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How to take a beautiful picture of yourself: the best poses
How to take a beautiful picture of yourself: the best poses

Creating a selfie, like working on a self-portrait, can rightly be called one of the art forms. After all, the knowledge of the world always begins with the knowledge of oneself. If you urgently need a beautiful photo, and to help with this, no one was nearby - it does not matter. You can always take a beautiful selfie. And you don't have to have the latest phone with the most advanced camera to do it - just follow a few simple rules.

how to take good pictures of yourself

Anyone can take a selfie

Recently, the question of how to take a beautiful picture of yourself has become very relevant. Not a single beauty goes out without a mobile phone, they take gadgets with them on any vacation or event. Mobile phones are equipped with cameras, and some models have two. At the same time, the front camera is specially designed so that the girl can beautifully photograph herself. How to do this will be discussed in this article.

Hand position

Hands are a part of the body that is undeservedly deprived of attention when creating a selfie. However, pictures cangive a certain mood if you experiment a little with the position of one hand on the body or face. Also, do not forget that there should not be turned palms in the frame. Hands need to be removed only from the side. Incorrect positioning of the free hand can degrade the photograph. After all, hands convey stiffness, tension. If you wish, you can take some object in your hand - for example, a toy or a flower.

how to take good pictures of your feet

Head turn

Those girls who are thinking about how to take a beautiful picture of themselves should remember: a skillfully created selfie should be indistinguishable from a photo taken by a friend or girlfriend. No one will guess that this is a self-portrait, and not the work of a professional photographer. First of all, you need to choose the right angle. And one of the most profitable options is the head turned half a turn. So you can visually reduce the face, emphasize sharp cheekbones. If you try to shoot “like a passport”, then the result is unlikely to please. The camera can even demonstrate those disadvantages that would be invisible from other angles.

Since taking a beautiful picture of your own face is the easiest task for selfie lovers, here, to get a good selfie, it is enough to follow the simplest rules. Sometimes you can turn your head even a few millimeters to the side. It will not be noticeable, but it will significantly affect the perception of the photo.

Many girls are interested in how to take beautiful pictures of themselves at home. In any settingwhen creating a selfie, it is important to adhere to the main rule: the eyes should be expressed as clearly as possible, and other parts of the body should not be distorted. To do this, you need to either turn your head to the side, or slightly raise your chin. Sometimes when creating a selfie, the nose turns out to be too enlarged. This can be avoided by holding the camera slightly up.

how to take good pictures of yourself on your phone

Standing photo

By following these simple rules, you can solve the problem of how to take beautiful pictures of yourself at home. Poses for selfies, as well as for ordinary photography, can be very different - standing, lying, sitting, with emphasis on any surface. One of the most popular postures is standing. The only feature of taking a selfie in a standing position (as in most other positions) is that you need to stand in front of a mirror to take them. Those who would like to take a selfie in this position should remember: this should not be a “at attention” position. Try to keep all the muscles of the body in a relaxed position, but keep your back straight. If you don't want to appear older, you should avoid leaning forward towards the camera. If you get too close to the lens, skin imperfections may become noticeable in the photo.

One of the most popular standing poses is called "Triumphant". To perform it, it is worth bending your arm above your head and bending one leg. The chest should be as tucked up as possible and slightly tilted forward. Another pose that all selfie lovers like is called "Supermodel". For its execution, you need to lean on a tree, a caror else the wall of the house and cross your legs. The free hand can lie on the wall or play with the hair. To get a beautiful photo in a standing position, it is best to concentrate all the weight of the body on one leg, while simulating a calm walk.

how to take good pictures of yourself at home

How to take a beautiful photo of your own legs? Taking photos of legs

The first thing to remember when creating a photo like this is about beautiful shoes. It should match the color of the skin as much as possible. You can visually lengthen the legs with beige shoes. Also, before taking a photo, you can use a bronzer - a tool that will give the legs shine and a beautiful shade. Another way to visually lengthen your legs is to stand on tiptoe.

For many girls who love to take selfies, the question is how to beautifully photograph your legs while lying down. To make the photo really aesthetic, you should use the previous tips - white skin is unlikely to be attractive in a selfie. If there is no bronzer at hand, you can solve the problem by simply wearing beige tights. You should not choose tights with a high content of lycra - because then the legs will shine unnaturally in the photo. At the same time, it is worth remembering that a photograph of legs in shoes will always look much more aesthetically pleasing than without shoes or boots. In addition to the bronzer on the legs, you can apply a little body butter or cream with pearlescent particles.

how to beautifully photograph your own legs lying down

Take a picture of yourself sideways

We looked at how to beautifully photograph yourself from different angles. There was one more pose - sideways. Of course, for many it will not be the most convenient, but it is quite possible to take a beautiful photo using a mirror. On such a selfie, the figure always looks slimmer, fat folds, as a rule, are almost invisible, the girl seems taller.

However, from this angle, special attention should be paid to clothing. It must be true to size. After all, if the clothes are tight, then it will be difficult to move. If things are too big, baggy, it will add weight.

To take a good selfie, you need to stand sideways to the mirror, and try to arch your back in the shape of the English letter S. It is better to put your free hand on your hips or waist area. In this posture, the weight of the body should be distributed only on one leg, and the other should be as relaxed as possible. Also, if you have long beautiful hair, you can show it on a selfie. To do this, you need to throw the mop on its side and bow your head a little.

how to take beautiful pictures of yourself at home poses

Dress selfie

Such photos always turn out very feminine and beautiful. It doesn't matter what length or color the dress is, the shots will be filled with positive energy. When creating such a selfie, it is worth remembering that clothing should be combined with the external environment. For example, if you are wearing an evening dress, then it will not be entirely appropriate to be photographed against the backdrop of the kitchen. You need to stand straight, put your free hand on your waist ortake the hem of the dress with it. If you need to show off your figure with a selfie, then you should prefer a tight dress and stand sideways to the mirror.

how to take a good picture of your face

What to avoid

Let's consider a few rules, without which it is impossible to take a beautiful picture of yourself. As soon as some ladies forget about these elementary principles, their photos come out not as aesthetically pleasing as they could be.

  • Firstly, do not build "bow lips" - it looks unnatural and can be unpleasant for many visitors to the page on social networks.
  • Also, girls should not take pictures from low points - it is better to hold the camera higher. Low angle shots are more suitable for guys.
  • Also, do not retouch photos using blue, purple, red and other shades. As a rule, this is done using special plugins. But all of these colors used to be used by professional photographers as parodies of classic work.
  • Since it is almost impossible to take a picture of yourself beautifully on your phone in a dark room, you should choose more illuminated places for selfies. You should avoid taking selfies in any dark rooms or dark places outdoors. No matter how high-quality cameras are, they can ruin photos in dark places.

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