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Textile toys: Snowball doll. Life size pattern
Textile toys: Snowball doll. Life size pattern

Textile dolls are becoming more and more popular and this is not surprising: they are very cute, each has its own character. This article will describe the process of making a Snowball doll. Her life-size pattern should be drawn in such a way that the whole product is about 50 centimeters.

Snowball Prototype

About five to seven years ago, the Tilda doll was very popular. This delicate doll literally brings a fairy tale to life, enlivens the room, fascinates with its simplicity and charm.

Author of Tilda - Tone Finanger. I must say that thanks to her, a real epidemic of "tildomania" began in the world: they began to make dolls for themselves, sew for sale, create collections of fabrics and accessories especially for her.

How Tilda's image has changed

Gradually, this textile doll changed, sometimes becoming like Barbie. Craftswomen came up with more and more complex outfits, began to usenatural hair, the doll was overgrown with many of the most unthinkable accessories. In a word, the creative ideas of the needlewomen were amazing.

Tatyana Konne's dolls

Of course, Snezhka, authored by Tatyana Konne, is a bit like Tilda: her face is also schematic, there is no nose, her beady eyes look at us cheerfully and playfully, her cheeks are filled with a light blush, which is applied with decorative cosmetics.

Unlike Tilda, this is a baby doll. Such a conclusion can be drawn from its proportions. The doll is not very large, about 45 centimeters, has stable large feet, gorgeous hair and a detailed outfit, decorated with brooches, silk flowers, buttons. This is the Snowball doll. A life-size pattern and how to sew this toy will be described immediately after the list of everything necessary for the creative process.

Fabrics and materials

To make a beautiful doll, you need to prepare material suitable for such a charming girl as a Snowball doll. A life-size pattern can begin to be made after the necessary fabrics and tools have been prepared. So, let's list everything we need for work.

  1. Flesh-colored fabric for the torso. Preference should be given to natural textures. It can be linen, coarse calico, knitwear.
  2. Pins, pencil, scissors, needles.
  3. Sewing machine. If not, then, of course, you can sew the doll by hand, however, it will take more time.
  4. Sintepon or other filler. It is still better to use high-quality andnew material, it is stuffed more evenly. Unevenly stuffed synthetic winterizer spoils the appearance of the doll.
  5. Flizelin, felt.
  6. Beautiful fabric for clothes. Here you can connect your imagination, having previously studied the contents of the "bins" and, of course, be guided by temporary reserves. Someone will limit themselves to a light summer dress, and someone will make a coat, hat, scarf for Sneka.
  7. Wool, felting needle.

Snowball Doll: life size pattern. Step by step description

The first thing to do is to build a pattern of the doll itself on paper. You can just enlarge the pictures a little and print them.

Next, you need to transfer the pattern to a piece of skin-colored fabric. Please note that it is better to fold the fabric in half, and then attach the patterns with pins to the material. This is to avoid double work.

snowball doll pattern life size

After that, you need to sew the details on the typewriter, which will then turn into what we call the Snowball doll. A life-size pattern, as you can see, will not be anything complicated.

snowball doll pattern life size description

The learned products need to be stuffed tightly and evenly with synthetic winterizer, it is better to do this with a pencil or a pointer. Next, you should fasten the parts of the body together.

snowball doll life size pattern step by step

Now let's get down to the soles, which are an integral part of the "image"Snowballs. We cut them out of the fabric and glue them with interlining.

After gluing, carefully attach the resulting products with pins to the legs. The sole can only be sewn to the doll's feet by hand; this work is done with a blind seam.

snowball doll life size pattern how to sew

The next important step, without which the Snowball doll cannot be made, is a life-size pattern of shoes. The cut is made in the same way as the legs were made.

An obligatory attribute of our doll is knickers, try to make them beautiful, because they usually like to look at such dolls. This item of clothing is often sewn to the body, but can also be made so that they are put on and taken off.

The most creative stage of work

A beautiful hairstyle is something Snowball doll cannot do without. The life-size pattern, the description of which we have already given, is, of course, important, but you will have to conjure with the hair. They are made from wool of any natural color, for this you need to master the technique of felting. A little secret: to make the hairstyle look livelier and more voluminous, you can use wool of two shades close to each other.

The last stage of work is no less exciting than all the rest. I'm talking, of course, about the outfit. You can create a dress or costume pattern, or you can simply model on the finished doll.

snowball doll life size pattern with photo

It's worth saying again that the more interesting the outfit, the richer the texture of the fabrics, the more valuable the doll becomes.After all, everything complex and beautiful wants to be considered for a long time. If you wish, you can even make a handbag for Sneka, embroider a dress with beads, put a silk flower in her hands, and perhaps decorate her hair with luxurious vintage hairpins. However, in order not to waste a lot of time, it is better to limit yourself to a simple dress, made simply and tastefully.

Now you have a Snowball doll in your collection. A life-size pattern with a photo will most likely help to make it without much difficulty.

Usually, the process of such creativity is addictive, and if you have suffered from tildomania before, you can hardly stop by making one doll in the technique of Tatyana Konne.

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