Crochet shawls: diagrams or descriptions?
Crochet shawls: diagrams or descriptions?

Each needlewoman has her own professional secrets. Someone can create, relying solely on schemes. The other craftswoman definitely needs a description that will describe in detail what and how to do. This order of things seems quite common when it comes to knitting clothes. In this case, it is necessary to strictly follow the manufacturing sequence. Especially when it comes to creating clothes that must have a strictly designated size. And if we are talking about crocheting a shawl - are diagrams or descriptions better? There are rarely specific size requirements. So let's try to figure it out.

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Probably, studying thematic sites, many noticed that the knitting pattern seems to be the same, but the size of the finished product is different. At the same time, needlewomen must indicate the threads from which they created this stylish accessory. Oftenit also happens that the yarn differs slightly in thickness, but the size of the finished product varies by 5–10 centimeters. And this is essential.

The reason for this lies in the fact that the craftswoman did not have a description in which the density of knitting would be indicated. We are talking about the number of loops and rows that fall on every 10 cm. Therefore, keep in mind that if you decide to crochet a shawl, the pattern may not be enough. Especially if the size of the finished product is important to you. In such a situation, making a sample is an important component for crocheting a shawl, the patterns of which you have available.

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You can knit a free-form pattern yourself and calculate how many rows and loops will fall on every 10 cm. This will allow you to initially determine the size of the upcoming work and what you will receive after its completion. In order for the crochet shawl, the scheme of which you have, to fully meet your expectations, start work from exactly the place from which you will needlework in the future. Especially if the pattern is complex enough for you. In this case, knitting, and you will definitely notice it, will move much faster, delighting you and bringing pleasure. At the same time, you can master the pattern on simpler threads, and then make a sample from the yarn from which you will create.

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Today, crochet shawls are very popular and in demand. Schemes can be easily found for free. They also periodically appear in thematicmagazines on the subject. In addition, many experienced needlewomen prepare special master classes, which, in their clarity, can significantly surpass the diagram and description combined. In this case, step-by-step photos are printed that allow you to best understand the sequence and features of manufacturing any, even the most complex model.

Thus, if you decide to crochet shawls, patterns or descriptions do not really matter. The main thing is to figure out how a particular pattern is formed, and then you will have no problems in the process of creating this fashionable and stylish accessory.

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