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How to make a paper book for a doll
How to make a paper book for a doll

Most girls love to play with dolls. They are happy to dress them in beautiful outfits, do their hair, equip their homes.

Particularly creative people can even make some details of the interior of the dollhouse on their own.

Book for dolls

Today we will analyze how to make a book for a doll. The Japanese art of making paper crafts - origami will help us with this.

Prepare a sheet of white paper (or grayish parchment-like) and a sheet of colored paper from which the cover will be made. Below we will take a closer look at how to make a book for a doll.

Making a book for the doll together

Now you can start. In order to understand how to make a book for a doll, you need to follow the recommendations below. There is nothing difficult in this creative process, but since the book will be small, you need to work carefully.

Cut a white piece of paper in half lengthwise.

From colored paper, cut a strip that will be slightly, 4-5 millimeters, wider than a strip of white paper.

Take one white strip, put the rest aside for now. Bend it in half lengthwise. Then straighten and bend each side to the middle.

how to make a book for a doll

Repeat this procedure with colored paper, making a blank for the cover.

Now you can start making pages. To do this, take a white blank and bend this strip in half. Unbend. Then fold each side towards the middle.

Fold the edges two more times. Smooth out the edges of the folds well.

Do the same with the second white stripe.

Insert one finished strip into another (shallow, but to hold the design). Thus, you have one long strip.

Fold the strip like an accordion.

And the only thing left to do is put the cover on the book. Make it easy. Remember how in childhood they put covers on notebooks and school textbooks. Insert the first page into the ''wrong side'' of the cover, fold the cover over and slide it over the last page.

Cut off the excess part of the cover. Here's how to make DIY doll books.

how to make DIY books for dolls

The little book for the doll is ready. You can make multiple volumes to fill an entire bookcase or shelf. Use different colored paper to make the books stand out and look beautiful in a modern dollhouse.

To make books more realistic, you can write something on the sheets inside or paste pictures.

Now you know how to make a book for a doll quickly and easily.

How to make a book-shaped house

How to make a book house for dolls? For such a serious design, you will need a large box, for example, from under shoes, andlots of different colored adhesive paper.

Now all you have to do is cover the entire box inside and out with paper, choosing the colors you prefer for the dollhouse. Try to glue evenly so that air does not get between the cardboard and paper, otherwise a bubble will form.

how to make a book house for dolls

Inside, make two floors and several rooms, which you will equip to your liking. You can close the house with a lid at night. Such a house is convenient for playing, as everything is in sight in it.

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