How to make a dream catcher? step by step guide
How to make a dream catcher? step by step guide

Catchers or, as they are also called, dream catchers - an attribute of Indian mythology, designed to weed out bad dreams and visions, giving way to pleasant dreams. This amulet is a circle filled with cobwebs, with a small round hole in the middle and feathers hanging down. How to make a dream catcher and what it symbolizes can be found in the information below.

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There are three versions of the principle of the amulet. According to the first option, bad visions get stuck in the web, and good ones seep through the gap in the center. According to the second, both pleasant and depressing dreams are entangled in the interweaving of threads, but the former, knowing the right path, descend along the feathers down to the sleeper's head, and the latter disappear under the first rays of the sun.

The third option says that bad visions fly through a small hole, mistaking it for a human ear, and good ones get bogged down in a web, flowing through bird feathers to a dozing person. The last option seems the most plausible, as it explains both the need for the web hole and the hanging feathers.

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Indigenous Indians made amulets out of wicker and horse sinew, but in the modern world, many craftsmen prefer more common and convenient materials such as metal or plastic hoops, hoops and cotton or linen threads.

how to make a dream catcher

If anyone is interested in how to make a dream catcher with their own hands, this can be found below. An existing, but far from the only way to make this accessory will be given here.

Since it will be problematic to make a dream catcher without a base, you will need a frame. In this case, a small metal hoop in the shape of a circle is taken. It is also desirable to find a leather cord for winding the warp and linen or cotton thread for weaving a web. For decoration, you can prepare wooden beads and seed beads.

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Traditionally, eagle feathers were taken for an amulet intended for a man, and owl feathers were selected for a female amulet. But today they don’t attach much importance to this: goose, cock, and any other feathers will do. The only important thing is that they belong to a living bird, as being removed from a dead creature, they will carry bad energy.

So how do you make a dream catcher if you have all the necessary materials?

First you need to wrap the frame with a leather cord. When this operation is completed, the weaving of the web will begin. This is done as follows.

The thread is attached to the base and a loop is made, for which subsequentlythe amulet will be hung from the headboard.

Then, the knitting of the weave of threads begins as shown in the figures above. After the first round is completed, the process continues. The second row, like the subsequent ones, is no longer attached to the frame, but to the threads of the previous one. In the process of weaving, beads and beads can be strung on a thread. It is best if the cord is not interrupted throughout the web - then the paths along which dreams travel will not be interrupted.

dream catcher decor 2

When the web is complete, it's time to attach the feathers and finish decorating. Now you know how to make a dream catcher and you can let your imagination run wild by creating a unique amulet.

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