Foil weaving: instructions, tips. Foil crafts for the New Year
Foil weaving: instructions, tips. Foil crafts for the New Year

Foil is traditionally used in cooking, especially meat and fish, and as packaging for various foods.

Foil weaving as an art

But creative personalities have found another use for it, namely in children's (and not only) crafts. This kind of art is called foil weaving.

This activity is very exciting, but requires extra care, as the foil tears very easily.

foil weaving

Artwork made from foil will be a wonderful decoration for your home, a gift or decoration for different holidays. Such crafts from afar can be mistaken for silver figurines.

What can be done with foil

Foil crafts for the New Year are beautiful, for example, snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas balls. All this will give your home a festive atmosphere. In addition, you can weave anything and whatever your imagination is enough for: berries and fruits, flowers, animals and even people. You can compose entire compositions.

Before you start weaving, you can purchase a special weaving kit, which includes detailed instructions, foil and a cardboard ruler. However, if it is not possible to get such a set, you canuse the tips given here. They are all very simple, and you should not have any difficulty in mastering foil weaving. The instructions will help you with this.

If you have ever tried to knit or embroider, you will quickly catch the principle and understand how to weave foil with your own hands. And after several attempts, when you fill your hand, you can create crafts more difficult and larger.

Subtlety in foil weaving

Here are some tips for beginner foil weaving.

  1. Do not use heat-resistant or very thick foil. It will be hard to work, the fingers will quickly get tired, and the products will turn out to be too hard.
  2. Use long scissors with straight blades. Open the scissors wide to avoid tearing the foil and causing bumps. If you are creating with a child, make notes with a pencil and a ruler before cutting the strips.
  3. The width of a standard foil roll is 30 centimeters. Based on this, determine the length you need.
  4. The most important thing is to learn how to weave flagella. To do this, simply crumple the cut-out strip of foil along. Continue to squeeze it with your fingers until you get a segment with a diameter of 4-5 mm. Squeeze the flagellum with two fingers and start rolling it, slowly walking along the entire length. As a result, a wire with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm should form.
  5. Twisting these flagella is mechanical, so your attention is not required. Weave several of these tubes while watching a movie or talking on the phone. And then you just have to twist them,following the instructions.
  6. Fix all the details with the same number of scrolls so that the symmetry of the object is not broken.
  7. If you are weaving with a child, select craft patterns according to the age of the child so that it is not too difficult or easy for him.

And now, using an example, let's look at how to make some foil crafts for the New Year. Let's start with a beautiful and original candlestick.

Materials for making

Prepare the following materials and tools for work:

  • regular food foil;
  • scissors;
  • candle, for which, in fact, you will make a candlestick;
  • centimeter tape;
  • medium size tin lid.

Making a Christmas candlestick together

When everything you need is prepared, you can start weaving from the foil.

  1. Take the lid, its diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the candle. Wrap the lid in foil.
  2. Measure on the foil a strip 10 centimeters wide, and about 5 centimeters longer than the circumference of the base of the candlestick. Cut out the resulting strip.
  3. Twist this strip of foil into a thin tight tube, like a flagellum, and connect the ends to form a ring. Screw the joint well.
  4. Cut 5 more strips of this width. The length depends on the height of the candle you have chosen. For example, 50-60 centimeters.
  5. Twist the same tubes from the cut out strips as before.
  6. Take one flagellum and attach it to the ring, twisting it in halfso that a loop appears on the main ring.
  7. Do the same with the rest of the tubes. It turned out something similar to the sun.
  8. Connect all the flagella together, making three twists each time. The result should be a grid.
  9. Insert the ring into the lid.
foil crafts for the new year

That's all, your New Year's candlestick is ready.

What is required for weaving a snowflake

Let's make another decoration for the New Year theme. And it will be a snowflake. Snowflakes have long become a kind of symbol of the main winter holidays. They are traditionally cut out of paper, cardboard, woven from threads, and papier-mâché is made. All this can be replaced with foil weaving. The snowflake will turn out shiny and quite realistic. In addition, it will look harmonious with the same candlestick and Christmas tree decorations.

You will need:

  • scissors;
  • plain foil;
  • ruler.

How to make your own foil snowflake

You can get to work.

  1. Cut strips 2-3 cm wide.
  2. Twist them into tight tubes.
  3. Make a few more of these tubes, depending on how many snowflakes you want to make. One unit will take 5 tubes.
  4. foil weaving master class
  5. Cut one tube in half. At the end of one of the halves, twist a small circle so that the index finger freely enters it.
  6. Divide the half of the tube that is leftinto two parts. Take the next flagellum and cut it into 4 equal parts.
  7. From one quarter, make something like a hook by bending one edge.
  8. Place the hook over the circle and secure the end of the hook by wrapping it tightly.
  9. Repeat this process with the remaining quarters.
  10. Form and fix loops at the ends of the rays.
  11. Divide 2 flagella into four equal parts each.
  12. Bend one quarter in half and attach to the beam at a distance of 1-1.5 centimeters from the attachment point to the central ring. Lock the quarter with one turn around the ray.
  13. DIY foil
  14. In the same way, secure the remaining quarters on each ray.
  15. Cut the long flagellum into six equal parts. And fix them on the rays, one and a half centimeters from the outer ringlet.
  16. weaving foil snowflake

The snowflake is ready. With the help of rings, you can hang it on a Christmas tree or somewhere else. And from several snowflakes you can build a whole garland.

There are other ways to weave a foil snowflake. For example, such a cute snowflake, as shown in the figure below, is an alternative to the previous one, but here the design is performed without loop rings, but otherwise the procedure is the same.

foil weaving instruction

As you can see, a very pleasant and interesting way to pass the time is foil weaving. The master class on the above products is simple and straightforward. With hiswith the help of such crafts even children can make.

How to decorate foil crafts

And with the help of weaving you can make beautiful flower arrangements. It is not necessary that they be silver, the finished craft can be painted with acrylic paint, giving the desired shades to the resulting figures.

In any case, ideas for foil weaving are endless, and there are probably more patterns and instructions for this fun activity every day.

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