Application "Hedgehog" from colored paper: how to do?
Application "Hedgehog" from colored paper: how to do?

If your child likes to cut and glue panels from cardboard or multi-colored blanks, he will definitely like the application "Hedgehog" from colored paper. Offer to glue the parts cut out according to a printed or drawn template, or make the elements yourself, for example, using the quilling technique or any other.

how to make a hedgehog applique

Materials and tools

To make a beautiful application "Hedgehog" from colored paper for a child, prepare the following:

  • basis for crafts, such as colored cardboard;
  • hedgehog template (natural or cartoon);
  • colored paper (plain for children's creativity or corrugated paper);
  • scissors (possible with curly blades);
  • glue.

If a small child will do the work, an adult should prepare all paper elements. Older children can trace the contour according to a given stencil and cut the blanks on their own. Therefore, you need to plan the activity according to the age of the child.

How to make a hedgehog applique pattern

The easiest option for children's creativity is sticking according to the pattern.

autumn applique hedgehog

The sequence of joint creativity with the baby is as follows:

  1. Find a suitable picture on the Internet. It should be simple but in color, preferably one specifically designed for the job.
  2. Print the blank.
  3. Draw or also print an outline image of the pattern on the sheet where you will stick the parts.
  4. Cut out all the required blanks from the first sheet. The same is easy to do from sheets of colored paper if the template did not print out.
  5. Stick the elements sequentially on the base. If the images were printed on thin paper, it is better to use a glue stick so that the paper does not get wet and deformed, and the colors do not accidentally spread.

Applique "Hedgehog" from colored paper can be beautifully framed. If there is no wood and glass (this is the best option for a flat panel), use an additional sheet of cardboard or paper in white, brown or another suitable color in a larger size. Stick your work on top. If the desired sheet is not available, use any from which you can cut strips. Glue them on the front or back of the sheet.

Applique "Hedgehog in the autumn forest"

It is easy to get a very unusual panel by creating a three-dimensional or relief effect.

colored paper hedgehog applique

There are several options for manufacturing volumetric parts. For example, it is enough to cut out several circlesfrom corrugated paper, fold them one on top of the other and, gluing in the center and cutting a fringe around the perimeter of all blanks, glue the base in the right place.

Applique "Hedgehog in the autumn forest" will look good using quilling elements.

colored paper hedgehog applique

In this way it is easy to assemble both the surface of the main character's coat and make the environment - trees, leaves, mushrooms. The work is done like this:

  1. Cut colored paper (double-sided is best) into strips about 5mm wide.
  2. Twist them into tight pieces using a toothpick (or special tool). Leave the pieces tight or loosen slightly. Glue the free end of the strip to the previous layer. Form the desired workpiece configuration.
  3. Do all the details.
  4. Stick them close together or space them apart.

How to make a volume application

Another way to make a relief hedgehog, like this:

  1. Cut out a rectangle from colored paper.
  2. Fold the workpiece in the form of an accordion, after drawing with a pencil along the ruler the guide lines of the fold, located at the same distance;
  3. Cut off the corner of the folded accordion.
  4. Expand detail. On the side where the corner was cut, beautiful teeth turned out.
  5. Stick the blank on the base in the place where your hedgehog's coat should be.
  6. application hedgehog in the autumn forest

Corrugated paper appliqué

Moreone bright autumn application "Hedgehog" can be made from this material, pleasant to the touch and varied in color. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. Take a sheet of cardboard on which you will stick the details, and draw on it the contours of the proposed objects (the hedgehog itself and, if necessary, others - mushrooms, trees, etc.).
  2. Make stencils of blanks from paper or cardboard to outline them on a corrugated sheet. This is especially true when working with an organized group.
  3. Cut out the desired blanks using stencils from corrugated paper of the appropriate colors.
  4. Glue them to the base. In this option, it is better to use a glue stick so that there are no marks on the paper and so that it does not get wet.
  5. Cut black, gray or brown paper into strips 1 to 2 cm wide, depending on the size of your hedgehog.
  6. Make slits along one of the long sides of the tape with scissors.
  7. how to make a hedgehog applique
  8. Now you can immediately stick the prepared "needles" in layers on the hedgehog, where his prickly coat should be. If the child has enough patience or adults are ready to help, you must first wind each small “needle” onto a toothpick or piece of wire so that a voluminous twisted part is formed, like a real needle. So the hedgehog will turn out to be more natural and realistic, but it will take more time for such work. This option is more suitable for younger students whodiligent enough.
  9. colored paper hedgehog applique

Thus, the application "Hedgehog" from colored paper can be made using different blanks and even grades of material. Choose the option that is easiest or most interesting for your child to work with.

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