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The basis for the dream catcher: what to make and how to use
The basis for the dream catcher: what to make and how to use

Dreamcatcher is a Scandinavian amulet that was used by our ancestors as a keeper of the well-being of the hearth. It was believed that he could stop negative energy and keep evil images out of the dreams of the one who owns it.

By the end of the 20th century, the talisman gained interest from Italian designers as a decorative element, which began to be decorated with large beads and feathers. Making an amulet with your own hands is a feasible task and anyone can cope with it. The base for the dream catcher can be made from willow twigs or wooden branches.

Color Meanings

do-it-yourself dream catcher

To weave the original talisman, you will have to act strictly according to the scheme. Before you start creating an amulet, you need to consider its shape and design. You should know what you can make the basis for the dream catcher from, and decide on the color.

In Scandinavian philosophy, each shade was assigned a sacred meaning, which enhanced the specific properties of the amulet:

  • White. Symbolizes success and purification. Used to attract positive energy.The amulet, made in white colors, sets the owner in a positive mood.
  • Green. Represents the immortality of the human soul. It is easier for its owner to achieve his goals. All shades of green fill with positive emotions.
  • Red. Symbolizes the activity and power of the flame. It has a positive effect on the biofield of its owner, contributes to the development of fortitude.
  • Purple. It personifies the immortal soul, helps in meditation and making the right decisions, develops willpower.
  • Black. Embodies peace, tranquility, mystery, allows you to develop fortitude, natural intuition.
  • Blue. Clears the mind of a person from confusion, fills with positive. All shades of blue contribute to the development of esoteric possibilities.
  • Pink. A symbol of kindness, real emotions, tenderness. The owner of an amulet of this color can establish a personal life.
  • Blue color. It symbolizes wisdom and stability. The owner of the blue talisman will be able to achieve spiritual renewal, develop his intuition.
  • Yellow. Heals mentally and physically. Symbolizes wisdom, freedom of thought.

You need to choose the color of the base for the dream catcher with your own hands and other details for its design in accordance with personal preferences. You can combine several shades - in this case, the amulet will gain more power.

It is not recommended to make the talisman too bright, as it will begin to attract colorful dreams to its owner. This can lead to the fact that a person will experience insomnia and chroniclack of sleep.

How to use the power of the amulet

dream catcher bracelet

A self-made amulet can be placed at the head of the bed or hung on the wall in the center of the room. You can weave a talisman in the form of a bracelet, pendant or keychain.

Creating a talisman

dream catcher for interior decoration

From what to make a circle for a dream catcher? The best material for creating the base is a willow branch. You can make a ring out of wood. As for metal hoops, they are not recommended. The fact is that the amulet is considered magical, which means that it has a "shelf life", so it is better to create it from materials of natural origin. As soon as the willow twig dries, the threads that were wrapped around the ring will break it. If you make a charm out of metal, it will be difficult to understand when it will lose its magical properties.

willow dream catcher base

Which pens to use

When creating an amulet, it is important to consider that feathers must be chosen depending on who it is intended for:

  • For men, it is advisable to take eagle feathers - a symbol of courage.
  • Owl feathers are suitable for women - the personification of wisdom, mystery and tranquility.

In order for the amulet to perform its protective functions 100%, it is important not only to choose the right materials for the base for the dream catcher and its decorations. Finding the feathers of a live bird is quite difficult, because they are fraught with positive energy. If there are no owls and eaglesfeathers, they can be replaced with goose or cock. But it is worth considering that the properties of the latter are not too powerful.

what you need to make a dream catcher

Which threads to choose

To weave a web, strong threads are required. It is preferable to use natural materials. It can be linen or cotton. The thread should not break, so you need a voluminous ball. During weaving, certain rules should be followed:

  • wrap the base for the dream catcher clockwise;
  • wind the thread evenly.

Master Class 1

dream catcher on the wall

You can make a dream catcher at home. In this master class, a step-by-step scheme for weaving threads using the "web" technique will be considered. What to make the basis for the dream catcher? Willow rod or birch blanks are ideal for this. In addition to the ring, you will need the following materials:

  • Muline threads. To make knitting voluminous, you can purchase yarn in which silk is added.
  • Gypsy needle. It is necessary to choose one through which beads for decoration will pass.
  • Feathers - you can make the amulet plain or multi-colored.
  • Suede, leather or satin cord. With it, you can fix the amulet on the wall or at the head of the bed. If the amulet is decorated in an ethnic style, you can use twine, strong wire or woolen thread.
  • Large beads, glass beads and other decorative elements.
dream catcher materials

In order for the talisman to fulfill its magical functions, you need to take up work with a positive attitude. It is advisable to create a charm with relaxing music that will help you focus on the process.

The step-by-step diagram looks like this:

  1. The base for the dream catcher should be wrapped tightly with threads. If a branch was used for the ring, it will have to be bent and secured with a cord.
  2. The free end of the cord should be secured. As soon as the base for the do-it-yourself willow dreamcatcher is wrapped with threads, you can start weaving the inside according to the “spider web” pattern.
  3. Next, you need to tighten 1-2 knots with the free end of the thread. It all depends on what material is used.
  4. The thread must be stretched along the base and secured by wrapping it around the workpiece. All other turns must be fixed at an equal distance from each other.
  5. As soon as the first circle is closed, you will have to thread the free edge of the thread into the needle - it's easier to follow the weaving technique.
  6. The thread must be pulled through the first loop in the center with a needle and fastened.
  7. Then you need to braid the second circular row to the first, moving to the center of the warp.
  8. After the two rows are woven, you can start decorating the amulet with beads and glass beads.
  9. Next, create the third row of weaving. Before the next knot is tied, a decor element must be strung on the thread.
  10. As soon as the row of beads is ready, you will have to weave three rows, keeping the lines clear.
  11. Then you need to createnew row. This time you can use small beads.
  12. The final row of the amulet should be woven without decorative elements. The thread must be secured with a knot and cut off the excess.
  13. You can decorate the finished amulet at your discretion. Peacock feathers, colorful braid and other decorative materials are suitable for this.

That's it, the original dream catcher is ready. It can be attached to a ring or a branch, and a hook can be attached to the upper lace.

Master class 2

how to use dream catcher

According to this instruction, you can create a triangular or eight-pointed talisman. Even a beginner can cope with the task, because the weaving technique does not require special skills. For the amulet you will need:

  • dream catcher base (can be made from willow or birch branches);
  • threads;
  • wood or glass beads;
  • thick needle;
  • transparent glue;
  • scissors.

Materials need to be laid out on the work surface and get down to business:

  1. The basis for a dream catcher made of willow or birch twigs must be wrapped with threads in one row. The thread must be fixed in such a way that during winding, its end can be hidden inside the ring.
  2. Next, you need to tie a tight knot and divide the workpiece into eight identical points. It is important that an equal distance be maintained between them.
  3. Then you need to tie the thread to the first point and go through the required number of segments with it. At the end of the first circle, you should fix the knot in the same place where it was started.weaving.
  4. Next, weave the second round and all subsequent ones (6 rows in total).
  5. The result should be a dense cobweb with rays forming a star. The web should not be made too dense. To do this, the thread must be attached to the bottom row.
  6. After the base is ready, you can start decorating it. It is necessary to continue weaving in the same technique and fasten the beads in each row. Shiny or matte beads, beads are suitable as decor elements.

Master class No. 3 - keychain or pendant

To decorate a keychain or pendant in the form of a dream catcher, you will need the following materials:

  • base for dream catcher made of wood;
  • metal rings (feathers, beads, etc. will be attached to these elements);
  • decorative details (feathers, beads);
  • strong thread;
  • holder on which the product will be fixed.

As soon as everything is purchased, you can start creating the amulet:

  1. First you need to weave a web inside the ring.
  2. Then weaving needs to be supplemented with decorative elements.
  3. Feathers should be placed on the sides of the keychain or pendant.
  4. The holder needs to be fixed on top.

According to the same scheme, you can make a pendant for a car or a bracelet. As a basis for the bracelet, you can take a leather cord or a metal chain, which consists of three-dimensional links.


After the amulet is made, you need to place it in the right place. Its power can be felt already after a fewdays. The owner of the magic ring will begin to sleep well, his he alth and well-being will significantly improve. The talisman can be used to get rid of unpleasant dreams and as a magical tool that will help maintain the strength of the spirit of its owner. The main thing is to know what to make a dream catcher ring from and what decor elements to use.

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