Beaded Valentines: a master class and a weaving pattern
Beaded Valentines: a master class and a weaving pattern

What are valentines made of? Usually "love letters" are made from chocolate, plain paper and cardboard. Let's try to learn how to make valentines from beads: beautiful and original.

Let's consider in detail several options for beadwork, highlight complex and problematic places of work. We hope that using the described techniques, you will be able to make a unique gift-message to your loved one.

Valentines using the square cord technique

Before you make a Valentine, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • large size beads - to make a heart;
  • beads (any of your choice with which you want to decorate the composition);
  • fishing line (thickness 0.20 mm);
  • needle;
  • chain and satin ribbon.

To form a valentine from beads, use the technique of a square tourniquet (column). The main detail in the scheme is the cube.

beaded valentines master class

The order of work is as follows:

  1. The process of weaving starts with fifteen cubes. Remember about the tension of the fishing line: the posts should be tightand don't get too sluggish. After that, weave a column of fourteen cubes, while holding a right angle. The sides of the product must have equal dimensions. The first column of one side is the final one for the other. The connection of parts is carried out according to the principle of the technique of common cubes.
  2. Turn the product at a right angle, pointing it in your direction. Bring the ends of the column towards you, connect and sew, keeping the right angle of the composition. You should end up with a heart.
  3. To give your design strength, you can additionally fix it with beads.
  4. Decorating beads are used in both large and small sizes. If you wish, you can make the valentine more original - replace the beads with a "cutting". Your heartfelt message will not only become dressy, but will also take on an iridescent sheen.
  5. If a soft knit is obtained during the manufacture of the composition, do not be upset: it can be corrected. To do this, drag the finished heart with fishing line and decorate with beads and beads.

Beaded valentines can be decorated not only with stones: it all depends on the master's imagination and the availability of available material. Alternatively, you can make a pair of hearts, different in size, which will need to be sewn together with a satin ribbon. Decorate the ends of the ribbon with beads and beads.

Delicate beaded valentines: master class

To create a romantic and tender composition, prepare the following materials:

  • medium beads;
  • glass transparent beads with a diameter of two millimeters;
  • thread orfishing line;
  • connecting rings (to create a keychain or pendant).

Let's consider how to make a beaded valentine in a slightly different way. The presented master class for a beginner is a little complicated. However, it is quite possible to cope with it, subject to phased implementation, without violating the scheme of valentines described in the article.

valentine schemes

In the future, after mastering the basic principles and gaining a skill, it becomes clear where and how you can experiment and add your own elements.

Valentine heart. First half

So let's get started:

  1. The whole composition is woven with one working thread. Start using the diagram from the first link. First, cast on three faceted beads and three plain beads, then close the ring.
  2. Next, weave four more links, each of which should contain the same number of beads and beads. Their alternation and sequence should be as follows: 1 bead - 1 bead. Keep alternating. Weave each new link with the previous one.
  3. When the final link is finished, you need to pick up one bead and thread it through the bead of the first link.
  4. Compare your progress with the complete product diagram.
  5. Dial one bead, then one bead and again one bead. With a set of such beads, pass through the beads of the previous link. After that, again through the newly woven links.
  6. Weave each new link of the product exactly according to the pattern.

The second half of a gentle valentine frombeads

Weave the second half of the heart in the same way as the first. You will already have the contours of the first half and new links. For convenience, it is better to use a visual diagram.

how to make a valentine

Weave wings

Wings will add special romanticism to your product. They will need to be made from beads. You should only have one thread in your work.

  1. For wings, take large beads. Wings should be thinner at the base than at the edge.
  2. The main part of the wing is woven according to the general pattern.
  3. After the wings are woven into the designated areas. To complete the composition, you will need a chain and rings. Use these decorative details to complete the piece.

If you wish, you can make a unique pendant or a unique and romantic keychain out of a heart with wings.

beaded valentines

Final stage

Don't doubt your abilities and feelings. Follow the path of the heart! Whatever you present to your loved one from the bottom of your heart, he will be happy with the gift and the warmth of your heart. Enjoy your creative process and warm emotions!

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