Do-it-yourself dog toy pattern
Do-it-yourself dog toy pattern

A dog is man's best friend! This truth is familiar to everyone - both adults and children. But not only an animal can be a true friend of a person. After all, for many children this role is played by a toy dog. The advantage of such toys is that they can be sewn in a large number, completely different from each other. All that is required for this is a pattern of a toy (dog) and the fabric you like.

Variety of choice

Toy dogs today are very different from those that parents could make or buy for their children many years ago. Now such crafts can be found in completely different designs. They can be plush, fur and fabric, and the material does not have to be plain. On the contrary, children are more fond of dogs sewn from colored fabrics or even with small patterns on them (flowers, hearts, etc.).

The choice of model, size and appearance - all this is selected taking into account the age requirements of the child. In any case, you should not sew toys that are too large, but it is better to give preference to those that the child canto carry for a long time. Otherwise, any pattern of a toy (dog) will do. If a beginner takes up the work, there is no need to use too complex schematic images, with a lot of small details. Otherwise, you may not understand their correct placement.

Cute fluff

Toy dogs made from fur have been popular for many years. Because they are most similar to real animals. Therefore, in the collection of each child should be such a toy. For small children, it is best to sew not an adult dog, but a puppy. Below is a pattern of a dog toy that any child will love.

dog toy pattern

As you can see from the picture, it is not difficult to sew such a puppy, because it is made from simple parts. To stitch the elements of the pattern, you need to take thin dense threads so that the seams do not come apart during the game. To fill the toy, you can use any material. But it is best to choose a stuffing that is not too dense, since the toy will often have to be washed, and cotton wool or other similar material dries for too long. To make eyes and a nose for a toy friend, you need to purchase special parts. But if these are not available, then they can be replaced with buttons, beads or embroidered with threads.

Colorful splendor

Toys made of natural fabrics of various colors look very interesting and unique. They will not only be able to entertain the child with a game, but also cheer him up with an unusual design. And how such a craft is made will helpfigure out the pattern of the dog (toy) shown below.

dog toy pattern

Parts of the pattern can be made from the same material, or combined with fabrics of different colors and structures. The more unusual the toy looks, the more interesting it will be for the child. If desired, such a dog can be sewn a beautiful collar made of bright material or tie a ribbon bow.

As you can see from the pattern, the circles under the puppy's eyes are drawn differently. This is specifically designed to give the muzzle a more touching look and softer shapes. But if the needlewoman does not like such an image, then the details can be made the same.

Perfect Choice

To sew a puppy from any fabric, it is not necessary to look for an image of just such a toy. After all, a beautiful fabric craft can be made using any pattern of a toy dog. For example, this dog toy pattern is suitable not only for making a plush animal, but also for crafts made from felt and other materials.

dog soft toy pattern

You can also make several identical toys from one pattern, just picking up different colors, as shown in the picture. Although they are made according to the same model, they look completely different. Pay attention to how you can sew on the eyes of an animal. In one case, they are closely spaced, and in the other, they are at a distance and have spots under them. Also, a feature of this pattern (pattern of a dog-toy made of fabric) is the possibility of various sewing of legs.The animal can be made sitting, or you can make it in full growth.

Fashion Dachshund

Dachshund dogs sewn in the Tilda style look unusual and pretty. You can play with such crafts, or you can make them part of the interior of the room. They are characterized by simplicity of cut and brightness of the image. It is very easy to sew them using a schematic image. Below is a pattern of a dachshund dog (toy), which consists of a minimum number of parts.

do-it-yourself dog toy pattern

To decorate the face of the finished product, you need to use blush, embroidery threads and small black beads. Blush is needed to draw the cheeks of the toy, beads - for the eyes, and threads - in order to embroider the nose of the dachshund. To sew this type of dog, it is necessary to use natural fabrics (cotton, linen, etc.).

If there is no beige fabric available, it can be obtained by dyeing white, using tea brewing, infusion of black coffee or onion peel. Such a pattern of a soft toy is very interesting. The dog, sewn with your own hands, can be used as a cushion for a sofa or as a pillow.

Toy Girlfriend Outfits

In a special respect for all children are toys that have clothes. It should not be sewn to the craft, but should be easy to take off and put on. Especially this activity attracts girls. Therefore, interchangeable outfits should be included with the toy. Thus, the pattern of a soft toy (dog) must take into account these requirements, respectively, it must haverequired parameters.

do-it-yourself pattern of a soft toy dog

In this schematic drawing, there is no clothing pattern available, but you can easily make it yourself. Also, this dog model allows the craft to stand thanks to its large feet. To give greater stability to the legs, you need to put thick cardboard insoles on the bottom of the feet, under the lining. Many people like this pattern of toys. Do-it-yourself dogs can be very unusual - have their own face.

Unusual solution

Soft toys can be made not only from fabric cuts, but also remade from other things. For example, ordinary socks, when performing certain actions, will turn into an adorable dog. The brighter this object is, the more beautiful the toy created from it will turn out. And the most interesting thing about this sewing method is that you don’t need a pattern of a soft toy (a dog) to make a craft, but you only need a step-by-step list of actions.

dog pattern fabric toys

Making sock dogs is a lot of fun. It doesn't take long and is considered fairly easy, even for kids ages 8 and up. Such a craft can be sewn as a gift for the holidays or for the birthday of a loved one.

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