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Rhinestone embroidery: how to make a picture for a beginner
Rhinestone embroidery: how to make a picture for a beginner

Needlework for women has always been not only an opportunity to spend time usefully, but also to show their creative abilities. Now a very popular hobby is embroidery with rhinestones. If you have never done it, but only saw the finished work, study the tips and useful recommendations, and you will be able to create your first masterpiece in the near future.

rhinestone embroidery

Diamond embroidery with rhinestones

If you have ever worked with beads or sequins, creating patterns and whole pictures from small elements, then you have an idea of ​​how laborious and painstaking work it is - to sew each particle to the base in accordance with the scheme. Diamond embroidery with rhinestones is similar, but the process of creating a mosaic picture in this way is simpler. You do not need a needle and thread, as the painting is made by applying details to a fabric base with an adhesive layer applied.

rhinestone embroidery sets

The work, of course, will require a lot of time and patience, but you will get the result much faster than in the case of beadwork or sequins. The convenience of work and the great impression of the finished panel, resulting in a result, made this type of needlework very popular.among modern craftswomen.

Materials and tools

Embroidery with rhinestones is a responsible and painstaking work that will require you to have a good organization of the process and workplace. To do this, you will need the following:

  • Fabric base.
  • Pattern diagram.
  • Glue.
  • Rhinestones matching pattern colors.
  • Tweezers.
  • embroidery with rhinestones icons
  • Capacities for sorting rhinestones.
  • Elements of the design of the picture (frame, glass, mount for hanging).

And be sure - a flat free surface for work and good lighting.

Embroidery kits

One of the most interesting types of needlework that allows you to create real mosaic masterpieces is rhinestone embroidery. Sets that have everything you need to work, greatly facilitate and speed up the process of creating a picture. The range of such kits is very wide, however, their cost is quite high: from several hundred rubles to thousands.

diamond embroidery with rhinestones

The price is determined by the size of the received product (it is usually indicated on the packaging and in the product description), as well as the type of rhinestones themselves. Naturally, Swarovski crystals are more expensive than plastic parts. The sets always indicate what is included in the kit, as well as how much the canvas is filled with pattern elements (partial display or one hundred percent, that is, the entire field of the picture). Thus, of course, it is more convenient to work with sets, especially for the first experience.

Embroidery with rhinestonespaintings: preparation phase

If you decide to opt for a purchase kit, then the sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. Determine what size you want to embroider (for the first time, you should not take large pictures).
  2. Check out the assortment in your city's handicraft stores and online stores. Choose the best option for the price, canvas size, number of colors, quality of rhinestones and the complexity of the work.
  3. When you have the desired purchase in your hands, prepare your workplace. It should be loose and light.
  4. Unpack the box and put the contents on the table. Analyze the composition of the kit. If there is no container for rhinestones in the set, find suitable objects at home (lids, jars).
  5. rhinestone embroidery pattern

Embroidery step by step

  1. Look at the picture template. It is more convenient to start from the upper left corner if you work with your right hand (for left-handers - vice versa), so prepare bags with those rhinestones that are located in the corresponding zone.

    rhinestone embroidery sets
  2. Put the rhinestones of the desired colors in the prepared container.
  3. Peel back the protective film from the part of the painting you are going to work on. Do not remove the entire film at once, otherwise the adhesive layer will begin to dry out, and it is unlikely that you will be able to lay out the entire mosaic at one time.
  4. Lay out part of the first row.
  5. Trim the elements with a ruler.
  6. Lay out the same number of parts of the second row and align both rows vertically and the bottomhorizontally.
  7. Do the work row by row.

    diamond embroidery with rhinestones
  8. When all the embroidery is ready, cover it with the supplied adhesive to secure it. If no extra tube is included, use clear polish.
  9. Frame your painting under glass, or leave a relief surface with crystals.

So, you have seen the sequence in which rhinestones are embroidered. Paintings made according to a ready-made scheme are easy to make, but time-consuming.

Embroidery according to your pattern

It is very difficult to embroider icons with rhinestones and multicolor photorealistic paintings. And although the choice of blanks is now very large, you may encounter the problem that you will not find a suitable plot or, having mastered several purchased plots, you want to make an exclusive picture. The technology of embroidery itself is not different, the difference will be in the preparation for work. The sequence of actions is:

  1. Find a picture you like.
  2. Edit it in Adobe Photoshop or a specialized program for creating embroidery patterns for an image consisting of cells with a suitable number of color shades.
  3. rhinestone embroidery pattern
  4. Print the blank.
  5. Purchase the necessary rhinestones and clear glue.
  6. Stick the color scheme to the glass horizontally.
  7. Place a fabric base on the glass, and put a lamp under the glass.
  8. Work similar to the previous onemethod with the only difference that you will have to apply a pre-adhesive layer to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe fabric where you will lay out the pattern yourself.

So, you have learned how to make embroidery with rhinestones. Choose your favorite way of doing it using a ready-made kit or developing your own individual version. Purchase the necessary materials and tools. Start creating your masterpiece.

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