How to make an elf costume with your own hands
How to make an elf costume with your own hands

Traditions of celebrating Christmas came to us from ancient times. In Western European culture, a kind wizard reigns supreme - Santa Claus and his helpers. Dressing up in an elf costume for a baby is like touching the main character of a fairy tale.

Christmas elf costume story

Christmas elf, as a character of folklore, appeared quite a long time ago. They were small creatures that accompanied Santa Claus. The main assistants and advisers. They delivered gifts to obedient children and helped make souvenirs.

If you look at old postcards, you can see little people in nondescript outfits. These little workers are dressed in comfortable, non-marking clothes. Over time, ideas about magical creatures have changed. They were credited with more and more opportunities, and their outfits became brighter.

Modern Christmas Elf Costume

If you carefully analyze modern Christmas cards, you can see that the elf costume consists of:

  • Cap hats.
  • Pull-toe shoe.
  • Green or red jacket.

Prettyoften the ends of the hat and the toe of the shoes are decorated with bells or pompoms. This is what the traditional festive attire of the inhabitants of the north looks like. An elf costume for a girl is complemented by either a longer tunic or a green skirt.

Colors are also traditional. It's green, red and white. They can be placed in any way along the outfit, creating a unique elf costume. The photo shows what color options can be.

elf costume

As a material, dense fabrics, felt, wool, knitwear are usually used. Also, many elements can be linked. For example, for the little ones, it is enough to put on a green wool hat with a pom-pom, and your baby is Santa's cutest little helper.

Christmas elf costume for girls

When looking at vintage Christmas cards, you can see Santa's helpers of both sexes. If your little one no longer wants to dress up as a princess, then sew her an elf costume for a girl.

Choose basic colors and matching fabrics. As mentioned above, the colors will be mostly green and red. For a girl, you can diversify with silver and gold fabrics and various tinsel, beads, rhinestones.

The main difference between the girl's carnival outfit is a skirt instead of panties. As you can see, the elf costume for the boy, photo below, the difference is small. You can purchase a ready-made kit and adapt it to your child's tastes.

elf costume for girls

Elf costume for boy

Children love to dress up in a variety of carnival costumes. But one must take into account the maincriterion - it must be an active and courageous character. An elf costume for a boy is perfect from this point of view.

You can order a ready-made kit, their choice is quite large. But it’s not difficult to make a carnival outfit for a child on your own. You will need a green T-shirt or sweatshirt, some red fabric and a wide belt. You can see what an elf costume looks like for a boy (photo below).

elf costume for boy photo

Green T-shirt should be redesigned a little to look like an elf. It is enough to sew a red collar. If you have the desire and time, you can make uneven edges along the bottom and on the sleeves. Put on the belt and the main part of the costume is ready.

Cap and boots are best made from a dense fabric, such as felt. Their patterns are very simple and do not require special skills. The cap is just two stitched triangles with a lapel.

elf costume for boy

Boots are usually made in the form of socks that are worn over ordinary shoes. However, this detail of the costume can be omitted so that the child can safely run and play.

Christmas elf costume for little ones

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of dressing up the baby. Little kids in Christmas costumes look especially cute and touching. Be sure to take a series of high-quality photographs. They will become a real decoration of the family photo archive.

Do-it-yourself elf costume for a baby or baby is not difficult to make. If you know how to knit, then dopants and a jacket with red and green stripes. Decorate them with white pom-poms and bells.

elf costume photo

For those who can neither knit nor sew, there is also a way out. Buy a white jumpsuit with a hood for your baby. Additionally, you will need ribbons of red and green colors. Now embroider the future costume with ribbons and decorate the top of the cap with a pompom.

If your choice fell on a ready-made suit, then you should be very careful about the material from which it is made. After all, baby skin is very delicate and sensitive. In any case, it should be washed well and all details checked. So that nothing hangs out, and the child does not choke on an accidentally torn button.

Do-it-yourself elf costume for adults

The spirit of New Year's magic affects everyone without exception. And adults, as well as kids, want to be transformed into a holiday. There is nothing easier to create a great mood than dressing up in a carnival costume.

Christmas elf costume for an adult is easier to make than for a boy or girl. It is enough to choose things in your wardrobe that are suitable for the color combination. For example, as shown in the photo.

do-it-yourself elbf costume

Any green jacket, sweater or T-shirt is complemented by a red scarf. An elven cap can be remade from a Santa Claus hat, sew green ribbons on it, and fasten a bell on the top of your head.

If you have the time and desire, you can sew an elf carnival costume for the whole family on your own. Buy everyone long t-shirts of the sameGreen colour. Sew red collars on them. Be sure to wear wide belts.

Red or green pants can be sewn using a simple pajama pattern. They should be loose enough and not restrict movement. And for mothers and daughters, striped white-and-green skirts - “Tatyans” are well suited. Just a little effort and a funny family bow is ready.

How to make a Christmas elf costume if you don't have a sewing machine

The lack of special sewing devices is no reason to give up creativity. Almost any thing can be knitted or sewn by hand.

elf costume

Each carnival costume has basic details that are emphasized. In the costume of a Christmas elf, it is a combination of colors, a cap and shoes. You can, of course, buy everything ready-made, but the quality of purchased items is usually not the best.

Let's start with the hat. You will need green and red felt, scissors, a needle and thread. Cut out the fabric of different colors along the same long triangle. Overcast the edges, and sew them together with small stitches. Now make a small opening. A bell can be sewn on the top of the head. The elf hat is ready.

Shoes are a little more difficult to sew, and it will be difficult for a child to walk in them. For a home holiday, knit red and green socks for your baby. And for a children's party, the rest of the costume will be enough.

An elf jacket can be made from any green or red t-shirt. Make it an uneven bottom, sew on a collar and add a belt.

With very little effort your babywill become one of the main characters of Christmas.

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