How to make DIY robber costumes?
How to make DIY robber costumes?

Most of all, robber costumes are suitable for mischievous and active boys who will feel harmonious in this image. The robber costume can be made in several variations. The first is the image of an old robber, the second is a modern one. Let's take a look at each of them.

Modern look

Modern cinema and cartoons depict the robber exactly as you can see in this photo.

robber costumes

If you decide to make such a suit, you should know what parts it will consist of. This is:

  • black trousers or pants;
  • sweater or striped T-shirt;
  • mask;
  • optional accessories.

And now let's move on to the direct production of each detail of the image.


To create a robber costume for a boy, it is not necessary to sew clothes yourself. If you can find the necessary things in the wardrobe, then use them.

The robber is wearing black pants or trousers. You can probably find them in every closet. But if not, you can always make your own trousers. Choice of classic cut and versatilematerial.

The top of the suit is a striped jacket or T-shirt. If this is not in your wardrobe, you can paint a white sweater yourself. Rogue costumes have no clear standards, so you can combine existing items.

Hide your face

As a mask, you can use a black strip of fabric with holes cut out for the eyes. It is better to use knitted fabric, it is convenient to work with it. Overcast the edges of the mask and don't forget the ties.

You can choose an alternative - draw a mask with paints. For this, ordinary black watercolor paint is suitable.


In order to complement the ready-made robber costumes, hats and gloves are used. A headdress that is suitable for this image should fit snugly to the head, always black. You can choose a hat a few sizes smaller so that it does not completely cover your head.

It is better to prefer leather gloves without fingers. But thin fabrics will do as well.

As an additional accessory, a DIY money bag is suitable. To do this, two rectangles are cut out of dense fabric or burlap. After that, they are sewn together to make a bag. Turn inside out and fill with foam rubber or crumpled newspaper. To make it clear that there is money in the bag, you can decorate it with the dollar emblem, which is drawn with a marker on the bag or cut out of green fabric. One of the options for how you can make a robber costume with your own hands is shown in the following photo.

suitrobber for a boy

Rogue Pirate

The image of this robber has been known since ancient times and is often found in cartoons and movies. If you have chosen such a suit, you can see an example of how it might look.

handmade robber costume

Such rogue costumes may look a bit like pirates. The outfit consists of items such as:

  • pants or breeches;
  • T-shirt or tank top;
  • headband;
  • additional paraphernalia.

Let's look at how to make each of the listed details with your own hands.

Ripped clothes

For the bottom of the suit, old wide trousers are suitable, which are not a pity to cut. The incisions are made in the form of triangular teeth. In this case, the length is removed to make breeches. Such a robber costume for a boy should not look strict.

As the top of the clothes choose an old jacket or T-shirt. Why old? It is unlikely that someone will like to cut new and still wearable clothes with scissors. We make a torn jacket according to the same principle.

If you can't use ready-made clothes, you can sew them yourself. To do this, you will need fabric and a sewing machine.

As an addition to clothing, a vest is often used. At the same time, clothes can be with various emblems and patterns.

new year robber costume


As this headdress, patches of fabric of the required color can be used. Twist the fabric a fewlayers - you get a wide horizontal strip, which is placed on the forehead, tied on the back side with several knots. You can use a bandana, the same scarf that covers the entire head.

Robber paraphernalia

In order to get a bright New Year's costume of a robber, we advise you to supplement it with paraphernalia. A toy weapon is perfect for this. Revolvers or shotguns can be used to add credibility to the image. And if you tie a fabric belt on your pants, then this weapon will be easy to fix. Sabers and daggers made of plastic also work well with the rogue outfit.

As an interesting addition, you can sew a small pouch that is filled with coins and worn on the belt.

The clip in the ear looks good in the form of a round earring, which, according to custom, was worn by pirates and robbers. You can add other details to the image if you think it is necessary.

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