Make flowers from corrugated paper with your own hands
Make flowers from corrugated paper with your own hands

Flowers, these amazing creations of nature, do not leave any woman indifferent. Apparently, the craving for beauty is inherent in us from the very beginning. Therefore, making flowers from corrugated paper with your own hands will be interesting and pleasant for every needlewoman.

Corrugated paper products

Crepe is a material that is easy to work with, and its wide palette of shades provides great possibilities, limited only by imagination. Depending on the density, corrugated paper products can be very different, but we will look at how to make roses and holiday garlands out of it.

What do we need to work?

First of all, these are good scissors. If the tool is not sharp enough, the blades will start to “bite” the material, and the edges of the petals will turn out to be sloppy.

Do-it-yourself corrugated paper flowers are best made from Polish-made crepe. It is of good quality, and the material will certainly not tear when forming parts.

Corrugated paper garland

To fix the finished flower, you need tape 1 widecentimeter and wire, from which the stem will turn out. There are green ready-made stems in florist shops, but they don't bend very easily.

If desired, you can decorate the finished flowers with sparkles. It can be a manicure sand or a special design glue. When working with the latter, show maximum attention so that the petals do not get wet and tear!

DIY corrugated paper flowers: workflow.

Cut off a ribbon about 8 cm wide from the roll, fold it like an accordion. For the resulting 5x8 cm rectangle, cut off the upper part in the shape of a petal. It can have not only a rounded shape. Try making pointed or elongated petals for different flowers. Unfold the strip of paper and lightly pull each of the petals from the center to the edges, giving it volume.

DIY corrugated paper flowers

Now collect the lower part of the strip, evenly wrapping it in a circle. Parts of the flower should lie down freely, without interfering with each other. When the tape ends or the product seems to be quite voluminous, secure the handle tightly with tape. We pass the end of the stem through the head of the flower and fold it into a loop. From above we decorate the middle with a bead, finely chopped paper or a piece of fabric.

Wrap the stem with a thin strip of green paper, starting from the handle. At the same time, we stretch the crepe slightly and fix the end with a drop of glue.

You can make crepe paper flowers with your own hands in one evening in such quantities that they are enough for a wholebouquet.

Sticky crepe trimmings shouldn't be thrown away either. They are useful in the manufacture of various small crafts. To decorate the hall for the celebration of a birthday or New Year, you will probably need a garland of corrugated paper. It is very easy to make it. It is enough to cut out figures of different colors and sizes according to the template. It can be leaves, hearts, bows or sweets - everything that uplifts the mood and is associated with the holiday. It is best to connect the fragments of the garland with PVA glue, but use it quite a bit. We fix the finished figures on a nylon thread, and our garland is ready.

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