Simple card games: how to play Chest
Simple card games: how to play Chest

"Chest" is a card game that is fun and enjoyable to play. Thanks to this fun, participants will be able to find out who has better developed intuition and logic. Simple rules will allow you to have a lively conversation or exchange jokes. A great way to pass the time while traveling or waiting.

how to play chest

How to play Chest with kids

Absolutely non-gambling and fun fun allows you to sit down at the table with small children. If parents are categorically against introducing kids to classic cards, they can be replaced with a set of colorful pictures.

For the game, any images of the same type of objects and concepts are suitable. Today, there are enough colorful cards on sale for development and games with children. And any deck with a multiple of four cards will be a great replacement for the classic version.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to collect as many "fours" of the same denomination as possible. Such combinations are called "chests". During the game, you can setquestions to opponents, guessing from the answers of the cards in the hands of the participants or the amount of we alth already collected.

There is no end to the rules, so cheating just won't work. In the final round, all participants reveal their cards and show the number of "chests" in their hands.

How to play Chest

The game involves a lot of communication between rivals. The rules are somewhat reminiscent of "I believe - I do not believe" and are very easy to understand. You can play "Chest" with a deck of 36 or 52 cards. Each opponent in the initial round is en titled to 4 pieces.

First, the company must choose a distributor. In the following rounds, this right passes to other participants in a clockwise direction. The first move is made by the player to the left or right of the dealer. Before the distribution of cards must be decided. whether the opponents open the collected chests immediately or keep them in their hands throughout the game. Also, before playing the "Chest", you need to choose who is allowed to ask questions to the walker: any participant of your choice or only an opponent sitting on the right or left.

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The course of fun can be described as follows:

  1. The cards are shuffled and de alt to all participants in 4 pieces. The moves are made clockwise. The remaining deck lies face down in the center.
  2. The dealer's neighbor has the right to be the first to ask questions to opponents. For example, for a chest set, the player lacks the queens of spades and queens of diamonds. The questioner asks the following questions in turn: "Is thereDo you have a queen?", "Do you have one queen?", "Is this the queen of spades?" Questions are asked one at a time, an affirmative answer allows you to continue the question. A negative one means the loss of the right to move. Plus, you need to take one card from the deck as a pen alty. But there are also controversial situations.For example, if a player guesses only half of the truth, for example, only one suit out of two, then he takes the won card and takes one pen alty.
  3. The game continues until the deck runs out.

The rules end here - enjoy the game!

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