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Wedding scarf: features, types and reviews. Pattern of a scarf for a wedding
Wedding scarf: features, types and reviews. Pattern of a scarf for a wedding

Wedding is one of the most beautiful days. Many brides and grooms are waiting for him with trepidation and impatience. Today, many young people want to seal their marriage bonds not only in the registry office, but also to go through the sacrament of a wedding in a cathedral or church.

What is a wedding? What is the mysterious meaning behind this ceremony?

Wedding is one of the seven sacraments of the Christian church. This is the conclusion of a union between two people in the presence of the Lord. It is also called a "church marriage" or "church marriage".

scarf for wedding

When to undergo this ceremony is the personal choice of each couple. You can get married immediately after the ceremony at the registry office, or you can wait a while. In any case, it should be remembered that before the wedding in the church, the newlyweds are asked to show a marriage registration certificate. Before determining the date of the sacrament, it is necessary to study the wedding calendar for the current year, since this can not be done on any day, as many newlyweds believe.

Bridal outfit for wedding

Every girl is beautiful on her dayweddings, but the bride in a lace cape is tender, beautiful and doubly mysterious. A headscarf for a wedding sets off the beauty of the newlywed and emphasizes the solemnity of the moment. Since ancient times, this accessory, simple and elegant at the same time, has been a symbol of modesty, purity and femininity of the bride.

If you have to seal your union with sacred bonds in a church or cathedral, then be sure to consider a wedding scarf as an excellent alternative to a veil. He will be able to create a truly unforgettable image that will comply with all the traditions of Orthodoxy.

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Let's talk about the wedding dress

  • Color. The white color of the wedding dress is a tradition that came to us from European countries. In Russia, it was possible to get married in clothes of any color. The only rule that was observed: the outfit had to be light enough, it should not have brightness and variegation. You should not choose too gloomy and dark dresses in black, dark purple, dark brown shades. All other colors are quite appropriate.
  • Length. The wedding dress should not be above the knee. A Catholic tradition is outfits with a long train. Church officials are unlikely to condemn a bride in such a dress, but it is better to pay tribute to Orthodox traditions and do without a train.
  • The style of a wedding dress can be any, but it is better for a bride to prefer a closed one. The ideal option would be an outfit with long sleeves, a shallow neckline and a closed back. The sleeve can be shorthowever, the main rule is to close the back and shoulders. You cannot enter a cathedral or church with a bare back or a deep neckline.

Wedding scarf: what is it?

Girls who are committed to the classics often prefer a multi-layered long veil. Desperate dreamers and romantic young ladies adorn their heads with wreaths of fresh flowers and ribbons. And Orthodox brides quite often appear before the altar, covering their heads with a scarf. And, it should be noted, they are not mistaken at all! Ordinary or lace scarves for weddings are a tribute to Orthodox traditions. There are at least three reasons why this particular accessory should be preferred.

head scarf for wedding
  • It's really beautiful. A wedding scarf made of weightless lace fabric that falls in neat folds from the bride's head and shoulders is another bright and, at the same time, delicate touch to her dress, which will create an aura of spirituality, mystery and tenderness.
  • This is original. A wedding scarf will make the image of the newlywed memorable and interesting, as three out of five brides go to the altar in the same familiar veil. Therefore, if three or more couples get married on the same day, you will not be able to get lost in a strange background.
  • This does not violate church canons. Church traditions require a woman to cover her head before entering a church. At the same time, the face of the bride during the wedding ceremony should always be open. Therefore, in this case, a veil is not the best choice, since it oftenfastened at the back of the head, not covering the head at all, or it has several tiers, one of which the newlywed will throw on her forehead at the entrance to the church. A wedding shawl, on the other hand, allows you to observe traditions without encroaching on the beauty of the bride. In addition, he will be able to cover all the “liberties” of the dress, whether it be open shoulders or a bare back.

Types of scarves for weddings

The choice of style depends entirely on your preferences, wishes and cut of the wedding dress.

A wedding shawl in the form of a bolero fastening with several buttons with a hood and lace sleeves is perfect not only for brides who have chosen a revealing neckline, but also for newlyweds in tight, elegant dresses that are not overloaded with unnecessary details. In this case, the cape will complete the outfit.

handkerchief for wedding

If the bodice of the wedding dress is decorated with beads, intricate embroidery or artificial flowers, then the bride should opt for models that are completely closed, or have only one clasp.

The voluminous "cloak", the length of which can reach the floor, will be appreciated by romantic girls. And brides who prefer conciseness and simplicity to all the frills will love a scarf with satin ties and a drawstring.

Newlyweds-handymen of all trades will easily build a handkerchief for a wedding with their own hands. How to do it?

Handkerchief for wedding with own hands

First of all, you need to stock up on a piece of satin, high-quality tulle, silk,guipure, lace fabric or other airy and elegant fabric. Remember that a wedding scarf is a symbol of the beauty and purity of the bride, so it is better to choose a boiled white color.

In addition, you will need threads that match the color of the fabric, ribbons, beads or braid for decoration and a sewing machine. And, of course, a pattern for a wedding scarf.

lace shawls for wedding

The work ahead is simple, but painstaking.

  • It is necessary to cut a circle from a piece of fabric, the diameter of which should be determined based on the size of the future scarf.
  • Cut it in a straight line to the center.
  • Cut a neckline. Remember that it is not strictly centered!
  • Next, you need to fold the second piece of matter in half and outline a rectangle. Its width is equal to the circumference of the neck, which is divided in two, and the height is equal to the estimated height of the hood (consider the height of the wedding hairstyle!).
  • Sew the hood to the cape, finish the edges and sew on the fastener.

The scarf is ready! Be beautiful and unique!

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