Cross-stitch: triptychs as interior decoration
Cross-stitch: triptychs as interior decoration

To make the interior really cozy, designers recommend decorating it with handmade pieces. And in this case, cross-stitch can be very useful. Triptychs, diptychs and polyptychs, having a single storyline, can tell a whole story or emphasize the concept conceived by the owners of the apartment. And if these works are made by the owners themselves, it can also become a source of pride. But where do you start, especially if you're new to the business?

Where and how to place the triptych?

No matter how strange it may seem, you should not immediately run to a specialized store. First you need to carefully examine the room, which will be decorated with cross-stitch. Triptychs can be made in any style. It can be either one picture, consisting of three sozhet, or three different works that have similar motives or are a continuation of each other. And in order not to get confused when choosing a suitable set, you should immediately decide where and how the finished embroidery will be located.cross.

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Triptychs are placed one under the other, thus making columns or openings in the wall. Or they are placed horizontally in one line, for example, above the sofa. In this case, it will be very interesting to look at a single drawing of natural motifs divided into 3 parts. But in the first version, it is better to give preference to paintings that have one style, but so that each has its own plot. True, there will always be an exception to these rules.

Where and how to buy a triptych?

After you determine the place where the future cross-stitch will be located, the triptych (sets or ready-made patterns can be found in the store) will be much easier to choose. Now it will not only become clear how it will be designed, but also what size it will be. It remains only to buy what you need. Today, this can be done not only in specialized needlework stores, but also order your favorite embroidery kit via the Internet. In the second case, you can save if you apply for an advance payment or choose something from the sale.

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It is worth noting that for beginner embroiderers it will be more convenient to purchase a ready-made set. It usually includes everything you need for a full-fledged work: canvas, floss, needle and color scheme. But those who can easily cross-stitch, a triptych (the patterns are freely available on the net for free) will be able to do it on their own. They will certainly be able to choose both the canvas of the right size and the color scheme of the floss. But bothIt is better to entrust the design of the finished work to professionals. In the framing workshop, this will not only be done more accurately, but will also give the embroidery a finished look. A correctly selected frame should not draw attention to itself, but only frame the picture.


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After the set for interior decoration is selected, the most difficult stage will begin - the cross-stitch itself. Triptychs, before being framed on the wall, will take more than one evening from the owner of the apartment. Few people today can boast of having handicrafts in their home. In addition, such a picture will be an excellent gift for relatives and friends.

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