Knitted hedgehog: photo, description, master class
Knitted hedgehog: photo, description, master class

In the modern world, there are a huge number of all kinds of ideas and fairy-tale characters that the craftswoman wants to knit for herself or a child.

Heroes of your favorite films and cartoons, computer games, even food: various fruits and vegetables, cakes and pastries - everything is subject to a needlewoman.

hedgehog girl

Favorite character

But one of the most beloved characters both among the needlewomen themselves and among children is, of course, the hedgehog. This adorable animal brings a smile and lifts your spirits, especially if it is made by the skilled hands of a craftswoman.

Hedgehog spokes

Knitted hedgehog will become a favorite toy or interior decoration if you knit it carefully and with love.

Hedgehog can be knitted or crochet.

There are different levels of difficulty in knitting this toy: it all depends on the number of details.

Required Materials

To make a crochet hedgehog toy, you will need the following materials:

  • crochet suitable for yarn;
  • the yarn itself, preferably in several colors;
  • scissors to cut the thread;
  • marker to mark the beginning of the row;
  • filler for toy stuffing, ideally holofiber.
Hedgehogs knitting

Toy Making Tips

Before you start knitting a hedgehog, you need to decide on the model of the toy, the complexity of execution, time costs. Then you need to choose a suitable scheme with a description in accordance with your capabilities.

Particular attention to the craftswoman, especially the beginner, should be paid to the selection of the hook: it should easily pick up the thread without splitting it. But at the same time, the hook should be as thin as possible in relation to the yarn used, so that the knitting is tight enough.

Yarn should be selected approximately the same thickness so that the toy is uniform and holds its shape well.

You need to stuff the toy as you knit. The most convenient way to do this is with tweezers, especially when you need to place the filler in the narrow parts of the toy. The filler should be tightly located inside the toy, as if bursting it. But at the same time, the holofiber should not peek out of the knitted fabric, this reduces the quality of the product. It's important to balance the padding here, but that comes with experience.

gray hedgehog

Easy toy

Hedgehog is a toy that is easy to knit, available for execution even by a beginner needlewoman.

The simplest crochet hedgehog can be crocheted in the shape of a cone.

This model consists of only one piece of solid knitting, while usingyarn in different colors:

  • for nose and eyes - black;
  • muzzles - beige or gray;
  • needles - brown or dark gray, or maybe even multi-colored.

There are absolutely no boundaries for the craftswoman's imagination here.

A knitted hedgehog, like any other crochet toy, is knitted in a circle, more precisely, in a spiral. This means that no lifting stitches are made at the beginning of the row.

Therefore, in order not to lose the beginning of the row, you need to mark it with a colored thread or a special marker.


First you need to remember how the main types of loops are knitted and how they are indicated on the diagram when describing the toy:

  • air chain - vp;
  • single crochet - sc;
  • decrease - this is when one of two untied columns is knitted - ub;
  • increase is when two columns are knitted from one loop - ex.

Remembering the basics, picking up yarn and a hook, you can proceed directly to knitting.

One of the simple crochet hedgehog options

Description of crochet hedgehog

It is best to start knitting toys from the spout, gradually expanding the fabric.

First you need to make an amigurumi ring with a black thread to start knitting a hedgehog nose. In the ring you need to knit 6 single crochet (sc). This will be 1 row.

Next, we make an increase (ex.) in every second column of the previous row, it should turn out 9 sc. Accordingly, this is already the 2nd row.

Next, 3 row, knit unchanged, 9sc.

4 row: pr. in every third sc. of the previous row, in the end 12 sc.

Row 5 is knitted unchanged, 12 sc.

Having knitted 5-6 rows of black thread in this way to get a beautiful nose, you need to change the thread to the color of the body, for example, gray or beige.

Knit further 8-10 rows according to the same principle, making increments through the row. More precisely, the number of rows in the muzzle is determined in the process of knitting.

Next, change the thread to dark brown or to another color of hedgehog needles that suits your case.

We knit a row without changing the number of columns, it is better to start the increase in the next row, after changing the color, so that they are not so noticeable.

To make the transition from the muzzle to the head with thorns look natural in a knitted hedgehog, you need to make increments from this row in each row so that the expansion of the canvas is more pronounced.

The nose and muzzle need to be filled with holofiber at this stage.

Having knitted several rows (approximately 7-10) with increments in each row, the head smoothly passes into the body. The number of rows with increments depends on the planned size of the toy and the thickness of the thread.

We knit the body of the hedgehog without increments. We count how many columns you have. Now you need to knit this amount for another 25-30 rows. How many rows to knit exactly depends on the shape of the future hedgehog: you need to decide whether it should be round or oval.

Having reached the desired body length of the hedgehog, we begin to make decreases, in each row knitting together two tables without a crochet, first after 4 sc, in the next row - after 3 andetc. It is important here not to miss the moment suitable for stuffing the toy, otherwise it will be difficult to do it later.

Final step: tighten the remaining hole and carefully remove the tip of the thread with a needle.

The eyes of a knitted hedgehog are either attached ready-made or embroidered with black thread.

Hedgehog feet

If desired, you can tie the paws and sew to the toy. The paws can be round or elongated. They are also knitted in single crochets with a thread of the same color as the muzzle of the hedgehog.

First a flat circle is knitted:

  1. Amigurumi ring, 6 sc.
  2. In the next row, the number of sc is doubled. - 12 pieces
  3. Ex. after 1 sb., 18 sb.
  4. Next, 2-3 rows are knitted without increments, then decreases are made in the reverse order, 6 dec. in each row.

If the paws are needed longer, then the number of knitted rows without increments increases. After stuffing the paws and closing the hole, leave a small tail of thread to attach the paws to the toy.

Knitted hedgehog with knitting needles

Toys can be knitted not only by crochet, but also by knitting needles.

For example, such a cute hedgehog can be knitted according to this description:

Hedgehog knitting pattern

Eyes can be made from beads by attaching charming eyelashes to them. They can be purchased at craft stores. To decorate the toy, flowers are used, which can be made from any suitable materials, as well as crocheted or knitted, or simply bought ready-made.

A master class on knitting a hedgehog with knitting needles can be found inthe video below.

More hedgehogs: good and different

In fact, the variety of models, shapes, options for making knitted hedgehogs is simply amazing!

They can be knitted upright on legs, sitting on four legs or without legs at all.

amigurumi hedgehog

You can dress the hedgehog in a beautiful blouse and pants, give a knot in the paws, attach apples to the needles.

In the manufacture of toys, you can use a wide variety of yarns, for example, needlewomen widely use grass-type yarn to knit needles.

There are toys that are very complex in execution, there are simpler ones. Any craftswoman will be able to choose the right model. There are also a great many descriptions and diagrams.

You can knit a baby hat in the shape of a hedgehog or decorate your baby's clothes with a figurine of this animal.

There are simply masterpieces of knitted art. Such toys will perfectly fit into the interior to create coziness, and are also suitable as a gift even for adults.

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