DIY Christmas decor: ideas, master classes
DIY Christmas decor: ideas, master classes

New Year is one of the favorite holidays of many people. Everyone is looking forward to a long vacation and the moment when it will be possible to put up a Christmas tree. But to create a festive atmosphere, the Christmas tree is not enough. New Year's decor also includes garlands, glass and plastic balls, wreaths and candles. The manufacture of all these festive attributes will be discussed below.


Christmas decor ideas

The Christmas tree will stand in the middle or in the corner of the room, but what to put on the table? As a New Year's decor, you can make a beautiful bouquet. Such a composition will decorate the room and will cheer you up. Styles of New Year's decor are different. The most popular of them is eco-style. It is in it that we will collect the bouquet. To make crafts, you will need tree branches, fir branches, cones, cotton, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices. We will collect a decorative composition from the base. You need to cut the branches of the same length, and then glue them together so that a circle forms. To make the bouquet more stable, youYou can glue branches around a round cardboard box. Take pine or spruce branches, fill the container with them. Now, in a chaotic manner, place cotton branches and cones in a box. When the main decoration is ready, use a hot gun to attach dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks.


christmas wreath

One of the recent items of New Year's decor is the Christmas tree wreath. Our compatriots (like Europeans) attach a wreath to the door. But Russians prefer to decorate the inside rather than the outside. A master class for New Year's decor is presented above. Assembling such a wreath will be easy. To make it, you will need paper, thread, spruce branches and a hot gun. Take a newspaper or other unnecessary paper, roll it up into a tube. Now roll the ring and secure it with a thread. To create a wreath, you can use both a real and an artificial Christmas tree. Cut branches into small pieces. Arrange spruce branches on a wreath in one direction. It is better to attach them with a thread or wire, and if necessary, glue them with a hot gun. When the wreath is ready, you can start decorating it. To do this, use cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks or Christmas toys. Be sure to attach a ribbon or rope to the top back of the wreath. For it, a decorative product will be hung on the door.


christmas composition

Do you want to make an original Christmas decor? Compositions from spruce branches are not very good for youseduce? Then create a beautiful decor from branches, foam and garlands. It will be necessary to make blanks for the future product in the fall. Looking for suitable branches under the snow in winter is an unpleasant pleasure. Cut the found blanks so that they are all of different lengths. But randomness must be strictly ordered. Make sure that the branches form a beautiful pyramid, not a broom. Take a piece of styrofoam and take it apart. Dip the branches in glue, and then powder them with foam. In some places you can use coarse sea s alt. Take a garland and place it on the branches. For this purpose, bright lights are suitable. The New Year composition should be placed in a tall vase and placed on the table.

Christmas toy

Christmas tree toy

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is the pride of any person. And how pleasant the process of decorating a green beauty is. You can buy Christmas decorations for decor not only in the store, but also make them yourself. If you have free time, you can start producing a series of Christmas decorations. For their manufacture, you will need fabric and synthetic winterizer. Make a pattern, for example, a month. Cut out two stencil pieces from plain fabric. Why can't you use printed material? Bright textures will interrupt the additional decor with which the product will subsequently be decorated. We sew a toy, stuff it. Now you can start decorating. For this purpose, you can use cones, fabric flowers, various badges, threads and beads.

Decorative tree

decorative tree

Everyone has a different attitude to Christmas decorations. Some hang them around the apartment in large quantities, while for someone it is enough to put a few decorative elements. A decorative Christmas tree will appeal to both the first and second types of people. It is easy to make, and then you can use it year after year. How to make a decorative craft? From wooden slats you need to make a triangular frame. You can fasten the parts of the Christmas tree with nails or with a hot gun. Attach a leg to the triangular base. If necessary, you can color the resulting product. For example, give it a white or green tint. In the center of the tree you need to pull the thread. You can do this in even rows or create diagonals. As pendants, you can use plastic or glass balls, cones, orange slices. The product can be both bright and monochrome.


holiday pendant

This decor will look beautiful in a dark room. Bright and bright Christmas balls can create a festive mood. To make such a New Year's decor with your own hands, you will need a thick tree branch. You can find it in the forest or in a nearby park. It is advisable to choose a dry branch, it will be light and can be immediately used in decor. Hang your chosen driftwood from the ceiling. Now take the balls and string them on the threads. You need to hang decorative elements in a wave. But the line should be created torn, not smooth. It is better not to hang toys in a chaotic manner. This chaos will notlook attractive.


New Year's candles

This Christmas decor idea is quite simple. To implement it, you will need: an ordinary glass jar, spruce branches, cones and s alt. Take a jar and put branches on its bottom. You do not need to break them, if they are too long, wrap them. You can powder the bottom with artificial snow, or you can use coarse sea s alt or Styrofoam instead. Put a candle-tablet inside the jar. If you plan to use a homemade candle holder throughout the holidays, then it makes sense to choose a larger candle. You need to decorate the jar not only inside, but also outside. Tie the neck with a simple thread and attach the cones. You can gild them or paint them a little with white acrylic. By the way, the jar itself can also be decorated. For example, make something like snow with a toothbrush.

Interesting candlesticks are obtained from orange skins. To make this decor, you will need an orange. Cut the fruit in half and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Attach a wick to the bottom, and then pour wax into the peel. To enhance the aromatic effect, you can decorate the orange peel with cloves.


decorated windows

Calling a New Year's mood is pleasant not only for yourself, but also for others. And how can you please passers-by? Decorate your windows. Create New Year's paper compositions on them. You can choose any theme. Draw a forest with fir trees and bears. Cut out the snowman and the children who make it. If you attach to the processmaking decorations for children, you can recreate some fragment from a fairy tale, for example, from The Snow Queen. To make such a decor more original, you can create not planar pictures, but make three-dimensional figures. For example, make a snow-covered village or create a model of an evening town. So that the composition does not lose some of its charm in the evening, you can highlight it with a garland. It will be very successful to do this if you enter the lights into the composition. For example, illuminate a lantern, windows in a house, alleys in a park, etc.

If you don't want to bother making layouts and clippings, you can hang a curtain of lights on the window. It looks very attractive both outside and inside. And also you can decorate the window with interesting curly garlands. Today you can buy lights in the store, decorated in plastic stars, snowflakes and cones.

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