly. It is better to do this in a closed box or jar, in a cool place.

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