Crafts for the suburban area. How to make a swan out of a tire?
Crafts for the suburban area. How to make a swan out of a tire?

With the onset of the summer season, many owners of suburban areas begin to think about how to equip their little piece of paradise, how to make it beautiful, but not empty their wallet. There are a lot of ideas on this topic, because crafts from improvised materials (or hand-made) are gaining more and more popularity.

how to make a swan out of a tire

Surely in every family on the balcony, in the garage or somewhere in the bowels of country pantries an old unnecessary car tire is lying around. It can be used for the benefit of your summer cottage. We offer you a lesson, as a result of which you will learn how to make a swan from a tire with your own hands. Yes, yes, it is possible, and you will see for yourself by following these instructions.

So, how to make a swan out of a tire? First you need to find all the necessary materials. Most likely, all of them will be among the things left "just in case":

  • Car tire (it is best to take tires without metalcord
  • how to make a swan from a tire with your own hands

    and bald, ideal if they are Russian manufacturers).

  • A few screws.
  • An elastic wire that can be used to fix the bird's neck.
  • White and red paint.

You will also need a few tools: a sharp knife, a jigsaw and a drill. If the tire is with a metal cord, then you need to take an electric jigsaw.

If you know exactly how to make a swan out of a tire, it's not that hard. First you need to divide the tire into equal parts with two lines that will indicate the head and tail, as well as the neck. Then you need to mark the triangle of the head and the lines of the wings.

Depending on the type of tire, you need to cut it with a knife or a jigsaw along the outlined lines. If you are using a knife, soak it in soapy water for convenience.

Next is the most difficult stage of work. So, before you make a swan out of a tire, you need to turn it inside out. It is more convenient to do this together, but if there is no help nearby, it's okay, for convenience, step on the outer part of the tire. B

car tire

as a result you will get a skeleton of a swan.

In the next step you will need to give the bird a proper shape. To do this, fix the neck. Drill several pairs of holes in the tire with a drill and insert an elastic thin wire into them. Then, using such an attachment, attach the swan's neck to the wire that was prepared specifically for this purpose. In principle, for the manufacture of the neck, you can usecurved rebar if you have one.

The mounts may be too visible, but don't worry, after painting they will be almost invisible. In any case, try to make them carefully. Another way to fix the neck in the desired state is to use a flexible plate. It must be attached gradually, making holes with a drill and giving the neck the desired shape along the way.

So, it's time to use the paint. Paint your bird its natural white color and make the beak red. For the eyes, use self-tapping screws or get creative and use any suitable materials at hand.

That's it, the swan is ready! Rest assured, it will look amazing, so soon all the neighbors will bother you with questions about how to make a swan from a tire.

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