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How is a do-it-yourself three-dimensional painting made?
How is a do-it-yourself three-dimensional painting made?
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Paintings attract the eye not only when they are painted in oil on canvas. No less worthy of admiration are the products that came out of the hands of needlewomen. A three-dimensional picture made from various improvised materials will turn out to be very effective. Suitable paper, fabric, leather, beads, ribbons.

Painting on the wall

You can create a huge canvas on the wall of the house, a sense of texture will add a layered masterpiece. Initially, the surface is cleaned of whitewash, wallpaper, paint. The image itself is applied with putty. PVA glue and water-based paints are added to it. Each layer, no more than 1 cm thick, is applied gradually. It will take a week to create such a picture, but the result will amaze you and your friends.

Paper painting

A real miracle also comes out of paper, they use the application technique. Cut out multi-layer shapes. They put them on top of each other. It is better to start the process by choosing an interesting picture. Print it in several copies (ten to twelve pieces are enough). Our three-dimensional picture will depict a fabulous creature, for example, a little fairy in flowers. Copies should preferably be made on thick paper. Then you need one pictureinsert into the frame. From the rest, cut out the figure of the main character and other necessary elements. From the laminate substrate, make similar parts, but smaller in size than the originals. Now the most important thing begins. A three-dimensional picture is created by gluing the cut out elements onto the picture in the frame, and you need to go from large to small. In some cases, you can do without a substrate. Finally, paint over the sides of each glued layer and then coat the painting with acrylic varnish in several stages.


three-dimensional bead paintings

Embroideries are distinguished by the types of stitches - satin stitch or cross, by the use of materials - from ribbons or beads. If you are familiar with cross-stitch, then mastering the way to make volumetric paintings from beads will not be difficult for you. Even the schemes of drawings and canvas are the same. Having fixed the thread on the fabric, you can begin to create a picture. The needle must be taken out of the lower left corner, threaded through the bead and inserted into the upper right corner. Continue like this. To move to a new row, the needle must be inserted through the wrong side to the front side, passed into the upper right corner of the cage and sew on the beads, following from top to bottom. You will get just a wonderful three-dimensional picture, if you focus on the scheme when choosing the color of the beads. Ready-made embroidery kits or a pattern created by yourself are suitable for work. It is enough to find a suitable image and break it into squares using the Paint program.

three-dimensional picture

You canget acquainted with another interesting way how to make a three-dimensional picture using wire and beads. For its manufacture, the French weaving method or mosaic is useful. As a result, on a sheet of cardboard inserted into a frame, bright butterflies flutter and beautiful flowers bloom. Special magazines or advice and recommendations of masters on various thematic resources will tell you more about various types of creativity and needlework.

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