Wonderful yarn - pekhorka openwork
Wonderful yarn - pekhorka openwork

Needlework is one of the most favorite activities of creative people, which brings moral satisfaction from the work done and allows you to create charming crafts for every taste. Among the wide variety of types of handicraft, knitting and crochet are in great demand. This type of creativity is beautiful in its versatility, because there are many styles and techniques in knitting that make it possible to weave things of magical beauty from threads.

Of course, in knitting, as in any other kind of creativity, there are pitfalls that often make many beginners quit what they started. But for those who purposefully walk towards their dream, no obstacles are terrible, the main thing is to correctly follow all the recommendations of the masters.

Professionals recommend paying great attention not only to remembering the progress of work, but also advise you to be careful about choosing a tool and material for knitting. And if it’s easy to figure out the sizes of knitting needles and hooks, then choosing high-quality threads for products can be very difficult. But the appearance of the finished product will depend on the quality of the threads and their possible deformation during washing.

Magic althreads

The threads of pekhorka openwork are very popular among craftswomen, which managed to earn great praise for their excellent quality and ease of work. After all, it is this type of yarn that allows you to create very thin, like a cobweb, things. These threads are 100% mercerized cotton, part of the summer series of yarns made using Italian technology. Due to the natural composition, this material is very pleasant to the body and does not cause irritation, which makes it possible to wear things from it even by small children.

openwork pekhorka

Most often, pekhorka openwork yarn is used for weaving crochet products, because its fibers are very thin and airy, so it is rarely used in knitting. Although there are such needlewomen who knit very chic and creative things with knitting needles from it. This type of yarn is suitable for creating a wide range of outfits such as dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts and other stunning pieces. She looks great in products for proms and many other social events, as all decorations made of "magic threads" look very elegant and rich.

Quality does not mean expensive

This type of yarn, like pekhorka openwork, is in great demand among consumers also due to its availability. After all, the price of threads of very high quality is quite low compared to similar products from other manufacturers. Openwork yarn is very economical, as it has a small consumption, so a small amount of material is enough to create fromhim a worthy thing.

Everyone's favorite openwork pekhorka is produced in a volume of 50 g per skein, the length of the thread in it is 280 m. The manufacturer takes his product very seriously, so he always guarantees its quality. The hallmark of high quality yarn is its ability to retain its original shape and not deform when washed and ironed. Also, importantly, a thing made of such material will never shed, which means it will have a long service life.

Splendor of color

A huge selection of colors of yarn pekhorka openwork makes you fall in love with her once and for all. All colors are very saturated and have a slight sheen that creates a divine shimmer of the finished product. The yarn is dyed in gentle colors, making it very touching and suitable for weaving summer cobwebs.

pekhorka openwork yarn

Each shade of beautiful threads is perfectly combined with other colors of yarn, which allows you to make graceful weaves of openwork colors and create unique handmade items. Things made using this material create an aura of tenderness, warmth and charm around the person wearing them.

Carrot and stick

The quality of any product should be judged not by advertising, but by the reviews of the people who used it. Therefore, based on the general opinion of many buyers, we can conclude that if the openwork pekhorka reviews are mostly positive, then the material is really high quality and excellent. People appreciated all the positive qualitiesthis beautiful yarn, which means that it will be in demand for a very, very long time.

pekhorka openwork reviews

There are no negative responses in the direction of the material, but only in this way, simple wishes regarding the burning out of yarn in the sun. After all, indeed, under its scorching rays, the loss of the previous color of the threads quite often occurs. But consumers hope that the manufacturer will take into account their recommendations and improve fiber production technology.

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