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Frog pattern: sew a fun toy with your own hands
Frog pattern: sew a fun toy with your own hands

Children are very fond of soft toys. Funny animals made of fabric, fur and felt are favorite attributes in the children's room. Kids play with them, sleep, decorate the walls near the bed with soft toys. Mothers-needlewomen are happy to make amusing animals from fabric for their crumbs.

Frog Sewing Ideas

Among soft toys, schoolchildren really like unusual animals: dragons, lizards, crocodiles, frogs.

The toy made according to the frog pattern has many interesting variations. You can sew a pot-bellied Kwak from the cartoon "Thumbelina" or an unusual Frog Princess from a Russian fairy tale. Funny frog characters will become a favorite toy for children or decorate a shelf in a children's room.

soft toy
soft toy

Felt toy

Soft toys are voluminous or flat. The latter are made of felt and have many uses. Made from a funny pattern, the felt frog is used as a keychain, pendant, Christmas tree toy, theatrical character.

You can sew it in an hour. To make a toy, we will prepare the necessary materials:

  • frog pattern;
  • white chalk;
  • hot glue;
  • scissors, needle;
  • pieces of green and red felt;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • red and green threads;
  • two buttons (for peephole);
  • bright chintz patches.

Working order:

  1. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to the fabric.
  2. Cut out details from felt.
  3. Paired parts must be fixed, trim uneven edges.
  4. The felt toy is sewn from the front side, so the seams should be extremely even and neat. We sew the frog's legs, leaving a small hole and filling the inside with padding polyester.
  5. Cut out a circle from a bright plain fabric. We tighten it with a thread in a circle, stuff it with synthetic winterizer. It turns out a red uneven flagellum. This will be the frog collar.
  6. Glue eyes on the front side of the head, embroider a smile with red threads.
  7. Apply the second part of the head and carefully sew. Leave an incision at the bottom of the head and insert the filler.
  8. Sew the upper paws of the "wah". In order for the synthetic winterizer to easily fill the paws, we push it with a pencil.
  9. The next step is to assemble the toy. The upper legs are sewn to the body, closer to the neck area. From above we fasten the collar, which covers the place where the legs are connected to the body.
  10. Sew on the head last.
  11. It is not difficult to make a skirt or shirt for a frog out of pieces of chintz. Soft toy-the frog will become even more interesting.
  12. Kwaki from felt
    Kwaki from felt

Famous traveler

Characters of famous fairy tales are very popular with children of all ages. An ordinary piece of fabric in the dexterous hands of a needlewoman turns into a funny fairy-tale hero.

The little traveling frog can be made in one evening.

Required materials:

  • green fleece;
  • pattern;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • hot glue;
  • "eyes";
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • toothpick;
  • needle, green thread, sewing machine.

Working algorithm:

  1. On the wrong side of the fabric we transfer the frog pattern with a pencil.
  2. Cut out the details. We fasten the paired parts with pins and sew in a circle on a sewing machine, not forgetting to leave a hole for filling the toy.
  3. First we make the torso, and then the head. We sew the head around the circumference, leaving room for filling the toy in the neck area. After sewing all the details, glue the "eyes". Embroider nostrils and mouth with threads.
  4. We fasten the head to the body with hidden stitches.
  5. Glue a toothpick to the mouth area, symbolizing the wand that the restless traveler was holding on to.
  6. pattern of the second frog
    pattern of the second frog

The fun toy is ready.

Wah-wah of royal stature

The Frog Princess will look very cute if made from green fur.

Let's prepare materials for tailoring:

  • green fur;
  • frog pattern;
  • two black buttons on the leg;
  • white nail polish or acrylic paint;
  • pieces of cardboard and foil;
  • pieces of red felt;
  • shreds of shiny or sheer fabric;
  • sewing machine, scissors, needle and thread.

Working order:

  1. Transfer the details of the pattern to the wrong side of the fur, and carefully cut it out.
  2. Sew the parts of the torso separately. The lower legs with the body, then the upper ones. The fur perfectly hides the seam joints, so you can sew the details both from the front and from the wrong side.
  3. Let's take care of the "princess's" head. We sew the parts of the head and fill with padding polyester. The buttons will become eyes, but first you need to draw a white rim on each of them with white varnish. Thus, the "eyes" will become more natural and brighter. After drying, sew the "eyes" in place of the eye sockets. Cut out a mouth from red felt and glue it to the face.
  4. Sew the head to the body.
  5. We make a small crown from cardboard and foil and glue it on top of the wah's head.
  6. From pieces of satin, organza or any other shiny fabric we sew a collar for the princess. Cut the patch into a rectangle. On the one hand, we make large stitches with a needle and tighten the thread. The patch will be taken with an accordion. In this form, we put a seam on the fabric and sew the collar to the frog, thus decorating the neck area.
  7. Princess Frog
    Princess Frog

Princess will appear before the eyes of the master-Frog himself.

Variety of frogs

Frog patterns can be very diverse. It is easy to draw it yourself or use ready-made patterns.

amusing wawkie
amusing wawkie

Cute green creatures are made in a wide variety: small, large, in a suit and ball gown, in a top hat and scarf like Kwaki from a feature film.

tilde pattern
tilde pattern

Souvenir toy

The toy sewn according to the pattern of Tilda the frog is becoming very popular. She looks like a souvenir doll, designed to decorate a shelf or a gift.

frog lady
frog lady

There are a lot of characters and ideas associated with the image of a frog. Each needlewoman, having spent an evening, will be able to easily sew a frog out of fabric, make a masterpiece product or model a funny "quack".

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