A second life for garbage. Recycled craft
A second life for garbage. Recycled craft

Modern society produces a lot of garbage. Packages from food, drinks and things filled the bins and landfills. You can do some good for nature. At least one recycled craft is already good. As a material, almost everything that is thrown away after use is suitable. For example, old magazines.

recycled craft

Vase for sweets made of colored pieces of paper

Colored pages are cut into small pieces in such a way that a lot of confetti is obtained. This is the main material for work. In addition to paper, you still need to stock up:

  • balloon;
  • food wrap;
  • with PVA glue;
  • with sharp scissors.

The balloon must be inflated to the desired size and tie a hole so that the air does not escape and it retains the desired shape until the end of the work. Wrap with cling film.

Further, imitating the papier-mâché technique, paste over the lower half of the balloon in several layers. Each must dry before applying the next.

When all layersharden, the ball is removed from the resulting bowl. Sharp scissors cut off the upper edge of the confetti vase, in the form of a smooth wavy line.

If necessary, the bowl can be coated with acrylic varnish, inside and out, to give gloss and extra strength.

DIY recycled crafts

Recycled craft. Plastic lids

A simple and original frame is obtained from plastic bottle caps. The most important thing is to stock up on the material in the right amount. Lids can be the same color or different shades.

You will also need to make a frame:

  • thick cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • viscous transparent glue;
  • photo;
  • ruler;
  • paint;
  • stationery cutter;
  • pencil.

The frame size will depend on the number of caps stocked. The more of them, the wider the recycled craft will turn out. Put a photo on a sheet of cardboard and circle around the contour. Step back a little inside the resulting square or rectangle on each side and draw a similar one. Cut out with a ruler and utility knife. The inner photo window is ready.

Next, you need to prime a sheet of cardboard with a hole. Acrylic paint or gouache with the addition of PVA glue is used. Cover the background with an even layer and dry it. When the workpiece is ready for further work, covers are first laid out on it around the perimeter of the window. In one or more rows, depending on their number. Once the order and location is determined, alllids are glued to the base. You can now outline the outer dimension and cut out the front of the frame.

The back part is also made of cardboard. It is necessary to cut out a geometric figure exactly repeating the first part, but without a hole in the middle. Paint in the same way and let dry. Apply glue to the inner surface on three sides, combine both halves, glue to each other and make a support at the back. The original thing is ready.

recycled craft

Aluminum cap jewelry

Sometimes for an unusual and spectacular DIY recycled craft (for children) you do not need to stock up on a lot of material. For cute earrings, one pair of caps is enough. Metal, from drinks in glass bottles, will do. Such details have an interesting serrated edge and shallow depth, these properties are ideal for such jewelry.

You will also need two round stickers, ready-made temples and silicone mugs or varnish. It is necessary to make a hole in the cover and insert the shackle for fastening in the ears. A beautiful sticker and a convex silicone lens on an adhesive layer are glued inside. If there is no such detail, it can be replaced with a layer of varnish. To get a convex surface, it can be used several times, allowing the previous layer to dry. The drink logo remains on the back or a colored sticker is attached. Instead of pictures, it is also acceptable to use colored nail polish.

do-it-yourself recycled crafts for school

Christmastoys made from used light bulbs

Modern energy-saving lamps tend to burn out just like the old ones. A long tradition is to use them in everyday life after the expiration of their service life. Grandmothers darn socks on light bulbs, and children paint them with colorful paints. They make cute crafts from recycled materials with their own hands, glass toys are no worse than factory ones. For work, you should stock up on inspiration and some materials:

  • beautiful ribbons;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paints;
  • illustrations.

First you need to fix the ribbon on the base of the light bulb and hang it with the bulb down. Otherwise, the process of applying paint will be difficult. However, an art object can be held in hands, like a nesting doll, and painted in parts.

Having chosen an interesting picture with a character and placing it in the workplace, you can pick up paints and start redrawing the character you like on one of your prepared light bulbs. Form dictates outlines. From elongated pear-shaped bulbs, cute penguins or cheeky heads are obtained, round ones suggest the likeness of traditional Christmas balls. Even elongated light bulbs can be used with imagination and creativity.

False beards, hair or clothing made from cloth patches are used as additional decorations.

DIY crafts from recycled materials to school. Interior decoration made of plastic bottles

In an unusual way, you can use empty containers from sweet drinks. To work, you will need no more than five upperbottle halves, cut in half They are painted from the inside with acrylic paints and interconnected with beads, collected on a strong fishing line. This original decoration looks fabulous and mysterious.

Every day, society produces a large amount of waste, garbage, which, if properly used, not only benefits, but also decorates life. A recycled craft gives a new, second life to things that were intended to be thrown away. Garbage turns into a work of applied art.

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