Swimsuit pattern for beginners
Swimsuit pattern for beginners

If you do rhythmic gymnastics, then you will definitely need a gymnastic leotard. This is an important thing for both training in the gym and for demonstration performances at competitions. For classes in the section, you will need the most common model, which is easy to find in a special store. But the purchase of clothing for performances for many becomes a nightmare. To avoid this, you can find swimsuit patterns, choose the one you like and sew it yourself.

swimsuit pattern

If you decide to start sewing a gymnastic leotard, then you will need: centimeter tape, pattern, knitwear, a sewing machine with an overlock function, a needle and nylon threads.

gymnastic leotard pattern

Check that everything is at hand: whatman paper, on which the swimsuit pattern will be built, knitwear and threads, which are best taken with lycra, which will provide elasticity to the product. Get a needle that has a blunt tip - such a needle does not pierce, but pushes the fabric apart.

It is desirable to have one for training and another for performances.

So that the swimsuit pattern is correct,you should correctly take measurements from the person on whom the kit is sewn. Use a centimeter to measure the circumference of the waist and chest, the length of the back, front and sleeves.

Next, you need to take a sheet of drawing paper, on which the pattern of a gymnastic leotard will be located, and make a sketch of it. Panties should be outlined in front and behind and the side cutouts along the hips should be slightly increased so that it is convenient to move.

Then you can rip open an old T-shirt that fits the body, attach it from below to the resulting panty pattern and outline. The sleeves need to be made longer at the seams.

The swimsuit pattern is cut out of whatman paper. Knitwear should be laid out on the table, attach a pattern to it and make parts of the future swimsuit out of the material in such a way that approximately one and a half to two centimeters are left on each side for seams. Be sure to try on at each stage of sewing.

swimwear patterns

Then you need to sweep away the future swimsuit, mark the neckline in front and behind, it should be deeper than on the T-shirt. Remember to leave a seam allowance.

Stripes should be cut out of knitwear, the width of which will be about five centimeters. With a special knitting needle, you need to stitch the side seam, then overcast it, do the same with the shoulder and bottom seam, and then sew up the sleeves.

The cut of the neckline must be done as follows: take a strip of fabric cut out of jersey and stitch it to our neckline, then wrapstrip on the wrong side, tuck and bast to the swimsuit. Then sew on the front side.

Panties of the gymnastic leotard, as a rule, are turned. The allowances are folded over and stitched right along the edge. Quite often swimsuits are made with a small skirt.

Sewing a swimsuit is easy. The finished product can be appliqu├ęd and embroidered with sequins.

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