Kanzashi flowers - Japanese art
Kanzashi flowers - Japanese art

Japan is a mysterious and interesting country with many traditions and rich history. So, for example, a simple hair ornament in the form of a hairpin or comb has its origin and great importance for Asian culture.

kanzashi flowers

History of occurrence

During the Middle Ages in Japan, women moved from old-fashioned to more modern hairstyles, which were very different from the previous ones in that their hair began to be styled in intricate shapes. And in order for all this to last as long as possible, we used the well-known hairpins, hairpins and combs. Initially, maids began to make kanzashi flowers, traditionally it was considered their occupation, which they could do in their free time. But then this craft spread to the masses, and fabric products in the form of flowers began to be used to decorate a variety of hair accessories. Moreover, they were so loved by everyone that they acquired a special meaning. So, for example, by what kind of hairpin or hairpin a girl or woman wears, it was possible to determine almost everything: whether she is married, how many children she has. Kanzashi flowers also indicated what social status the lady had, because some hairpinswere much more expensive than the most exquisite kimono. They have become an important part of fashion and culture in general.

kanzashi flower from satin ribbon

Modern Significance

Now kanzashi flowers in Japan are the same as kokoshniks in Russia, they are worn only by people associated with the traditions and rituals of medieval Asia. Geisha, yuzo, brides wear them during tea ceremonies or use them to create ikebana. Although recently young girls have begun to revive the culture of this craft, which is most likely due to their desire for elegance and grace. More recently, this technique has come to us, more and more young people are reading their way in comprehending the Japanese art of creating flowers from fabric and ribbons.

What are kanzashi flowers

These decorations are made from almost any fabric, but it is preferable to use satin ribbons, they look spectacular. But where you fit them depends only on your imagination. It can be a hair band, and a plastic, wooden or fabric headband, and a crocodile hairpin, or you can create whole bouquets and give them to friends. This will be a great hobby for you or your kids. Already now in stores or in magazines it has become possible to find master classes that will not only tell you how to make

how to make a kanzashi flower

kanzashi flower, but they will also explain in detail where to apply it. You can go right now and stock up on everything you need, namely tapes, glue and a lighter, you can easily find everything else atyourself at home. A lighter is needed to seal the cuts, because the tape tends to crumble, and glue is needed to make more complex flowers.

Color selection

Oddly enough, the color is of great importance, it should be chosen according to the season and month. In the Middle Ages, geisha wore kimonos and accessories strictly in the sequence of the seasons. The colors also changed depending on the class. Spring, for example, is characterized by white and pink colors, since fruit trees are just beginning to bloom, but autumn habitually appears in orange and red tones, all this is also displayed in hair ornaments. Let it not be of such importance for us, but traditions should be observed and treated with respect for such an ancient art. The satin ribbon kanzashi flower is a simple yet elegant decoration that can be worn at any age.

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