Christmas cross stitch, miniatures
Christmas cross stitch, miniatures

New Year is a holiday full of surprises and nice gifts. Needlewomen who love to embroider choose appropriate motifs for their work. After all, surrounding yourself with festive paraphernalia, you plunge into a kind of fairy tale. New Year's cross-stitch can be very diverse and have many options. In the article, we will consider in detail the options for embroidery on this topic and give examples of miniature patterns.

Santa Claus

The main character of the holiday is Father Frost or Santa Claus. It is this old man that the children are looking forward to. Therefore, if your New Year's cross-stitch is with the image of Santa, then this is a win-win option. Below is an example of a scheme on such a topic.

New Year's cross stitch

Santa in a rocking chair or Santa in full growth, as well as a very unexpected option - with elves. Such miniature works can be used as home decoration before the holiday. Or come up with a more unusual application, for example, embroider on a New Year's boot. After all, children are looking forward to gifts from this gray-bearded old man, so embroidery with his image will come in handy. You can also involve the children themselves in embroidery, who will do needlework with great pleasure beforeholiday.


If you decide that the main preparation for the holiday will be cross-stitch, New Year's miniatures depicting gnomes will pleasantly surprise you. You can choose from a large number of options exactly the one that you think is the best. We decided to make your task a little easier and prepared several options for holiday gnome schemes.

cross stitch Christmas miniatures

These cute creatures work together with the elves before the New Year, preparing gifts for children. The finished picture with the image of a gnome can be placed in a baguette or under glass. If you want to fill the house with a festive atmosphere, you can embroider several pictures of gnomes and randomly place them on the wall near the festive tree. New Year's cross-stitch is good because the patterns can be used to decorate the interior. You can embroider according to the scheme on a tablecloth or napkins - this will give your table a more solemn look. Gnomes are mainly depicted in large red hats, so you should be careful about choosing threads. Poor quality bright fibers can shed when washed, which can completely ruin the finished picture.

Christmas tree

The main tree of the holiday is a Christmas tree. This lush green beauty comes to visit almost every home on the eve of the New Year. It can be safely called the main symbol of the holiday, because it is around the Christmas tree that round dances are danced, it is decorated with all kinds of toys, they are looking for gifts under it. Below is one of the options for embroidering this tree.

small Christmas embroideriescross

The scheme seems quite simple, but this is a false impression. The Christmas tree in the picture is decorated with balls and lights, and the top also shines with lights. Small Christmas cross stitch, like this one, can be a great gift for friends and family. One more piece of advice would be useful: yellow lights and the top of the Christmas tree can be embroidered with gold thread. This will give even more elegance to the finished work and improve the mood. It is allowed to combine drawings, that is, in one picture you can embroider a Christmas tree, and next to it - Santa Claus. This option will be unusual and quite bold. If you want the New Year's cross stitch to be different from the original one, you can add your own elements. For example, in the version with a Christmas tree, embroider small boxes with gifts to be placed on both sides of the tree.


Well, what New Year can do without snow? What are we used to doing with it? That's right, play snowballs and build snowmen. We propose to consider one of the options for the snowman scheme.

cross stitch Christmas motives

This picture captivates with its simplicity and beauty. After all, our snowman in the figure is not alone, but in the company of a penguin. But cross-stitch - the New Year's motifs that we are discussing - implies some difficulties. The main problem with snowman embroidery is color. The white canvas on which you want to embroider it will be the same color. So it's worth thinking about how to highlight the snowman. We advise you to embroider along the contour with a gray thread, this will give the picture clarity.

Something new

Finally, I want to talk aboutunusual applications of New Year's embroideries. Out of habit, you can place the finished picture in a frame under glass and leave it to gather dust on the wall. And you can approach this issue with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Try using New Year's schemes to decorate gift bags, to decorate postcards.

You can embroider a picture on a piece of canvas, then sew it into a ball and fill it with cotton. In this way, you get a festive Christmas tree toy. Fantasize and don't be afraid to experiment with New Year's patterns in embroidery, because this holiday in itself implies something fabulous.

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