How to crochet a scarf - a few examples
How to crochet a scarf - a few examples

In the wardrobe of modern women there is always a crochet scarf. "Why?" - you ask, and the answer will be ridiculously simple: openwork and light as a cobweb, scarves have become classics of fashion and adorn almost any outfit. Moreover, men's elegant scarves appeared, quite dense and imitating the canvas, but, nevertheless, crocheted.

Crochet a scarf

How to crochet a scarf for beginners? The easiest option is a fun striped scarf, reminiscent of the hippie days. To work, we need a hook of a suitable number and yarn of various colors, but the same in composition and thickness.

If you want to crochet a scarf with longitudinal stripes, tie a chain corresponding to the length of the scarf, with transverse stripes - to the width. The work is done with double crochets, after 2-3 rows, alternate the color of the threads. When switching to a new shade, leave the loose ends of the yarn long enough to tie tassels at the ends of the scarf.

To tiecrochet scarf for beginners

If desired, the stripes can be modified into waves. This effect is created by a gradual change in the height of the columns, which are knitted in one row. The change in the number of crochets can be more or less uniform, forming sharp or sloping drops. With a thread of the third shade, you can delimit the rows by knitting single crochets between the waves. Steam the finished product with an iron through the fabric and pull it out slightly.

The second way to crochet a scarf is to make a mesh suitable for a business suit or minimalist dress. We need thin yarn, preferably cotton or linen. A grid of double crochets can be knitted with a simple crochet or use a long Tunisian crochet.

Crocheted scarf

The advantage of the second option is that with the density of crochet knitting, the fabric will look like knitted, but will not deform and retain its shape after washing. The finished mesh can also be used to secure crochet flowers and leaves, which will immediately make our scarf elegant and festive.

Openwork scarves can be made according to the scheme with any pattern you like, since crochet patterns do not have a wrong side. In the same way, a scarf is crocheted from motifs connected into a strip of the required length and width.

Crochet a scarf

In this case, it is important to choose the right yarn for the job. Products made of mohair or fine goat hair are very beautiful and elegant, but knitting from such threads implies a rather highskill level.

Crochet scarf pattern

The best solution for crocheting a scarf is woolen or viscose yarn sold in stores by weight. These threads are inexpensive, and you can buy them in the quantity that you really need. You have to wait a little while the yarn is wound onto the bobbin, but this takes a few minutes. A thin thread can be knitted in one or several additions, depending on the desired density of the product. To decorate the edge, you can choose a scheme for a beautiful edge or tie a scarf with scallops. After washing, the openwork scarf is dried, pricked in a stretched form on a fabric or a terry towel. You can wear such a thing not only by tying it, but also by pinning it with a decorative pin or brooch.

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