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How to take a beautiful picture: ideas, poses
How to take a beautiful picture: ideas, poses

Every person knows how to properly hold a spoon and a fork, knows how to eat right, drive a car and knows to cross the road at a green light. We acquire these skills quite quickly, but only those for whom photography is part of their professional activity know how to take a beautiful picture.

In nature, there is no such thing as a "non-photogenic" person - it's either the model does not know how to choose the right pose, or the photographer's hands are "out of place".

Three whales

So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the components of a good photo. To understand how you can take a beautiful photo, you need to know the basics of creating a good shot.

Firstly, there are three main components of a good photo:

  1. Place.
  2. Model.
  3. Clothes.

Secondly, these three whales are complemented by such indicators as accessories, light and the ability of the photographer to work in Photoshop.

great idea for photography

Place, model,clothing

So, how to take a beautiful picture? The first thing to do is decide on a location. The background on which the photo will be taken is one of the keys to success. There should not be any aggressive colors, ridiculous patterns or stripes in the background. The more uniform the place, the better.

The second thing to think about is clothing. Like the background, it must be carefully selected. Clothing is a must for a good look. If there is no professional stylist at your disposal who can create a cute and innocent look from a colorful fabric, then it is better to avoid experiments. It is worth choosing clothes in neutral tones, without bright spots. It should be uniform, without a ridiculous print. No matter how you look at it, in the photo the viewer will first see bright spots, and only then the model and the general concept.

Also, do not forget about the correspondence between the background and the image. A lady in a vintage dress against the backdrop of a high-tech room will look rather ridiculous.

The last final component is the model. There are people who confidently hold themselves in front of the camera, and there are those who do not like the gaze of the lens. Therefore, if the model is clamped in front of the camera, then the picture will not be very successful. In addition, the appearance of the model can give a great idea for a photo shoot, do not ignore the features of the appearance.

how to take good pictures

Accessories, lights and other tricks

But that's not all it takes to do a good job. What else do you need to know to take a good photo? The photo will not be complete without the presenceaccessories. This is a very powerful tool. Recently, accessories are very popular in wedding photo shoots. Soap bubbles, masks, flowers, etc. can play their role. If you approach this issue wisely, then the presence of just one additional element can completely change the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe photo.

Another idea for great photography can come from light. Various lighting schemes or additional lighting can be used both in the studio and on the street. Perhaps this is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of a photographer. After lighting, the second important factor is the ability to use Photoshop. With it, you can completely transform the picture.

Best Positions

So, how to take a beautiful picture? The first and most important thing is to learn the positions, thanks to which you can emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Here are the most profitable options that have been tested by experience:

  • Become a half-side to the photographer and turn a little in his direction, while leaving your legs in the same position. This pose will make your figure slimmer.
  • Stand with your back to the photographer, turn your shoulders or head slightly, straighten your back and keep your shoulders at the same level.
take a beautiful photo

Other recommendations

Not many people wonder how to take beautiful pictures, but definitely every second person is unhappy with their photos. To minimize your indignation, you should use some recommendations:

  • Full face (as on the passport) can only affordpeople with perfect facial features.
  • Don't take a profile picture of a person with a long nose.
  • If a girl has a round face, she should be photographed from above.
  • To visually lengthen the leg, you need to take a picture from below.
  • If the model is lying, she needs to stretch her socks, so the position will come out more graceful.
  • You can reduce the waist by putting your palms on this area, and your palms can also hide the creases on the stomach.
  • And don't forget to smile, a slight half-smile will be more than enough.

Most Popular Poses

Mostly professional models use these poses, but this does not mean that they are not intended for mere mortals. A little practice and you're done.

how to take good pictures poses

So, how beautiful to take pictures (poses):

  1. The most successful portrait angle for girls of any physique is a look over the shoulder. Then the model looks at ease and light, as if she was accidentally caught in the frame.
  2. If the model is not afraid of close-ups, she can use her fingers to emphasize lips or eyes.
  3. Many good photos can be obtained from a lying position, however, you will first need to experiment in front of a mirror.
  4. A good solution would be to practice a simple pose - lying on your back, with the model looking into the lens, slightly turning her head towards the photographer. The main thing is to figure out where to put your hands, they should not lie along the body.
  5. To demonstrate yourself in full growth, you needsit sideways to the photographer, lean on your hands, bend one leg at the knee, and stretch the other forward with the toe extended, tilt your head back and bend at the waist. Bends - that's what this angle is good for.
  6. For those who like dynamic poses, you need to pull your shoulder back and walk towards the photographer easily and from the hip. No need to look at the camera, then the frame will come out very natural.
  7. The pose with support looks very relaxed. On this theme, you can come up with many variations, the main thing is that it should not be seen how hard the model is trying. Everything should be casual and graceful.
  8. Although the hands-up pose is time-worn, it is very popular in the arsenal of experienced models. Fix your hair, casually twist a strand of hair, etc. The main thing is not to freeze motionless during the shooting.
  9. Also very popular is the pose called "I didn't know I was being filmed". A thoughtful and detached look to the side looks very advantageous in the pictures.

How to take beautiful pictures in winter?

There are many ideas for photo shoots. One of them is to use the landscape, in particular the change of seasons. As it turned out, winter is very popular, obviously because of the holidays. What can you think of for winter photography?

how to take good pictures in winter

Here are the most common ideas:

  1. Snowy forest. This is an ideal place where all the grandeur and luxury of winter landscapes are reflected. Snow-covered trees, sparkling snow under the bright sun - what could be better than such scenery? Alternatively, you can play in the snow,make a snowman, make an angel or snow fireworks. The cold background will favorably emphasize the sincerity of feelings.
  2. Christmas atmosphere. Snow is the best component to help create a New Year's atmosphere. Several Christmas decorations in the snow, rain, garlands, firecrackers. Baskets with sweets and floral arrangements will perfectly complement the photograph.
  3. Rink. Another great place for a winter photo session is a skating rink. Even if the model does not know how to skate, the shots will still turn out very lively and positive, besides, you can pose just sitting on the fence or casually throwing the skates over your shoulder.


The hardest part is taking pictures outside. How beautiful to take a picture in this case? In advance, you need to take care of the appropriate makeup, styling, which is not afraid of the wind, rehearse several poses for a photo shoot.

how to take a good photo on the street

To take a beautiful photo with an architectural landmark, you need to move away from it as far as possible. Then both the model and the building will get into the frame. The photographer should not stand in front of the light. Maybe a lonely dark silhouette in the picture will seem to someone a work of art, but this is a bad form. As props, you can use benches, swings, bridges and scaffolds, stairs, etc. Taking pictures on the street is difficult due to possible interference, but in terms of the variety of photos, this is the best place.


And finally, how beautiful to take a picture at home? Of course, studio photos will turn out much better, but not everyone has the time andopportunity to organize it. Therefore, you have to take photos at home. Selfies can be eliminated right away - this is not high art.

how to take good pictures at home

When choosing an image for a home photo shoot, you need to pay attention to concise things. It is better to avoid something spectacular and extravagant. The choice can be stopped on a dress of pastel colors and shoes with heels. Hair is best left loose, and makeup - smoky eyes. As for the poses, you can choose them along the way, using whatever comes to hand (but not the wall carpet). Interesting photos are obtained near the window. Near the door, you can depict a leaving girl, and bake in the kitchen.

It's easy to take beautiful pictures. The main thing is to cover up the shortcomings, focus on the merits and pay attention to the little things.

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