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Dragonfly from beads. Execution Technology
Dragonfly from beads. Execution Technology

From beads you can create many amazing things that are also suitable as an original gift. For beginners to learn such a technique as weaving with beads, a dragonfly is ideal as a first craft. It is easy to execute according to a scheme that provides for parallel weaving. The beaded dragonfly pattern itself may differ in some features, but, as a rule, the drawings are of the same type.

dragonfly beaded

Simple flat bead figure

A flat dragonfly is an elementary craft made of beads, which you can easily make yourself even for beginners to master this exciting activity. A beaded dragonfly can be done even by small children. As a result, the figurine is beautiful and can be used for various purposes, as an ornament or a brooch, etc.


Need a thin wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm to keep the structure rigid. You will also need beads of different colors (optional) and sizes (2 and 3 mm).

Step by step

How to make a beaded dragonfly? Very simple, you first need to prepare everything.

The first thing you need to do toto start creating such a product as a beaded dragonfly is to cut off a piece of wire sixty centimeters in size. Weaving starts from the head, that is, the first row is three large beads: black, green, black. It is better if the black color is saturated, not transparent, so that the eyes stand out well.

How to make a beaded dragonfly

The technique of parallel lowering is now applied. To do this, take three beads of a different color, for example green, the ends of the wire must pass towards each other. It is the turn of the formation of the wings, thirty yellow (color optional) beads, which are smaller in size, are strung on one of the ends, then the beginning and end of the wing are connected through the first bead of the set. The same actions must be carried out on the other side to make the same wing.

When the large wings are woven, we return to the lowering of the next row of the abdomen. Having made one row, you need to make a wing again on each side, but only a small one, you will need to score twenty-five pieces. They are slightly smaller in size. Now you can go back to weaving the abdomen. To make it look more interesting, you can use different shades and colors. Thus, eight rows are made. Finishing, you need to make a loop of wire. This will allow you to use the finished product as a keychain. As a result, the dragonfly should be approximately the following size: eight centimeters wingspan, length along the abdomen - about seven centimeters.

Dragonfly using glass beads

Beaded dragonfly isan easy souvenir to make. You can weave on your own or together with children. What is good about such a product is that in the future it can become part of a hairpin, brooch or be a decorative decoration for a handbag.

Beaded dragonfly pattern

Weaving process

In order to avoid questions about how to make a beaded dragonfly, the technology will be described in sufficient detail.

To get started, you will need black beads, two medium-sized beads for the eyes, black glass beads and a light cabin for the wings. The weaving itself will be carried out on a wire.

Weaving begins with the eyes, two beads are strung on the wire and the ends are crossed in one bead. Weaving continues in the same way, that is, parallel weaving. The next three rows have two black beads. After that, you need to do one more thing. Further, a long black bugle is used for weaving - the belly of a dragonfly. There are three glass beads at both ends and we fix it with a black bead.

The excess part of the wire should be cut off, and the tails should be carefully hidden so that the structure is strong.

You can start with the wings. For them, a light or transparent cutting is used. You need to string so much that the wing matches the size of the body of the product.

The design is fixed on the upper body of beads, on the other hand, it is required to make exactly the same wing, but since the dragonfly has four of them, then one more at a time. They may overlap a little.

Weavingbeaded dragonfly

When the wings are completed, the ends of the wire are fixed, and the excess is cut off. Beaded dragonfly for beginners is ready.

Brown dragonfly

Small items can also be used to decorate indoor plants. For weaving, a beaded dragonfly pattern or a detailed description is suitable. You can choose other colors as well. For weaving, you need to prepare: plain dark brown beads for the calf, light brown beads with silver inside for the wings, large brown beads. You also need a large bead for the head with a diameter of up to one centimeter and copper wire, scissors.

For the body, cut a wire 31 cm long. String 5 beads and step back 5 cm from the edge. Thread four beads with the same end, skipping the first one. This is how the tail is pulled. We continue to string the beads for another 8 cm, the last large bead for the head, after which follows the usual bead. We return back through a large bead. It is required to tighten tightly so that the beads do not hang out. Beads are strung on the free edge - 4 cm. Holding it so that the beads do not creep away, we wrap the finished body with a chain and fasten it. We cut the wire so that it is not noticeable.


String a chain of beads 75 cm, alternating shades in a different order. After that, we symmetrically create large wings, loops 5-6 cm. Having made a loop, scroll the wire repeatedly and symmetrically do the same. Re-do inside the large wings. Then small wings are formed in the same way, their size should be about two centimeters smaller.

All the details are ready, it remains to put them together. We string the beads on a 31 cm wire. We wrap the free end around the head so that it is not visible, and tightly around the body of the dragonfly several times. We attach the wings, the end of which we fix with wire. We continue to wrap the body to the end of the beads on the wire.

A thick wire is used for the legs, which is inserted into the stems of cut flowers or the ground. You can attach a dragonfly to it with special glue.

Beaded Dragonfly for Beginners

Beaded Dragonfly is easy to make. She does not need a lot of material, only the most necessary. And the result will please the eye for a long time or will be an excellent souvenir as a gift.

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