Poet Belov Dmitry
Poet Belov Dmitry

Belov Dmitry Ivanovich - a poet of Russian origin, who became famous mostly thanks to a cycle of poems called "Working Songs" and a collection of poems "May in the Heart". Among other things, Dmitry was closely acquainted with the legendary poet Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin. For several years, young people corresponded with each other.

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Early years

Belov Dmitry

The future poet was born on November 8 (according to the Julian calendar - October 26), 1900 in the Ivanovo-Voznesensk province, the village of Andreevskoye. Little is known about Dmitry Belov's early years. It can be reliably said that the future poet lived in a poor peasant family. Later Belov Dmitry changed his place of residence and settled in the village of Tezino. When he grew up, he went to work. InDuring his youth, Belov was a shepherd, and later he even got a job as a worker at a local factory. During the revolution, Dmitry Belov joined the ranks of the Red Army. There he rose to the rank of commander.

The beginning of a creative career

The beginning of literary activity was laid in 1920. It was then that Dmitry Belov worked in the local Ivanovo-Voznesensk newspaper called "Smychka". In parallel with this, the poet was published in quite popular magazines such as Komsomoliya, Novyi Zhyt and Krasnaya Niva. However, this did not last long. After all, soon Belov Dmitry Ivanovich was forced to leave the newspaper.

Further activities

During 1921-1923 the poet was a member of the Kineshma district committee of the RCP(b). Nevertheless, Belov does not forget about creativity. In his free time, he wields words and continues to write his poems. It is worth noting that Dmitry Belov, despite his own inexperience in literary terms, wrote quite worthy works that were popular. As proof of this, one can cite at least the fact that the work of a promising poet was highly appreciated by the famous Soviet writer and laureate of the Stalin Prize - Alexander Serafimovich.

Belov Dmitry Ivanovich poet

Belov Dmitry continued to create, and soon he became a prominent figure in the literary community. For example, the notorious Soviet art critic Mikhail Sokolnikov devoted an entire article to the young poet in a magazine called "Literature of Ivanovo-Voznesensky Krai". In it, he wrote that Dmitry Belov is a real nugget who leaked into Russian literature from factories and villages. The critic was greatly impressed by a cycle of poems and poems called "Children's Underground". Sokolnikov was impressed by the innocence and kind, childish naivete, which is saturated with this work.

In 1920, Belov's poetry collection en titled "At the Break" was published, which contained the "Working Poems" cycle, which brought its author immense popularity. The cycle includes such poems as "Again the horn roars", "The plant gave me a violent power …", "Chu, they shimmer …". These works have become true Soviet classics.

In 1927, a new collection of Belov's poems - "May in the Heart" was published. In it, the poet sang in every possible way the village and dreamed that one day the untamed land would turn into a well-groomed agricultural corner.

Meet Yesenin

Belov Dmitry Ivanovich

The poetry of Sergei Yesenin greatly influenced Belov's work. When Dmitry was a student of the party school, he became closely acquainted with the legendary poet. After Belov left the institution in 1924, he continued to communicate with Yesenin by correspondence. When the great poet died, Dmitry Belov published his new poem "In Memory of Sergei Yesenin" in the local newspaper Rabochy Krai.

In 1926 Belov was crippled by illness. He fell seriously ill and for a long time was treated first inIvanovo, and after in Leningrad. Despite this, the disease took its toll. Dmitry Belov died on April 4, 1942.

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