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How to sew a doll costume for Halloween with your own hands?
How to sew a doll costume for Halloween with your own hands?

Halloween is a holiday of transformation into terrible images. If you decide to be in a doll costume at this holiday of evil spirits, then the following information will be useful to you.


The Halloween doll costume has a number of distinctive features. This is primarily a terrifying image that can be created independently, or taken from movies. A special emphasis on make-up, or rather, make-up. You will need special accessories and paraphernalia, which must be purchased in special stores or made independently. In this article, we will look at the most popular options for such doll costumes that you can make yourself with a minimum of funds.

Voodoo doll

This doll takes part in terrible rites of black magic and terrifies many people. So why not choose a Halloween voodoo doll costume that you can easily and easily sew with your own hands? In the photo below you can see an example of such a suit.

halloween doll costume

As you can see, it can be sewn from ordinary burlap using knitting threads. A sundress can be cut out shapeless to make your work easier. Fabric seamsdecorate with black thread crosses, this decor will create the effect of a sewn doll. On the left side of the chest, sew a heart out of red fabric. Stick "needles" into it, which can be made using wire and soft balls at the ends.

And, of course, don't forget about makeup, in this case it's creating the effect of a wired mouth and bright eyes. The face can be lightened with powder without focusing on the cheeks.

To complete the doll's Halloween costume, hair can be braided into ponytails, which are tied with twine in color with burlap. Choose neutral beige shoes.

Chucky Doll

Those who watched the movie "The Seed of Chucky" have an idea about the main character - the revived killer doll. It is he who we propose to take as the basis of the festive image. Halloween Chucky doll costume must be completed with items such as:

  • makeup;
  • wig.

You will also need additional attributes.

So Chucky's costume is a blue jumpsuit worn over a striped T-shirt or sweater. Girls can use the blue dress, but it's still best to stick to the original. The jumpsuit does not require special decor, only red buttons are needed.

do-it-yourself doll costume for halloween

As everyone remembers, the face of the Chucky doll is earthy in color with many scars. So try to recreate this on your face with paint. And also, if possible, put a light blue lens on one eye.

Chucky's hair is fiery red, tousled ifit would be better to use a wig. But you can also style your hair at home using hair crayons.

To complete the Halloween doll costume, you need to carry a knife in your hand, which the hero of the film never parted with. An ordinary kitchen or paper-cut one will do.

Doll from "Saw"

Fans of the horror film "Saw" remember the doll that rode a bike and appeared on the TV screen. That's it you can take as the basis of the costume. The main focus is on makeup, an example of which can be seen in the photo below.

how to make a doll costume for halloween

The question of how to sew a costume for a doll on Halloween, like from a movie, will be inappropriate. Because the doll from the movie "Saw" is dressed in black trousers, a tailcoat, a white shirt and a red bow tie. Therefore, you don’t have to invent anything special, just pick up things according to size - and you’re done.

As for shoes, black closed shoes are suitable for this look. Do not choose shoes with heels, they will not be appropriate.

The most ardent fans of the film use a tricycle in addition to the image. Even a small child is suitable, which needs to be tied to a rope to make it easier to carry.

Doll Anabel

One of the novelties in the horror industry is the film "Anabel". The plot revolves around a cursed doll named Anabel, which we propose to translate into reality. You can make this DIY Halloween doll costume at home. The one who does not remember howlooks like a doll, can refer to the following photo.

chucky doll halloween costume

You don't have to bother to create such an image. From clothes, we need a sundress or a dress with polka dots, tights and white sandals. There is no need to decorate the finished dress, it is better to pay more attention to the study of makeup.

Under the make-up for Anabel means lightening the skin, highlighting the eyes, cheeks and lips. For the skin, we will use powder or make-up. The eyes are outlined with dark shadows or paint, and eyelashes are also drawn. Cheeks are plentifully treated with blush. And for lips use dark or red lipstick.

Anabel's hair is in two braids with red ribbons. Of course, you can use a wig, but if your natural hair is long enough, it's not worth the expense.

Porcelain doll

We are discussing a doll costume for Halloween, so if we are talking about a porcelain beauty, then not quite ordinary. Our doll will be broken, with cracks, as in the photo below.

DIY voodoo doll costume for halloween

Costume dress can be chosen from your wardrobe if you have something like this. If not, you can sew or rent. Be sure to have a fluffy petticoat and a dark color outfit.

Choose white tights, you can paint cracks on them with paint. Shoes with dark heels are suitable for shoes.

Makeup should be dark and deep, after brightening the face, draw cracks, like a broken doll.

And, of course, do not forget about the hairstyle, it can be lush curls or voluminous tails.

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