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Interesting card games for two
Interesting card games for two

Many people like to play cards. This not only allows you to have fun, but also develops logical thinking skills, the ability to analyze the situation, count points, as well as attention, perseverance, memory, because you need not only to be able to add points correctly for each player, but also to learn the rules of the game.

Card games for two

And it is also convenient to take playing cards with you on vacation: to nature, to the sea, to the train. They occupy a minimum of places, and give maximum pleasure from the game. In the article, we will consider several interesting card games for two. Some of you may already be familiar, and some will meet for the first time. Try to learn new game options, remember the long-forgotten games of your childhood.


Before the game starts, one of the queens must be taken from the deck. After shuffling, the cards are distributed equally among the players. The last unpaired goes to the one who distributed. "Witch" is the scariest card, of course, it's the Queen of Spades. When playing a card game for two, players immediately understand who got it, but it doesn’t matter, the situation can change dramatically after the first move.

card games for two 36 cards

To start, each player looks for paired cards and sets the pairs aside. For example, two tens, two aces, two jacks. Only single pictures remain in the hand. In such a card game for two, the rules are as follows.

The first player holds in his outstretched hand his cards "backed" to the second player. He draws one of the cards from the fan, any, at will. If he has a pair, he immediately puts it aside.

Then it's the other player's turn to draw a card. The witch may also be caught. The player who has the Queen of Spades in his hands loses.

I believe - I don't believe

This is one of the most fun card games for two. You can play in a big company. All cards are de alt into the hands of the players. The goal of the game is to collect all the available fours of cards, for example, if a player has 4 sixes in his hands, he gets rid of them by putting them aside. The one who quickly remains empty-handed wins.

How to play?

The first move is made by the player who was the dealer. He puts 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards face down in the middle of the table and announces what kind of cards they are, for example 2 queens. The other player looks at his cards and realizes that he cannot have two queens, since he has three in his hand. Then he replies: "I don't believe it!" The first player takes the cards back. The move is passed. The main intrigue is that you can deceive your opponent in every possible way by throwing completely different cards.

card gamesrules 36 cards for two

For example, a six and an eight are laid out on the table, and the player says that he laid out two aces. You can believe him, even if you know that he is deceiving. In this case, the second player puts his one or two cards, then announces that he also put two aces. Now it's the turn to doubt the veracity of the first player. The opponent can say: "I don't believe it!"

If, turning over the cards, everyone sees that there really are two aces, then the player takes the entire buyback for himself. At the same time, he can really get aces, having collected all four cards, he puts them aside. The first player to get rid of all the cards wins.


This is a favorite two-player card game for kids. All cards are de alt in half. They take turns, putting one card in the middle of the table. The opponent must lay out his own, while not looking at its face value, but holding all the cards in the pile face down. The one with the highest card wins. The highest card is the ace, then the king, queen, jack and ten. The rest correspond to the numerical value.

card games for two rules

If two identical cards fall out, then the "argument" begins. First, on each of his cards, the player puts another "shirt" up, then the second, but with the side on which the cost of the card is visible. The one with the highest top card takes all 6 cards. An ace can also lie inside. Someone will be lucky here.

The one with the most cards wins. You can play this card game for two 36cards for a long time, since the situation is constantly changing, then one player has an advantage, then another. All cards that are won as a result of moves are placed in a pack at the bottom.


This card game for two is considered analytical, as you need to think over the moves in advance, take risks or pass, depending on the face value of the cards that the player got after the distribution. Play it up to 501 points. Before starting the game, you need to prepare a pencil and a sheet of paper, draw a table and write down all the points won in the game. After each move, they are summed up and the total number of points is displayed. The winner is the one who scores 501 points first.

interesting card games for two

Six cards are de alt to each player, three more are on the table in front of the players. The rest are put into the deck and a trump card is exposed, as in the game of "Fool". The cost of the pictures is as follows: ace - 11, ten - 10, king - 4, queen - 3, jack - 2, trump jack "boy" - 20, trump nine "manela" - 14. If the trump king and queen ("bella" come across), then the cost of this pair is 20, the last, that is, the last trick, is 10, if the player has got any three cards in a row, for example, 9, 10, jack or queen, king, ace, then the cost of such a set ("terts") is 20, but there is also fifty dollars - these are 5 cards in a row, as in the photo above - 50 points. But if you are lucky and get 7 cards in a row - this is a "clabor", that is, you automatically won the game.

Game Rules

You still need to know what's beforeat the beginning of the game, all small cards up to nines are laid aside. After the first 6 cards have been de alt, the player evaluates his chances of success and sees how many extra points he is able to score, and announces that he plays or folds. If the second player also refuses to play and says: "Pass!", Then the first one has a chance to win. He can announce his trump card and play on. After that, they take the remaining three cards into their pack. The game begins.

Walk one card at a time. The opponent must respond with a large card of the same suit. If not, then they go with a trump card, if there is none, then you can discard any unnecessary card, for example, a nine. She's worthless.

Card games for two adults

In order for the player to be credited with bonus points for cards, it is necessary to take at least one trick. If you fail to do so, the points will be forfeited. If the game is won not by the player who played, but by the one who said: "Pass!", Then all the points go to the opponent.

If a player has "Bella" or "Tertz" in his hand, but sees in advance that he will not take a single trick, he does not announce them, that is, prize points are not considered for the winning opponent, they have the usual value, as simple cards.

But if you want to be credited with bonus points, you must declare during your turn that you have these sets of cards and present them to your opponent at the beginning of the game.

"Point" (or "21")

One of the most popular card games for two adults is"Point", otherwise called "Twenty-one". This is a simple game, the rules are simple, a lot depends on luck. One player holds a deck of cards and gives out one to the opponent. He counts the points. He needs to score a number of points close to the number 21. It is better to score less than to bust. If, as a result of counting, the player understands that he has touched the cards, then he must definitely say this. Then the opponent automatically wins.

If you are lucky, and the calculation turned out to be exactly 21 points, then you also become the winner. If you have, for example, 20 points, and your opponent has 18, then you have won. There is one more feature. If two aces fell out, then this is also a victory, although it is bust on points. It's called the banker's point.

In the article we talked about the rules of card games for 36 cards for two. Have fun!

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