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Beautiful handmade crown for a princess
Beautiful handmade crown for a princess

Before the onset of all kinds of matinees in schools and kindergartens, many parents are puzzled by making suitable costumes and accessories for children. Of course, there are a lot of such things on sale now, but not everyone wants to buy them for two reasons. The first is the high cost of the purchase, and the second is the desire to have an original outfit, which should be unique and one of a kind. Therefore, most mothers and grandmothers have to invent and sew the necessary clothes on their own.

Royal Majesty

Sometimes many parents have problems with making additional accessories for New Year's costumes for children. Most often, they do not know how to make a crown for a princess with their own hands. And this attribute, by the way, is of great importance for the full-fledged image of a fairy-tale heroine. Therefore, a poor-quality craft that looks awkward can ruin the whole look, even despite the beauty and chic of the dress.

You can achieve the desired result and give such a craft a beautiful look and royal grandeur by choosing high-qualitymaterials for its manufacture. But the chosen material does not have to be expensive, since you can make a crown for the princess from improvised items.

Little beauty

Starting DIY crafts and not knowing how to make a crown for a princess correctly, some people make the same mistake when they try to make it very big. In fact, such a thing should be small, but very bright and visible.

do-it-yourself crown for a princess

Don't confuse the princess crown with crafts for the king and queen, so all its lines and shape must be refined and curved. To achieve this result, various tools are most often used to bend the teeth of the product so that they look like the petals of a lily. The finished exquisite crown for the princess, made by hand, needs additional fasteners to the child's head, as it will not hold on its own. Therefore, it can be attached with a thin transparent elastic band or invisible.

The second life of old things

Speaking of the material from which a do-it-yourself crown for a princess should be made, it can be argued that most of the things that every home has are suitable for these purposes. Plastic bottles, cardboard, copper wire, fabric and other products can be an excellent blank for future crafts.

how to make a princess crown

When choosing the right materials, in order to make a crown for the princess, with your own handsmade was safe for the child, some nuances should be taken into account. This means that in no case should you use sharp, sharp or glass objects to create a workpiece and decorate crafts. Also, the use of toxic paints or varnishes is unacceptable.

Easy solution

The easiest and fastest way to make a craft for a child, a fairy crown, is considered to be her invention from cardboard. But it’s only better to take not a simple cardboard, but a special, metallized one, which will not need to be additionally painted. Moreover, all the colors of such a material are very saturated and shiny, and it is not always possible to achieve a similar result by coloring other similar blanks.

cardboard princess crown

Let's consider how a princess crown is made from cardboard of a similar sample, step by step:

  1. On a sheet of golden cardboard on the inside, draw a crown in expanded form. The number of teeth should be no more than 5-7 pieces. They should be as sharp as possible and not exceed 10 cm in height. The length of the unfolded crown can vary from 10 to 15 cm.
  2. Cut out the image of the craft and roll it up, connect the joints with glue or pieces of adhesive tape, but you only need to do this so that there are no gaps between the edges.
  3. For homemade decor, you need to prepare stickers with pebbles of various shapes, as well as sparkles and pieces of chopped multi-colored rain.
  4. Before decorating the product, you need to slightly bend the teeth of the crown. For this, it is best to use a pencil, which,pressing with your fingers, you need to put it on the edge of each clove and, winding it, gently pull.
  5. All edges of the finished product should be smeared with glue with a brush, and then covered with sparkles and chopped rain.
  6. Glue stickers with pebbles in a chaotic manner.

Plastic miracle

Also, a do-it-yourself crown for a princess can be made from a simple plastic bottle. The size of the future crafts can be adjusted by using bottles of various sizes. An example of the manufacture of one of the types of such an accessory will be considered below.

princess crown template
  1. Take a straight plastic bottle of a suitable size and draw a crown in its center in a circle. Draw the number of teeth and the distance between them so that the product looks harmonious.
  2. Cut out the pattern very carefully so as not to damage the material. Thus, we got a blank that does not need to be glued.
  3. Next, you need to paint the homemade with golden paint on both sides.
  4. After the paint dries, start decorating the product, for which use stickers with pebbles and small pearl beads.

To make such a thing, you do not even need a crown template for a princess, which often has to be done in similar cases. It also takes very little time and effort to make it completely, so every child can make such a miracle on their own and go to the ball in it.

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