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Protection of Caro-Kann: history, application, varieties
Protection of Caro-Kann: history, application, varieties

For an interesting and intense game of chess, both beginners and professionals must master many elementary and more sophisticated tricks. The key to the successful completion of the game, which implies a win, is the correct alignment and mobilization of forces at the very beginning of the game, the so-called opening.

caro cann defense

The Caro-Kann Defense is one of the most effective types of openings. This type of balance of power was first used in the 19th century by the Englishman Horatio Caro and the Austrian Marcus Kahn. The latter was able to defeat the then world champion in just seventeen steps using this technique.

The main principles of this type of protection

The fundamental principles of the Caro-Kann defense are:

  • King safety;
  • control of the central part;
  • rapid development of pieces;
  • resisting the aspirations of the opponent.

When playing chess, the Caro-Kann Defense has the character of a semi-open opening, which makes it more advantageous for Black, giving him more opportunities for counterplay. The most common opening in Caro-Kann chess is based on the move e2-e4 c7-c6.

chess defense caro cann

Protection about whichin question, gives Black the opportunity to capture the main file in the opening, thereby gaining an advantage at the end of the game.

Varieties of protection

There are 6 leading variations of the Caro-Kann defense for black that exist and are popular:

  • Panov's method. V.N. Panov - champion of Moscow, author of books on opening theories.
  • Closed circuit.
  • Nimzowitsch system. A.I. Nimzowitsch is an outstanding chess player, a contender for the championship at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Standard tactic.
  • Petrosyan-Smyslov system. V.V. Smyslov is world chess champion number seven in the middle of the 20th century, three-time champion of Moscow, author of books on chess theories.
  • A trap in the opening.

Most of these methods transition into the French Defense during the course of the game. The Caro-Kann Defense is not an aggressive method, but it provides a solid defense that helps Black at the end of the game.

Anatoly Karpov and his defense of Caro-Kann

This move is often used by positional style players. He showed his effectiveness in games involving such champions as Capablanca, Botvinnik, Petrosian. It is a favorite technique of the world chess champion Anatoly Karpov.

Anatoly Karpov even published a book with the grandiose title "Learn to Play the Caro-Kann Defence", which deals with fifty of the most interesting games of recent times played using this tactic. Many of these games, played at the end of the 20th century, influenced the improvement and development of this opening.

caro cann defense forblack

Defending the Caro-Kann for black involves ensuring a reliable position in the center, which preserves the h3-c8 diagonal for his bishop. Such tactics do not allow to simplify the game, and the game is played dynamically. Black can also fight at the same pace in order to further seize the initiative.

Thus, the opening of the game in the form of the Caro-Kann Defense is an effective opening, especially from Black's point of view. If you master this strategy, your number of chess wins will increase.

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