Freddy Krueger glove - how to make your own hands
Freddy Krueger glove - how to make your own hands

Are you going to go to Halloween? Are you a fan of the horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street and planning to dress up as the main character to the party? Then this article is for you. The main attribute of the costume is Freddy Krueger's glove, you can buy it or make it yourself. The article will talk about several manufacturing options.

First option

freddy krueger glove

To make this accessory, you need to prepare:

  • leather glove (doesn't matter, left or right);
  • wire with a diameter of five millimeters, a hundred centimeters long;
  • adhesive tape;
  • adhesive plaster;
  • satin ribbon;
  • glue;
  • file;
  • acrylic paint to match the glove;
  • your skillful hands.

How to make a Freddy Krueger glove

Take the wire and cut it into five pieces. Each segment should be fifteen centimeters long. Sharpen the end of the wire with a file. But not worth itget involved. The accessory being crafted should be intimidating, not a dangerous weapon. Then bend the opposite end of the wire according to the length of your finger.

Take a glove and put it on. Attach a piece of wire to your finger (on the back of your hand). Wrap tape or tape soaked in glue from fingertip to base. You can attach the claws in a different way. To do this, at the end of each finger of the glove, make holes that are equal to the diameter of the wire. Secure the wire to your fingers with adhesive tape or adhesive tape. And carefully put on the glove, inserting the claws into the holes. Do the same with the rest of your fingers.

Take the paint and paint the fingers wrapped in tape. But do not paint the wire, as it can oxidize and rust. You can cover the claws with steel paint for protection. The mobility of the hand in such gloves is limited. Fingers are in a bent state. If you want the hand to be more mobile, then attach the claws to the middle, and preferably to the upper phalanx. But reduce the length of the wire, otherwise it will not hold well.

This is how Freddy Krueger's handmade glove turned out. To give color to the product, you can attach a red thread to the tip of the claw. When working, be careful not to cut yourself.

The second version of the production of the main attribute of Freddy Krueger

To do this, you will need: a leather glove, adhesive tape, foil, cardboard and paint. Take your cardboard and cut four rectangles out of it. The width of each should be four centimeters, and the length - no more than ten.Then fold the rectangles in half. Trim the ends to form a claw. Cover the cardboard with foil. Attach the finished "blades" to the leather glove. To do this, use tape. For everything to work out correctly, attach your nails to the already worn glove. Next, paint the tape to match the accessory. You can use adhesive plaster, it is easier to color. Once everything is dry, Freddy Krueger's glove is ready!

how to make a freddy krueger glove

Third manufacturing option

Glove claws can be made from regular office paper. This is quite simple to do.Assembly Diagram:

  1. Take a square sheet of paper. Fold it in half diagonally. Unfold the fold back.
  2. Turn the sheet 45 degrees and place it in front of you.
  3. Bend both corners to the middle (according to the drawing).
  4. Fold the workpiece in half. You should end up with a triangle.
  5. On the long side of the craft, mark the middle, and bend the bottom of the part.
  6. Wrap the workpiece with the bottom part.
  7. Do this twice.
  8. Fill the tip of the paper.
  9. Spread the resulting claw so that you can put it on your finger.

Paint each claw with silver paint. Then make holes in the glove. Gently put it on over the claws. This is how Freddy Krueger's glove turned out. The drawing can be viewed above.

As you can see, gloves can be useful not only in the cold season, you can also use them to create an awesome attribute forcarnival costume.

Addition to the image

So, how Freddy Krueger's glove is made was discussed above. Now we need to complete the image of the hero-villain. To do this, you need to find in old things:

  • two faded black and burgundy T-shirts;
  • a hat best eaten by moths.

Next, let's get down to interesting and creative work.

handmade freddy krueger glove

Finishing the look

Take scissors and a T-shirt. Carefully cut out wide strips from it, but leave the side seams to hold the shirt. When the product is ready, wear the cut over the whole T-shirt. It should be a striped sweater.

For a more intimidating effect, apply makeup. Take the foundation. Squeeze it into a bowl, add thick gouache of the color you need to it. Mix thoroughly and let the mixture dry. Then dilute it with vegetable oil to the desired density. Apply makeup in thick layers. Make the appropriate bumps on the face. Apply loose powder or talc over makeup.

Put on a hat, striped T-shirt and claw glove.

freddy krueger glove blueprint

We hope that the DIY glove options listed above will help you create an inimitable Freddy Krueger look for Halloween, and you will not go unnoticed at the party!

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